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Thiopental is a barbiturate drug used as an anesthetic. However, it is known to contain impurities that can affect the drug's efficacy and safety. These impurities can be generated during the manufacturing process or from the drug's degradation over time. The impurities can cause adverse effects such as toxicity, allergic reactions, and drug interactions. Therefore, it is essential to monitor and control the levels of thiopental impurities to ensure the drug's quality and safety.

Thiopental sodium - Impurity A

CAT No. : CS-O-39545
Mol F. : C9H14N2O2S
Mol W. : 214.28 g/mol
Cas No. : 29639-67-6
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Thiopental sodium - Impurity C

CAT No. : CS-O-39546
Mol F. : C11H18N2O2S
Mol W. : 242.34 g/mol
Cas No. : 87171-21-9
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