Career Opportunities

Sr. Executive / Assistant Manager – Sales

We are actively seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic salesperson to join our growing sales team who will be responsible for the development of business and lead generation.

Required Skills:
  • Experience in Sales.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

  • Experience :
    3 – 7 Year's
  • Qualification :
    M.Sc.- Chemistry preferred / MBA - Sales.
  • Location :

Manager – Quality Assurance

Required Skills:
  • The ability to make considered decisions and to communicate them effectively.
  • Excellent technical skills.
  • Good numerical skills and an understanding of statistics.
  • Planning and organization skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.

  • Experience :
    10 – 15 Year's
  • Qualification :
    Master of Pharmacy in Quality Assurance.
  • Location :

Recently Searched Impurities

Descloro Etoricoxib

CAS No.: 1350206-14-2
Molecular Formula: C₁₈H₁₆N₂O₂S
Molecular Weight: 324.40
CAT No.: CS-EO-00074
Stock: In-stock

N-acetyl vortioxetine IMPURITY

CAS No.: 1801352-86-2
Molecular Formula: C₂₀H₂₄N₂OS
Molecular Weight: 340.48
CAT No.: CS-O-16869
Stock: In-stock

Cloxacillin EP Impurity B

CAS No.: 1642559-64-5
Molecular Formula: C₁₈H₂₀ClN₃O₄S
Molecular Weight: 409.89
CAT No.: CS-P-07449
Stock: In-stock


CAS No.: 55-18-5
Molecular Formula: C₄H₁₀N₂O
Molecular Weight: 102.13
CAT No.: CS-T-37210
Stock: In-stock

N-Nitroso Enalaprilat

CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: C18H23N3O6
Molecular Weight: 377.39
CAT No.: CS-O-38867
Stock: In-stock

Mono-thio- mono hydroxy Sugammadex

CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: --
Molecular Weight: --
CAT No.: CS-O-16542
Stock: In-stock

Quinozoline Impurity B

CAS No.: 5958-24-7
Molecular Formula: C₁₅H₁₀Cl₂N₂O
Molecular Weight: 305.16
CAT No.: CS-T-11017
Stock: In-stock

Liothyronine Lactose Adduct

CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: C₂₇H₃₂I₃NO₁₄
Molecular Weight: 975.25
CAT No.: CS-P-08466
Stock: In-stock

Solifenacin Impurity (4-Nitrophenyl (1S)-1-Phenyl-3-4-Dihidroisoquinoline-2(1H)-Carboxylate)

CAS No.: 1229227-22-8
Molecular Formula: C22H18N2O4
Molecular Weight: 374.4
CAT No.: CS-O-14496
Stock: In-stock

Tofacitinib Impurity 6

CAS No.: 2504210-38-0
Molecular Formula: C₁₉H₂₂N₈
Molecular Weight: 362.40
CAT No.: CS-EO-01450
Stock: In-stock

Methyl 2-Aminothioazole-4-carboxylate

CAS No.: 118452-04-3
Molecular Formula: --
Molecular Weight: --
CAT No.: CS-T-33140
Stock: In-stock

Propranolol Impurity 3

CAS No.: 2007-11-6
Molecular Formula: C₁₈H₂₃NO₃
Molecular Weight: 301.38
CAT No.: CS-P-08937
Stock: In-stock


CAS No.: 220489-73-6
Molecular Formula: C₂₅H₃₄O₈
Molecular Weight: 462.53
CAT No.: CS-P-04800
Stock: In-stock

Orphenadrine citrate USP Impurity B

CAS No.: 93940-17-1
Molecular Formula: C₂₀H₂₈ClNO
Molecular Weight: 333.90
CAT No.: CS-EN-00075
Stock: In-stock


CAS No.: 13256-22-9
Molecular Formula: --
Molecular Weight: --
CAT No.: CS-T-37299
Stock: In-stock

Rapamycin Dialdehyde

CAS No.: 500733-49-3
Molecular Formula: C₅₁H₇₉NO₁₅
Molecular Weight: 946.17 g/mol
CAT No.: CS-P-06091
Stock: In-stock

Axitinib Impurity 27

CAS No.: 1639137-80-6
Molecular Formula: C24H20N4O2S
Molecular Weight: 428.5
CAT No.: CS-P-08192
Stock: In-stock

Bromfenac Sodium impurity- D

CAS No.: 51135-38-7
Molecular Formula: C₁₅H₁₁NO₂
Molecular Weight: 237.25
CAT No.: CS-O-13031
Stock: In-stock

