Reference standards play a crucial role in the field of Anti-Asthma/COPD, aiding in the accurate diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of these respiratory conditions. These standards act as benchmarks, providing a standardized framework for comparison and evaluation of various aspects such as lung function, medication efficacy, and disease severity. By establishing consistent criteria and measurements, reference standards enable healthcare professionals to make informed decisions regarding appropriate treatment plans, dosage adjustments, and overall patient management. Moreover, these standards facilitate research and clinical trials, ensuring that the results obtained are reliable, reproducible, and comparable across different studies, leading to advancements in the understanding and management of Anti-Asthma/COPD.

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Acetovanillone D3 CS-T-47001 Stable Isotopes
Acetylsalicylic Acid D3 (Aspir... CS-T-47333 Stable Isotopes
Acetylsalicylic Acid Lysinate CS-AD-00787 Impurities
Aclidinium Bromide CS-O-11188 Intermediates
Aclidinium D5 Bromide CS-AP-00004 Stable Isotopes
a-Ethyl Norepinephrine Hydroch... CS-T-23041 Impurities
Albuterol D3 CS-O-02813 Stable Isotopes
Albuterol D4 CS-O-15299 Stable Isotopes
Albuterol D9 CS-O-06385 Stable Isotopes
Albuterol Dimer CS-T-47496 Impurities

Albuterol hydrochloride CS-CX-00061 Impurities
Albuterol Impurity 1 CS-O-13997 Impurities
Albuterol Impurity 2 CS-O-13998 Impurities
Albuterol Related Compound A CS-K-00010 Impurities
Albuterol-4-sulfate CS-T-47495 Intermediates
Ambroxol CS-O-00820 API Standards
Ambroxol Cycloimine Impurity CS-P-00587 Impurities
Ambroxol D10 CS-O-10067 Stable Isotopes
Ambroxol D5 CS-O-10066 Stable Isotopes
Ambroxol EP Impurity A CS-O-07152 Impurities
Ambroxol EP Impurity C CS-O-07154 Impurities
Ambroxol EP Impurity D CS-O-07155 Impurities
Ambroxol EP Impurity E CS-O-07156 Impurities
Ambroxol hydrochloride CS-O-10908 API Standards
Ambroxol hydrochloride EP Impu... CS-O-07153 Impurities
Ambroxol Impurity 2 CS-P-00589 Impurities
Ambroxol Impurity B CS-P-00063 Impurities
Ambroxol Monobromine CS-T-47648 Impurities
Ambroxol O-glucuronide CS-T-47599 Glucuronides
Aminophylline CS-O-11593 API Standards
Amlexanox CS-T-48151 API Standards
Arachidonic acid 13C CS-CX-00373 Stable Isotopes
Arachidonic acid 13C20 CS-R-00723 Stable Isotopes
Arachidonic Acid 13C5 CS-AU-00062 Stable Isotopes
Arachidonic Acid D11 CS-T-92574 Stable Isotopes
Arachidonic Acid methyl ester-... CS-DF-00059 Stable Isotopes
Arachidonic Acid N-Hydroxysucc... CS-T-48323 Intermediates
Arachidonic Acid, 99% CS-T-48321 Intermediates
Arformoterol 13D3 CS-O-15663 Stable Isotopes
Arformoterol D3 CS-O-15661 Stable Isotopes
Arformoterol tartrate CS-O-00839 API Standards
Arformoterol tartrate D6 CS-O-15662 Stable Isotopes
Articaine Related Compound A CS-K-00013 Impurities
