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Solriamfetol is a medication that is used to treat excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea. Impurities in Solriamfetol refer to any unwanted or potentially harmful substances that may be present in the medication. It is important to identify and control impurities in pharmaceuticals to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Quality control measures are put in place to minimize impurities and ensure the purity and stability of Solriamfetol.

Solriamfetol 13C6

CAT No. : CS-O-44876
Mol F. : C₄¹³C₆H₁₄N₂O₂
Mol W. : 200.19 g/mol
Cas No. : Not Available
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Solriamfetol Impurity F

CAT No. : CS-EO-00859
Mol F. : C10H14N2O2
Mol W. : 194.2 g/mol
Cas No. : 275378-91-1
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Solriamfetol S-Enantiomer Impurity

CAT No. : CS-EO-00999
Mol F. : C10H15ClN2O2
Mol W. : 230.69 g/mol
Cas No. : 178429-66-8
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