Sulbactam Sodium EP Impurity A

CAS No.: 23315-18-6
Molecular Formula: C₅H₁₁NO₄S
Molecular Weight: 181.21
CAT No.: CS-O-13275
Stock: In-stock


CAS No.: 2170771-70-5
Molecular Formula: C₁₈H₄₄Br₃N₃
Molecular Weight: 542.27
CAT No.: CS-O-10297
Stock: In-stock

Amisulpride EP impurity A

CAS No.: 26116-12-1
Molecular Formula: C₇H₁₆N₂
Molecular Weight: 128.22
CAT No.: CS-O-30837
Stock: In-stock

Pantoprazole Related Compounds D & F Mixture

CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: C₁₇H₁₇F₂N₃O₄S+C₁₇H₁₇F₂N₃O₄S
Molecular Weight: 397.40+397.40
CAT No.: CS-O-40282
Stock: In-stock

Telmisartan Benzimidazole Acid

CAS No.: 152628-03-0
Molecular Formula: C₁₂H₁₄N₂O₂
Molecular Weight: 218.25
CAT No.: CS-O-08250
Stock: In-stock

Abiraterone Isopropyl Ether

CAS No.: 2484719-15-3
Molecular Formula: C27H37NO
Molecular Weight: 391.6
CAT No.: CS-P-00505
Stock: In-stock

Paracetamol EP Impurity C

CAS No.: 3964-54-3
Molecular Formula: C₈H₈ClNO₂
Molecular Weight: 185.61
CAT No.: CS-M-57017
Stock: In-stock

Dapagliflozin Impurity 1

CAS No.: 1404477-10-6
Molecular Formula: C₁₅H₁₂BrClO₂
Molecular Weight: 339.61
CAT No.: CS-O-12095
Stock: In-stock

Sorafenib Related Compound 6

CAS No.: 2206827-14-5
Molecular Formula: C17H19N3O4
Molecular Weight: 329.4
CAT No.: CS-EO-00200
Stock: In-stock

Penicillin G Sodium Salt

CAS No.: 69-57-8
Molecular Formula: C₁₆H₁₇N₂NaO₄S
Molecular Weight: 356.37
CAT No.: CS-T-38837
Stock: In-stock

Naproxen EP Impurity J

CAS No.: 21388-17-0
Molecular Formula: C₁₃H₁₄O
Molecular Weight: 186.25
CAT No.: CS-T-32436
Stock: In-stock

Loperamide EP Impurity A

CAS No.: 1391052-94-0
Molecular Formula: C₃₅H₃₇ClN₂O₂
Molecular Weight: 553.13
CAT No.: CS-T-51690
Stock: In-stock

Leuprolide Acetate EP Impurity I

CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: C₅₉H₈₄N₁₆O₂₀
Molecular Weight: 1337.39
CAT No.: CS-P-05070
Stock: In-stock

Galantamine benzoate

CAS No.: 224169-27-1
Molecular Formula: C₂₄H₂₅NO₄
Molecular Weight: 391.46 g/mol
CAT No.: CS-O-40509
Stock: In-stock

Azithromycin EP Impurity M

CAS No.: 765927-71-7
Molecular Formula: C37H68N2O13
Molecular Weight: 748.94
CAT No.: CS-O-07327
Stock: In-stock

Atorvastatin Lactone Diepoxide

CAS No.: 1046118-40-4
Molecular Formula: C₃₃H₃₃FN₂O₆
Molecular Weight: 572.62
CAT No.: CS-O-14628
Stock: In-stock

Desbenzyl Donepezil Hydrochloride

CAS No.: 120013-39-0
Molecular Formula: C₁₇H₂₄ClNO₃
Molecular Weight: 325.83
CAT No.: CS-O-01392
Stock: In-stock

N-acetyl Fluoxetine

CAS No.: 202122-33-6
Molecular Formula: C19H20F3NO2
Molecular Weight: 351.4
CAT No.: CS-EO-00963
Stock: In-stock

Cabozantinib N-oxide

CAS No.: 1621681-63-7
Molecular Formula: C28H24FN3O6
Molecular Weight: 517.5
CAT No.: CS-T-93426
Stock: In-stock

De-boc Cabazitaxel

CAS No.: 1638286-64-2
Molecular Formula: C40H49NO12
Molecular Weight: 735.8
CAT No.: CS-T-74043
Stock: In-stock

