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Product Listing: Fluoxetine

Browse our extensive selection of high-quality Fluoxetine products available in a range of purities and quantities to meet your research and development needs. Each product is meticulously tested for purity, potency, and quality, ensuring accurate and reliable results. We offer competitive pricing and fast shipping to meet your project deadlines. Explore our Fluoxetine products and find the perfect solution for your needs.

(±)-Fluoxetine-d4 Oxalate (trifluoromethylphen-d4-oxy) CS-C-01482 Stable Isotopes
(R)-Fluoxetine-d5 Hydrochloride CS-T-54957 Stable Isotopes
(R)-Norfluoxetine-d5 Phthalimide(Phenyl-d5) CS-T-99934 Stable Isotopes
(R)-Norfluoxetine-d5(Phenyl-d5) CS-T-95296 Stable Isotopes
(S)-Fluoxetine D5 Hydrochloride CS-O-15781 Stable Isotopes
(S)-Norfluoxetine-d5(Phenyl-d5) CS-T-102176 Stable Isotopes
[13C6]-Fluoxetine hydrochloride CS-EK-00314 Stable Isotopes
Desamino Chloro (R)-Fluoxetine D5 CS-T-102898 Stable Isotopes
Desmethylfluoxetine-d5 Hydrochloride CS-ZG-84923 Stable Isotopes
Fluoxetine D5 Oxalate CS-O-06630 Stable Isotopes
Fluoxetine-d5 HCl CS-EV-00013 Stable Isotopes
Fluoxetine-d5 solution CS-T-77119 Stable Isotopes
Fluoxetine-D6 CS-BX-00627 Stable Isotopes
Fluoxetine-D6 oxalate CS-BX-00840 Stable Isotopes
Meta Fluoxetine-d3 Hydrochloride CS-T-100083 Stable Isotopes
Norfluoxetine-D5 Hydrochloride CS-T-59726 Stable Isotopes
Fluoxetine CS-T-76784 API Standards
Fluoxetine Hydrochloride CS-O-01527 API Standards
Norfluoxetine Hydrochloride CS-O-07839 API Standards
Norfluoxetine CS-Y-00124 Metabolites
(R)-Fluoxetine Hydrochloride CS-T-54956 Impurities
(R)-Norfluoxetine CS-T-83057 Impurities
(S)-Fluoxetine Hydrochloride CS-T-54958 Impurities
(S)-Norfluoxetine CS-T-83757 Impurities
(S)-Norfluoxetine Phthalimide CS-T-37523 Impurities
Desamino Chloro (R)-Fluoxetine CS-T-73789 Impurities
Desamino Chloro (S)-Fluoxetine CS-T-15783 Impurities
Fluoxetine EP Impurity C CS-EO-00322 Impurities
Fluoxetine Impurity 1 CS-P-08323 Impurities
Fluoxetine Impurity 10 CS-P-08320 Impurities
Fluoxetine Impurity 11 CS-P-08321 Impurities
Fluoxetine Impurity 12 CS-P-08322 Impurities
Fluoxetine Impurity 2 CS-P-08315 Impurities
Fluoxetine Impurity 3 CS-P-08316 Impurities
Fluoxetine impurity 4 CS-EO-00020 Impurities
Fluoxetine Impurity 4 HCl CS-P-08317 Impurities
Fluoxetine Impurity 5 CS-P-08318 Impurities
Fluoxetine Impurity 6 CS-P-08319 Impurities
Fluoxetine Impurity C Hydrochloride CS-O-10997 Impurities
Fluoxetine N-benzoic acid impurity CS-O-46102 Impurities
Fluoxetine Nitroso EP Impurity B CS-EO-03061 Impurities
Fluoxetine Succinamic Acid CS-T-24421 Impurities
N,N-dimethyl-3-(4-(trifluoromethyl)phenoxy)propan-1-amine CS-O-44073 Impurities
N-acetyl Fluoxetine CS-EO-00963 Impurities
N-formyl fluoxetine CS-DN-00008 Impurities
N-Methyl Fluoxetine Hydrochloride CS-T-58340 Impurities
N-Nitroso Fluoxetine CS-O-35937 Impurities
Isobutyl Vinyl Ketone CS-O-15162 Intermediates
Fluoxetine N-Glucuronide Sodium Salt CS-P-07914 Glucuronides
Norfluoxetine-β-D-Glucuronide CS-T-59728 Glucuronides
Fluoxetine impurity B (F0253020) CS-EG-01677 EP Standards
Fluoxetine impurity C (F0253030) CS-EG-01678 EP Standards
Fluoxetine Related Compound A (H2M433) CS-EB-00910 USP Standards
Fluoxetine Related Compound A(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) CS-ER-00902 Secondary Standards
Fluoxetine Related Compound B CS-EB-00911 USP Standards
Fluoxetine Related Compound B(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) CS-ER-00903 Secondary Standards
Fluoxetine Related Compound C (F0C352) CS-EB-00912 USP Standards
Fluoxetine Related Compound C(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) CS-ER-00904 Secondary Standards