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Product Listing: Anthranilate Stable Isotopes

Anthranilate stable isotopes are stable versions of the chemical compound anthranilate, which is commonly used in the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. These stable isotopes have identical chemical properties to the non-isotopic forms of anthranilate, but are useful for research purposes, including metabolic studies and drug development. They can also be used in environmental studies to track the fate and transport of anthranilate in various ecosystems.

Anthranilate stable isotopes are used in a variety of research applications, including metabolic studies, protein labeling, and drug development. They allow for precise measurements of chemical reactions and pathways, improving our understanding of biological processes. Additionally, they can be used in environmental monitoring and food safety testing to track the movement of contaminants and nutrients. Overall, anthranilate stable isotopes have numerous practical and scientific applications.

?-Glyceryl-d5 Anthranilate CS-T-100266 Stable Isotopes
Methyl Anthranilate-[13C6] CS-I-00525 Stable Isotopes
Methyl-d3-N-methylanthranilate CS-O-48190 Stable Isotopes
N-Nitroso Dimethyl anthranilate-D3 CS-O-46797 Stable Isotopes

Other Reference Standards of Anthranilate

Methyl 5-chloroanthranilate A020025 Impurities
Methyl Anthranilate CS-T-32640 Impurities
Allyl anthranilate CS-ED-41175 Intermediates
Linalyl anthranilate CS-BX-00173 Intermediates
Menthyl Anthranilate CS-T-81903 Intermediates
Phenyl anthranilate CS-ED-33239 Intermediates
Sodium anthranilate CS-ED-08490 Intermediates
α-Glyceryl Anthranilate CS-T-79230 Intermediates
4-Nitrophenyl Anthranilate CS-M-01304 Fine Chemicals
Cyclohexyl anthranilate CS-M-01854 Fine Chemicals
Ethyl anthranilate CS-MM-56596 Fine Chemicals
Butyl Anthranilate(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) CS-ER-00329 Secondary Standards