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Product Listing: Alectinib Impurities

Alectinib is a targeted therapy used for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. However, during the manufacturing process, impurities may be present in the final product. The presence of impurities can affect the safety and efficacy of the drug. Therefore, it is important to control and monitor the levels of impurities in Alectinib to ensure its quality and safety for human consumption.

Alectinib is a medication used to treat certain types of lung cancer. However, it is important to ensure that the medication is of high quality and purity. Alectinib impurities are substances that may be present in the medication that can affect its quality and effectiveness. It is important to monitor and control these impurities to ensure the safety and efficacy of the medication.

Alectinib De-carboxylate impurity CS-O-46849 Impurities
Alectinib Morpholine N-oxide CS-O-35981 Impurities
N-Nitroso Alectinib CS-O-38948 Impurities

Other Reference Standards of Alectinib

Alectinib D5 CS-P-08187 Stable Isotopes
Alectinib D6 CS-P-08188 Stable Isotopes
Alectinib D8 CS-CX-00065 Stable Isotopes
Alectinib M4 metabolite D4 CS-O-32642 Stable Isotopes
Alectinib CS-T-50375 API Standards
Alectinib Hydrochloride CS-T-69135 API Standards
Alectinib Metabolite M4 CS-O-16973 Metabolites
Alectinib M1a CS-O-32475 Metabolites
Alectinib Metabolite M1b CS-O-32476 Metabolites
Alectinib acid impurity CS-T-96143 Intermediates
Alectinib acid tert-butyl ester Intermediate CS-T-96144 Intermediates