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Product Listing: Alprazolam

Browse our extensive selection of high-quality Alprazolam products available in a range of purities and quantities to meet your research and development needs. Each product is meticulously tested for purity, potency, and quality, ensuring accurate and reliable results. We offer competitive pricing and fast shipping to meet your project deadlines. Explore our Alprazolam products and find the perfect solution for your needs.

CS-EG-00836 Alprazolam - * psy (A0357000) Alprazolam EP Standards
CS-TA-04612 Alprazolam 5,6-Epoxide Alprazolam Other
CS-TA-04627 Alprazolam 5-Oxide Alprazolam Other
CS-T-93264 Alprazolam Aminomethyl Ketone Hydrochloride Alprazolam Impurities
CS-EB-00080 Alprazolam CIV (I0G195) Alprazolam USP Standards
CS-ER-00072 Alprazolam CIV(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Alprazolam Secondary Standards
CS-O-06395 Alprazolam D5 Alprazolam Stable Isotopes
CS-EN-00035 Alprazolam EP Impurity A Alprazolam Impurities
CS-EN-00036 Alprazolam EP Impurity D Alprazolam Impurities
CS-EN-00037 Alprazolam EP Impurity F Alprazolam Impurities
CS-EN-00038 Alprazolam EP Impurity H Alprazolam Impurities
CS-EN-00039 Alprazolam EP Impurity I Alprazolam Impurities
CS-EN-00040 Alprazolam EP Impurity J Alprazolam Impurities
CS-O-14441 Alprazolam hydrochloride Alprazolam API Standards
CS-P-08428 Alprazolam Lactose Adduct Impurity Alprazolam Impurities
CS-EB-00081 Alprazolam Related Compound A (R07200) Alprazolam USP Standards
CS-ER-00073 Alprazolam Related Compound A(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Alprazolam Secondary Standards
CS-T-47275 Alprazolam USP Related Compound A Alprazolam Impurities
CS-TA-04607 Alprazolam-d3 Alprazolam Other
CS-ED-00052 Hydroxyalprazolam Alprazolam API Standards
CS-EO-02610 N-Nitroso Alprazolam USP Related Compound A Alprazolam Impurities
CS-R-00516 α-Hydroxy Alprazolam D5 Alprazolam Stable Isotopes
CS-EK-01122 [13C6]-1-Hydroxyalprazolam Alprazolam Stable Isotopes
CS-EK-00095 [13C6]-4-Hydroxyalprazolam Alprazolam Stable Isotopes
CS-EK-02761 [13C6]-Alprazolam Alprazolam Stable Isotopes
CS-T-30667 1-Hydroxy Alprazolam Alprazolam Impurities
CS-EK-01855 1-Hydroxyalprazolam glucuronide Alprazolam Glucuronides
CS-TA-00748 4-Acetoxy Alprazolam Alprazolam Other
CS-TB-66313 4-Hydroxy Alprazolam (Compd. with methanol) Alprazolam API Standards
CS-EK-01119 4-Hydroxyalprazolam Alprazolam Metabolites
CS-O-10963 8-chloro-1-methyl-6-phenyl-4H-benzo[f][1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a][1,4]diazepine Alprazolam Impurities