Articaine Related Compound E CS-K-00015 Impurities
Aspirin CS-T-01103 Fine Chemicals
Aspirin D4 CS-O-02745 Stable Isotopes
Aspirin EP Impurity D CS-O-10918 Impurities
Aspirin Impurity F CS-O-31087 Impurities
Aspirin-acyl-β-D-glucuronide CS-O-30505 Glucuronides
Bambuterol D9 Hydrochloride CS-W-00033 Stable Isotopes
Bambuterol EP Impurity A CS-O-13313 Impurities
Bambuterol Hydrochloride CS-O-01004 API Standards
Bambuterol Monocarbamate CS-T-48549 Impurities
Beclometasone EP Impurity B CS-T-48597 Impurities
Beclometasone EP Impurity F CS-T-49615 Impurities
Beclometasone Impurity I CS-T-58017 Impurities
Beclometasone Impurity L CS-T-52980 Impurities
Beclometasone Impurity M CS-O-14623 Impurities
Beclometasone Impurity U CS-O-14624 Impurities
Beclometasone Impurity V CS-T-49078 Impurities
Beclomethasone CS-O-30545 API Standards
Beclomethasone 21-propionate-d... CS-O-10424 Stable Isotopes
Beclomethasone dipropionate d1... CS-O-11465 Stable Isotopes
Beclomethasone Dipropionate D5 CS-O-30470 Stable Isotopes
Beclomethasone Impurity D CS-O-10385 Impurities
Beclomethasone-17-Propionate CS-O-30471 Metabolites
Beclomethasone-17-Propionate D... CS-O-30468 Stable Isotopes
Beclomethasone-21-Propionate CS-O-30472 Metabolites
Beclomethasone-21-Propionate D... CS-O-30469 Stable Isotopes
Benzo[b]thien-2-yl Ketone CS-T-48708 Impurities
Betamethasone 9,11-Epoxide CS-T-49076 Metabolites
Budesonide ( Mixture of isomer... CS-O-00981 API Standards
Budesonide 21-Butyrate Impurit... CS-O-33211 Impurities
Budesonide D6 CS-T-49949 Stable Isotopes
Budesonide D8 CS-O-06449 Stable Isotopes
Budesonide EP Impurity B CS-O-14345 Impurities
Budesonide EP Impurity C CS-T-50092 Impurities
Budesonide EP Impurity J CS-T-49946 Impurities
Budesonide EP Impurity K CS-T-47025 Impurities
Budesonide Impurity (1,4-Andro... CS-P-07209 Impurities
Budesonide Impurity H CS-P-07212 Impurities
Budesonide metabolite IV b CS-O-15523 Metabolites
Budesonide metabolite IVa CS-O-15522 Metabolites
Budesonide metabolite Va CS-O-15524 Metabolites
Budesonide metabolite Vb CS-O-15525 Metabolites
Budesonide metabolite VI CS-O-15526 Metabolites
Budesonide metabolite VIII CS-O-15527 Metabolites
Budesonide related compound 2 CS-O-33092 Impurities
Caffeine EP Impurity B CS-T-02645 Metabolites
Carbuterol CS-AD-00780 API Standards
Carmoterol Hydrochloride CS-T-10579 API Standards
Ciclesonide CS-O-00497 API Standards
Ciclesonide impurity C (Y00015... CS-EG-00341 EP Standards
Cimaterol D7 CS-W-00020 Stable Isotopes
cis-Ambroxol Hydrochloride CS-P-00050 Impurities
Clemastine EP Impurity D CS-Q-01261 Impurities
Clemastine Fumarate Impurity A... CS-P-00896 Impurities
Clemastine Fumarate Impurity B... CS-P-00897 Impurities
Clemastine Fumarate Impurity C CS-P-00898 Impurities
Clenbuterol CS-O-01208 API Standards
Clenbuterol D9 CS-W-00024 Stable Isotopes
Clenbuterol EP Impurity A CS-O-14281 Impurities
