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Product Listing: Androstenedione Stable Isotopes

Androstenedione stable isotopes are a type of labeled compound commonly used in biological research. These isotopes are designed to be chemically identical to the naturally occurring androstenedione, but with a specific stable isotope incorporated into the molecule. This allows researchers to track the fate and metabolism of androstenedione in biological systems with high precision and accuracy. Androstenedione stable isotopes are valuable tools for investigating the role of androstenedione in health and disease, and for developing new therapies and diagnostic tests.

Androstenedione stable isotopes are commonly used in scientific research to study the metabolism and biosynthesis of androgens and estrogens. They are also used in clinical studies to investigate the role of androstenedione in hormone-related diseases such as breast cancer and polycystic ovary syndrome. These stable isotopes offer a valuable tool for researchers and clinicians to better understand the complex hormonal pathways in the body.

Androstenedione- D7 CS-I-00432 Stable Isotopes

Other Reference Standards of Androstenedione

Androstenedione CS-T-30659 API Standards
(7a)-Methyl Androstenedione 3-Ethylene Ketal CS-T-57955 Impurities
1,4-Androstenedione CS-ED-00190 Impurities
4-Androsten-3beta-ol-17-one CS-O-41543 Impurities
Androstenediol CS-ED-00536 Impurities
19-Aldoandrostenedione CS-T-47501 Intermediates
1-Androstenedione CS-T-57130 Intermediates
6-Dehydroandrostenedione CS-T-14755 Intermediates
6-ß-Bromo Androstenedione CS-T-49612 Intermediates
7a-Hydroxyandrostenedione CS-T-55750 Intermediates
9-Dehydroandrostenedione CS-T-14850 Intermediates