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Product Listing: Felodipine

Browse our extensive selection of high-quality Felodipine products available in a range of purities and quantities to meet your research and development needs. Each product is meticulously tested for purity, potency, and quality, ensuring accurate and reliable results. We offer competitive pricing and fast shipping to meet your project deadlines. Explore our Felodipine products and find the perfect solution for your needs.

"Felodipine 3,5-Dimethyl Ester-d6" CS-T-74663 Stable Isotopes
(±)-Felodipine-d3 (2,3-dichlorophenyl-d3) CS-C-01238 Stable Isotopes
(R)-(+)-Felodipine-d5 CS-T-75443 Stable Isotopes
(S)-(-)-Felodipine-d5 CS-T-77033 Stable Isotopes
[13C4]-Dehydrofelodipine CS-EK-01331 Stable Isotopes
Dehydro Felodipine-d3 CS-T-73267 Stable Isotopes
Desethyl Felodipine-d3,15N CS-T-96739 Stable Isotopes
Desethyl O-Methyl Felodipine-d6,15N CS-T-96740 Stable Isotopes
Felodipine D3 (Methoxy-d3) CS-O-02909 Stable Isotopes
Felodipine D5 CS-O-02883 Stable Isotopes
O-Desmethyl Felodipine-13C4 CS-T-96736 Stable Isotopes
O-Desmethyl Felodipine-d5 CS-T-90523 Stable Isotopes
rac Felodipine-13C4 CS-T-96734 Stable Isotopes
rac Felodipine-13C4, d3 CS-T-94925 Stable Isotopes
rac Felodipine-d8 CS-T-74997 Stable Isotopes
Felodipine CS-O-11649 API Standards
Felodipine Metabolite Lactone CS-P-07970 Metabolites
(R)-(+)-Felodipine CS-T-23456 Impurities
(S)-(-)-Felodipine CS-T-23458 Impurities
2,​5-​dichlorophenyl Felodipine impurity CS-O-44843 Impurities
3,​4-​dichlorophenyl Felodipine impurity CS-O-44842 Impurities
Felodipine EP Impurity B CS-T-23465 Impurities
Felodipine EP Impurity C CS-T-59209 Impurities
Felodipine Related Compound A CS-K-00051 Impurities
Methyl Benzylidene acetoacetate CS-O-40641 Impurities
N-Nitroso-FELODIPINE CS-O-38498 Impurities
N-Nitroso-Felodipine EP Impurity B CS-EO-02647 Impurities
N-Nitroso-Felodipine EP Impurity C CS-EO-02648 Impurities
N-Nitroso-Felodipine Impurity 1 CS-EO-02649 Impurities
N-Nitroso-Felodipine Impurity 2 CS-EO-02650 Impurities
N-Nitroso-Felodipine Impurity 3 CS-EO-02651 Impurities
O-Desmethyl Felodipine CS-T-18826 Impurities
5-Carboxy-6-hydroxymethyl Dehydro Felodipine CS-T-10433 Intermediates
Dehydro Felodipine CS-T-14897 Intermediates
Dehydro Felodipine Ester Lactone CS-T-14908 Intermediates
Felodipine-d8 CS-B-00281 Glucuronides