Carbinoxamine Related Compound C

CAS No.: 2771193-12-3
Molecular Formula: C₁₈H₂₂N₂O₅
Molecular Weight: 346.38
CAT No.: CS-O-35115
Stock: In-stock

trans-3,4-Difluorocinnamic acid

CAS No.: 112897-97-9
Molecular Formula: C9H6F2O2
Molecular Weight: 184.14
CAT No.: CS-M-00285
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CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: C₁₈H₂₂N₂O₂
Molecular Weight: 298.38
CAT No.: CS-O-39159
Stock: In-stock

L-(+)-Lactic Acid-13C3 Sodium Salt (20% W/W in H2O)

CAS No.: 201595-71-3
Molecular Formula: ¹³C₃H₅NaO₃
Molecular Weight: 115.04
CAT No.: CS-T-96077
Stock: In-stock

Zileuton Related Compound A

CAS No.: 171370-49-3
Molecular Formula: C11H12N2OS
Molecular Weight: 220.3
CAT No.: CS-O-05541
Stock: In-stock

Levopimaric Acid

CAS No.: 79-54-9
Molecular Formula: C20H30O2
Molecular Weight: 302.45
CAT No.: CS-T-31036
Stock: In-stock

Emtricitabine Impurity

CAS No.: 764659-72-5
Molecular Formula: C₁₈H₂₆FN₃O₄S
Molecular Weight: 399.48
CAT No.: CS-T-47837
Stock: In-stock

N-nitroso Metolazone

CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: C16H15ClN4O4S
Molecular Weight: 394.83
CAT No.: CS-O-39111
Stock: In-stock

Deferasirox Impurity 3

CAS No.: 6543-57-3
Molecular Formula: --
Molecular Weight: --
CAT No.: CS-P-07670
Stock: In-stock

Crizotinib AMINE Impurity

CAS No.: 877397-71-2
Molecular Formula: C₁₃H₁₁Cl₂FN₂O
Molecular Weight: 301.14
CAT No.: CS-O-44017
Stock: In-stock

Domperidone EP Impurity B

CAS No.: 1346598-11-5
Molecular Formula: C₁₃H₁₄ClN₃O₂
Molecular Weight: 279.72
CAT No.: CS-O-31101
Stock: In-stock

Emtricitabine Tenofovir Disoproxil Dimer

CAS No.: 1962114-98-2
Molecular Formula: C₂₈H₄₀FN₈O₁₃PS
Molecular Weight: 778.7
CAT No.: CS-P-04363
Stock: In-stock

Clindamycin 4-Phosphate

CAS No.: 54887-30-8
Molecular Formula: C₁₈H₃₄ClN₂O₈PS
Molecular Weight: 504.96
CAT No.: CS-T-51183
Stock: In-stock

N-Nitroso Dabigatran

CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: C₂₅H₂₄N₈O₄
Molecular Weight: 500.51
CAT No.: CS-O-44305
Stock: In-stock

Orlistat Related Compound D

CAS No.: 130793-27-0
Molecular Formula: C₂₉H₅₃NO₅
Molecular Weight: 495.73
CAT No.: CS-T-55039
Stock: In-stock

Tolterodine Impurity C

CAS No.: 124935-88-2
Molecular Formula: C₂₃H₃₃NO
Molecular Weight: 339.51
CAT No.: CS-O-15617
Stock: In-stock

Tamsulosin Impurity B Hydrochloride

CAS No.: 112101-75-4
Molecular Formula: C₁₀H₁₇ClN₂O₃S
Molecular Weight: 280.77
CAT No.: CS-O-08234
Stock: In-stock

Temozolomide 2-Azahypoxanthine Impurity

CAS No.: 4656-86-4
Molecular Formula: C₄H₃N₅O
Molecular Weight: 137.10
CAT No.: CS-O-08269
Stock: In-stock

Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride Impurity B

CAS No.: 1308292-89-8
Molecular Formula: C16H26ClN9O
Molecular Weight: 395.89
CAT No.: CS-P-07407
Stock: In-stock

Methotrexate EP Impurity A

CAS No.: 945-24-4
Molecular Formula: C₇H₈N₆O
Molecular Weight: 192.18
CAT No.: CS-T-40938
Stock: In-stock

Lifitegrast Impurity 16

CAS No.: Not Available
Molecular Formula: C₁₉H₁₇NO₆S
Molecular Weight: 387.41
CAT No.: CS-P-09057
Stock: In-stock

Sertraline Nitroso Impurity (Mixture of isomers)

CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: C₁₇H₁₆Cl₂N₂O
Molecular Weight: 335.23
CAT No.: CS-EO-01064
Stock: In-stock

