Atazanavir D9

Product Name Atazanavir D9
Alternate Names Atazanavir Stable Isotopes, Stable Isotopes of Atazanavir
CAT No. CS-T-48391
CAS No. 1092540-51-6
Category Stable Isotopes
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Hazardous This is not a Hazardous Compound
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Parent API Atazanavir
Smileys O[C@H]([C@@H](NC([C@H](C(C([2H])([2H])[2H])(C([2H])([2H])[2H])C([2H])([2H])[2H])NC(OC)=O)=O)CC1=CC=CC=C1)CN(NC([C@H](C(C)(C)C)NC(OC)=O)=O)CC2=CC=C(C3=CC=CC=N3)C=C2
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What is the usage and chemical information of Atazanavir D9 ?

Atazanavir D9 is a deuterated form of Atazanavir, which is an antiretroviral medication used to treat and prevent HIV/AIDS. Atazanavir D9 is used in combination with other antiretroviral drugs to inhibit the replication of the HIV virus in the body. Atazanavir D9 works by binding to the HIV protease enzyme, which is responsible for the cleavage of viral proteins. By inhibiting this enzyme, Atazanavir D9 prevents the formation of mature infectious viral particles, thereby reducing the viral load in the patient's blood. Chemically, Atazanavir D9 is a deuterated analog of Atazanavir, which means that it contains a higher proportion of heavy hydrogen isotopes in its molecular structure. This modification increases the molecular weight of Atazanavir D9 and alters its pharmacokinetic properties, such as increased bioavailability and longer half-life in the body. Atazanavir D9 is typically administered orally in the form of a capsule or tablet and is metabolized by the liver. It is important to follow the prescribed dosage and regimen to effectively control the progression of HIV and reduce the risk of drug resistance. Common side effects of Atazanavir D9 include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and rash, but these can be managed with proper medical supervision. Overall, Atazanavir D9 is an essential medication in the fight against HIV/AIDS and has helped improve the quality of life for millions of people worldwide.

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