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Chlorphenesin is a muscle relaxant used to treat muscle pain and stiffness. During the manufacturing process, impurities may be produced, which can affect the safety and efficacy of the drug. These impurities must be carefully monitored and controlled to ensure that the final product meets regulatory standards and is safe for human use. Various analytical techniques such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC) are used to detect and quantify these impurities.

Chlorphenesin Carbamate

CAT No. : CS-CT-00001
Mol F. : C₁₀H₁₂ClNO₄
Mol W. : 245.66 g/mol
Cas No. : 886-74-8
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Chlorphenesin Carbamate Isomer

CAT No. : CS-O-43394
Mol F. : C10H12ClNO4
Mol W. : 245.66 g/mol
Cas No. : 61514-96-3
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Chlorphenesin sulfate

CAT No. : CS-O-42629
Mol F. : C₉H₁₃ClO₇S
Mol W. : 300.71 g/mol
Cas No. : Not Available
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