Azelastine 13C,d3

Product Name Azelastine 13C,d3
Alternate Names Azelastine Stable Isotopes, Stable Isotopes of Azelastine
CAT No. CS-T-48465
CAS No. 1217019-80-1
Category Stable Isotopes
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Hazardous This is not a Hazardous Compound
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Parent API Azelastine
Therapeutic Antihistamine
Controlled No
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What is the usage and chemical information of Azelastine 13C,d3 ?

Azelastine 13C,d3 is a stable isotope-labeled form of the antihistamine drug, Azelastine. It is used for the treatment of allergies and allergic rhinitis. Azelastine works by blocking the release of histamine, a chemical that is produced by the body in response to allergens. Histamine causes a range of symptoms, including itching, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. Azelastine 13C,d3 helps to relieve these symptoms by reducing the amount of histamine released in the body. Azelastine 13C,d3 has the same chemical structure as Azelastine but contains three stable isotopes of carbon (13C) and three deuterium atoms (d3). These isotopic substitutions do not affect the drug's pharmacological properties but make it useful in various analytical applications, including drug metabolism studies and pharmacokinetics studies. The chemical formula of Azelastine 13C,d3 is C22H24N2O2. It has a molecular weight of 344.44 g/mol. The drug is a white or off-white crystalline powder that is soluble in water, methanol, and ethanol. The recommended dose of Azelastine 13C,d3 is 1 or 2 sprays in each nostril twice a day. It is generally well-tolerated, and the most common side effects are mild and include nasal irritation, burning, and dryness. Overall, Azelastine 13C,d3 is an effective antihistamine drug with a well-established safety profile.

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