Etodolac methyl ester

CAS No.: 122188-02-7
Molecular Formula: C₁₈H₂₃NO₃
Molecular Weight: 301.38
CAT No.: CS-T-52825
Stock: In-stock

Rivaroxaban EP Impurity B

CAS No.: 1429334-00-8
Molecular Formula: C₁₆H₁₉N₃O₅
Molecular Weight: 333.34
CAT No.: CS-P-02086
Stock: In-stock


CAS No.: 56239-24-8
Molecular Formula: C₉H₁₆ClN₃O₃
Molecular Weight: 249.69
CAT No.: CS-T-78355
Stock: In-stock

Acetazolamide EP Impurity F

CAS No.: 80495-47-2
Molecular Formula: C₈H₉N₇O₆S₄
Molecular Weight: 427.46
CAT No.: CS-O-07114
Stock: In-stock

Fluconazole EP Impurity F

CAS No.: 118689-07-9
Molecular Formula: C11H11F2N3O2
Molecular Weight: 255.2
CAT No.: CS-T-52891
Stock: In-stock

Enalapril tert-Butyl Ester

CAS No.: 108428-39-3
Molecular Formula: C₂₄H₃₆N₂O₅
Molecular Weight: 432.55
CAT No.: CS-T-21615
Stock: In-stock


CAS No.: 614-00-6
Molecular Formula: C₇H₈N₂O
Molecular Weight: 136.15
CAT No.: CS-T-59543
Stock: In-stock

Ethyl 2-Ethoxy-1-((2'-(5-oxo-2,5-dihydro-1,2,4-oxadiazol-3-yl)-[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-yl)methyl)-1H-benzo

CAS No.: 1403474-70-3
Molecular Formula: C₂₇H₂₄N₄O₅
Molecular Weight: 484.50
CAT No.: CS-T-92417
Stock: In-stock

Carvedilol Epoxide Impurity

CAS No.: 51997-51-4
Molecular Formula: C₁₅H₁₃NO₂
Molecular Weight: 239.27
CAT No.: CS-O-14108
Stock: In-stock

Metamizole Impurity C

CAS No.: 519-98-2
Molecular Formula: C₁₂H₁₅N₃O
Molecular Weight: 217.27
CAT No.: CS-O-31127
Stock: In-stock

Ibrutinib Hydroxy Impurity

CAS No.: 2031255-24-8
Molecular Formula: C₂₅H₂₃N₅O₃
Molecular Weight: 441.48
CAT No.: CS-EO-00584
Stock: In-stock

Sitagliptin Enamine Impurity

CAS No.: 767340-03-4
Molecular Formula: C₁₆H₁₃F₆N₅O
Molecular Weight: 405.30
CAT No.: CS-EO-01488
Stock: In-stock

Vildagliptin impurity L

CAS No.: 1710765-32-4
Molecular Formula: C₁₇H₂₅N₃O₂
Molecular Weight: 303.4
CAT No.: CS-AQ-00081
Stock: In-stock

Fluconazole Related Compound A

CAS No.: 871550-15-1
Molecular Formula: C₁₅H₁₄FN₉O
Molecular Weight: 355.33
CAT No.: CS-BX-00778
Stock: In-stock

Alfuzosin EP Impurity A Hydrochloride

CAS No.: 98902-29-5
Molecular Formula: C19H23N5O4 : HCl
Molecular Weight: 385.4 : 36.5
CAT No.: CS-O-07133
Stock: In-stock

Dapagliflozin Bromo lactone impurity

CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: C₂₄H₃₅BrO₉
Molecular Weight: 547.43
CAT No.: CS-O-34035
Stock: In-stock

Atropine EP Impurity G

CAS No.: 21956-47-8
Molecular Formula: C₁₇H₂₃NO₃
Molecular Weight: 289.37
CAT No.: CS-EO-00504
Stock: In-stock

Quetiapine EP Impurity I

CAS No.: 329216-67-3 (base)
Molecular Formula: C₁₉H₂₁N₃OS
Molecular Weight: 339.45
CAT No.: CS-O-05977
Stock: In-stock

Tacrolimus Diene

CAS No.: 104987-16-8
Molecular Formula: C₄₄H₆₇NO₁₁
Molecular Weight: 786.00 g/mol
CAT No.: CS-P-00144
Stock: In-stock

Piperaquine Phosphate

CAS No.: 85547-56-4
Molecular Formula: C₂₉H₃₅Cl₂N₆O₄P
Molecular Weight: 633.51
CAT No.: CS-O-02169
Stock: In-stock