Clenbuterol EP Impurity B CS-O-14282 Impurities
Clenbuterol EP Impurity C CS-T-02385 Impurities
Clenbuterol EP Impurity D CS-T-01859 Impurities
Clenbuterol Impurity F CS-P-07366 Impurities
Clencyclohexerol CS-T-51175 Impurities
Clenpenterol D11 Hydrochloride CS-W-00026 Stable Isotopes
Clenpenterol D5 Hydrochloride CS-W-00032 Stable Isotopes
Clenpenterol Hydrochloride CS-W-00013 API Standards
Colterol D9 CS-T-50408 Stable Isotopes
Colterol D9 acetate CS-W-00042 Stable Isotopes
Cromolyn D5 Sodium CS-O-06511 Stable Isotopes
Cromolyn Sodium Related Compou... CS-K-00032 Impurities
Decyclopentyl Zafirlukast D3 M... CS-O-13940 Stable Isotopes
delta-9,11-Methylprednisolone ... CS-O-33125 Impurities
Deltacortinene Acetate CS-T-15069 Impurities
Deoxy Epinephrine Hydrochlorid... CS-T-15358 Intermediates
Deoxyepinephrine CS-P-07844 Impurities
Deoxyprednisolone-16-ene CS-O-13256 Impurities
Des[3-[[(1-Carboxymethyl)cyclo... CS-T-52113 Impurities
Desisobutyryl Ciclesonide CS-T-52164 Intermediates
Desmethyl Ketoprofen Methyl Es... CS-T-16276 Impurities
Dexibuprofen D3 CS-O-02887 Stable Isotopes
Dexketoprofen Trometamol CS-O-01286 API Standards
Dexketoprofen-D3 CS-O-00866 Stable Isotopes
Dihydro Ketoprofen-β-D-Gl... CS-T-53073 Glucuronides
Dihydro Montelukast Sodium Sal... CS-O-33060 Impurities
Dihydro Montelukast Sodium Sal... CS-T-53076 Impurities
Di-O-acetyl N-Benzyl Salbutamo... CS-T-89145 Impurities
d-Terbutaline CS-Y-00015 Chiral
Epinephrine D3 CS-O-02818 Stable Isotopes
Epinephrine Sulfate Impurity CS-O-11785 Impurities
Ethyl 4-(difluoroMethoxy)benzo... CS-O-32156 Intermediates
Ethyl Arachidonate CS-T-54372 Intermediates
Fenoterol Degradation Impurity... CS-P-08008 Impurities
Fenoterol EP Impurity A CS-O-10069 Impurities
Fenoterol EP Impurity C HBr CS-O-32615 Impurities
Fenoterol Hydrobromide CS-W-00051 API Standards
Fenoterol-d6 Hydrobromide (Mix... CS-T-54683 Stable Isotopes
Flunisolide d6 CS-AP-00019 Stable Isotopes
Fluticasone CS-O-14224 API Standards
Fluticasone 17-β-Carboxylic Ac... CS-T-54984 Impurities
Fluticasone dimer impurity CS-O-16657 Impurities
Fluticasone Furoate CS-O-01532 API Standards
Fluticasone Furoate D3 CS-P-00403 Stable Isotopes
Fluticasone Impurity 7 CS-P-08129 Impurities
Fluticasone Propionate CS-O-00625 API Standards
Fluticasone Propionate D3 CS-O-06632 Stable Isotopes
Fluticasone Propionate D5 CS-T-54986 Stable Isotopes
Fluticasone Propionate EP Impu... CS-T-54985 Impurities
Fluticasone Propionate EP Impu... CS-T-54983 Impurities
Fluticasone Propionate EP Impu... CS-T-54982 Impurities
Fluticasone Propionate EP Impu... CS-T-62071 Impurities
Fluticasone Propionate EP Impu... CS-T-53121 Impurities
Fluticasone Propionate EP Impu... CS-T-60020 Impurities
Fluticasone Propionate EP Impu... CS-T-54987 Impurities
Fluticasone Propionate EP Impu... CS-O-10393 Impurities
Fluticasone propionate EP Impu... CS-T-62556 Impurities
