Alimemazine Impurities and its Related Products

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Alimemazine is an antihistamine drug used to treat allergies and itching. However, during the manufacturing process, impurities may be introduced that can affect the quality and safety of the drug. Alimemazine impurities can include degradation products, residual solvents, and other unwanted substances. Manufacturers must carefully monitor and control impurities to ensure the final product is safe and effective for patients.

Alimemazine Hemitartrate EP Impurity B

CAT No. : CS-EO-02867
Mol F. : C₁₇H₂₀N₂S
Mol W. : 284.42 g/mol
Cas No. : 22732-04-3
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Trimeprazine Sulfoxide

CAT No. : CS-ED-00811
Mol F. : C18H22N2OS
Mol W. : 314.4 g/mol
Cas No. : 10071-07-5
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