Acyclovir Impurity G

CAS No.: 75128-73-3
Molecular Formula: C₁₂H₁₅N₅O₅
Molecular Weight: 309.28
CAT No.: CS-O-31083
Stock: In-stock

Butylhydroxyanisole O-Desmethyl Impurity

CAS No.: 1948-33-0
Molecular Formula: C10H14O2 
Molecular Weight: 166.22
CAT No.: CS-O-07465
Stock: In-stock

N-Nitroso Tofacitinib Amine Impurity

CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: C₁₃H₁₈N₆O
Molecular Weight: 274.32
CAT No.: CS-O-40197
Stock: In-stock

Empagliflozin Methoxy impurity

CAS No.: 872980-38-6
Molecular Formula: C28H31ClO10
Molecular Weight: 563
CAT No.: CS-EO-00245
Stock: In-stock

Nisoldipine Impurity-II

CAS No.: 2226462-71-9
Molecular Formula: C₂₃H₃₀N₂O₆
Molecular Weight: 430.49
CAT No.: CS-O-13574
Stock: In-stock

Travoprost 15-epi Diastereomer

CAS No.: 1420791-14-5
Molecular Formula: C26H35F3O6
Molecular Weight: 500.55
CAT No.: CS-O-16371
Stock: In-stock

Levodopa Related Compound A

CAS No.: 27244-64-0
Molecular Formula: C9H11NO5
Molecular Weight: 213.2
CAT No.: CS-T-27246
Stock: In-stock

Ivacaftor Ortho Isomer

CAS No.: 873051-52-6
Molecular Formula: C₂₄H₂₈N₂O₃
Molecular Weight: 392.5
CAT No.: CS-EO-01881
Stock: In-stock

Sitagliptin EP Impurity A phosphate salt

CAS No.: 823817-58-9
Molecular Formula: C₁₆H₁₈F₆N₅O₅P
Molecular Weight: 505.31
CAT No.: CS-O-08190
Stock: In-stock

Atorvastatin Lactam Calcium Salt Impurity

CAS No.: 148217-40-7
Molecular Formula: C₃₃H₃₄FN₂O₆.1/2Ca
Molecular Weight: 593.69
CAT No.: CS-O-16248
Stock: In-stock


CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: C10H13N3O5
Molecular Weight: 255.2
CAT No.: CS-O-42894
Stock: In-stock

N-Methyl Gatifloxacin

CAS No.: 114213-69-3
Molecular Formula: C₂₀H₂₄FN₃O₄
Molecular Weight: 389.42
CAT No.: CS-T-58230
Stock: In-stock

Melphalan EP Impurity I

CAS No.: 573704-40-2(freeacid)
Molecular Formula: C₁₄H₂₃Cl₃N₂O₃
Molecular Weight: 373.70
CAT No.: CS-O-13773
Stock: In-stock

L-Norepinephrine Hydrogen L-Tartrate Monohydrate

CAS No.: 108341-18-0
Molecular Formula: C₁₂H₁₉NO₁₀
Molecular Weight: 337.28
CAT No.: CS-T-37484
Stock: In-stock

Luer-Lock Tips, 3 mL, 200/pk

CAS No.: --
Molecular Formula: --
Molecular Weight: --
CAT No.: CS-OEM-892
Stock: In-stock

N10-​Nitroso folic acid

CAS No.: 26360-21-4
Molecular Formula: C₁₉H₁₈N₈O₇
Molecular Weight: 470.40
CAT No.: CS-ED-01783
Stock: In-stock

Osimertinib Impurity G

CAS No.: 2044702-39-6
Molecular Formula: C₂₅H₂₆N₆O₂
Molecular Weight: 442.50
CAT No.: CS-O-15835
Stock: In-stock

Bupropion USP Related Compound E

CAS No.: 10557-17-2
Molecular Formula: C9H7ClO2
Molecular Weight: 182.6
CAT No.: CS-O-30394
Stock: In-stock

Atorvastatin Epoxy Pyrrolooxazin Analog (sodium salt)

CAS No.: 1316291-19-6
Molecular Formula: C₃₃H₃₄FN₂NaO₇
Molecular Weight: 612.62
CAT No.: CS-O-14960
Stock: In-stock

Anastrozole Monoamide Mononitrile

CAS No.: 120512-03-0
Molecular Formula: C₁₇H₂₁N₅O
Molecular Weight: 311.38
CAT No.: CS-EO-01665
Stock: In-stock