Fluticasone Propionate RC A CS-K-00148 Impurities
Fluticasone Thioacid Impurity CS-EO-00039 Impurities
Formoterol CS-T-24640 API Standards
Formoterol D6 fumarate CS-O-02939 Stable Isotopes
Formoterol d6 Tartarate CS-O-16446 Stable Isotopes
Formoterol Fumarate CS-O-01545 API Standards
Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate ... CS-P-07947 Impurities
Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate ... CS-P-07950 Impurities
Formoterol Fumarate EP Impurit... CS-O-14073 Impurities
Formoterol Fumarate EP Impurit... CS-O-14074 Impurities
Formoterol Fumarate EP Impurit... CS-O-14075 Impurities
Formoterol Fumarate EP Impurit... CS-O-14076 Impurities
Formoterol Fumarate EP Impurit... CS-O-14077 Impurities
Formoterol Fumarate EP Impurit... CS-O-14078 Impurities
Formoterol Fumarate EP Impurit... CS-O-14080 Impurities
Formoterol Fumarate EP Impurit... CS-T-55025 Impurities
Formoterol impurity B fumarate... CS-DX-00011 Impurities
Formoterol impurity C fumarate... CS-DX-00012 Impurities
Formoterol impurity D fumarate... CS-DX-00013 Impurities
Formoterol impurity E fumarate... CS-DX-00014 Impurities
Formoterol impurity F fumarate... CS-DX-00015 Impurities
Formoterol Impurity G CS-O-31109 Impurities
Formoterol Impurity G Hydrochl... CS-P-07951 Impurities
Hypoxanthine D3, OD CS-R-00599 Stable Isotopes
Ibuprofen CS-O-01647 API Standards
Ibuprofen 13CD3 CS-T-92581 Stable Isotopes
Ibuprofen acyl-beta-D-Glucuron... CS-O-05712 Glucuronides
Ibuprofen Alcohol CS-T-56572 Impurities
Ibuprofen amide CS-O-05861 Metabolites
Ibuprofen Carboxylic Acid CS-T-56568 Intermediates
Ibuprofen Carboxylic Acid-d3 CS-T-56569 Stable Isotopes
Ibuprofen D3 CS-O-10055 Stable Isotopes
Ibuprofen EP Impurity A CS-O-11014 Impurities
Ibuprofen EP Impurity B CS-O-10396 Impurities
Ibuprofen EP Impurity F CS-T-56786 Impurities
Ibuprofen EP Impurity K CS-T-54914 Impurities
Ibuprofen Impurity D CS-O-31115 Impurities
Ibuprofen Impurity G CS-DH-00009 Impurities
Ibuprofen Impurity H CS-DH-00041 Impurities
Ibuprofen Impurity I CS-DH-00042 Impurities
Ibuprofen impurity N CS-P-00419 Impurities
Ibuprofen Impurity R CS-DH-00001 Impurities
Ibuprofen Lysinate CS-EL-00119 API Standards
Ibuprofen Sodium CS-O-06340 API Standards
Ibuprofen Sorbitol Ester (Mixt... CS-O-11260 Impurities
Ibuprofen USP Related Compound... CS-O-11051 Impurities
Icomethasone CS-T-56579 Intermediates
Icomethasone 21-Mesylate CS-T-56581 Intermediates
Indacaterol CS-O-01688 API Standards
Indacaterol Impurity 1 CS-P-01483 Impurities
Indacaterol Impurity 2 CS-P-01484 Impurities
Ipratropium Bromide CS-O-01686 API Standards
Ipratropium Bromide Impurity 2 CS-O-16695 Impurities
Ipratropium Bromide Impurity A CS-T-56896 Impurities
Ipratropium Bromide impurity F CS-O-15750 Impurities
Ipratropium D3 Iodide CS-O-06682 Stable Isotopes
Ipratropium EP Impurity B CS-T-56770 Impurities
Ipratropium EP Impurity C CS-T-56344 Impurities
Ipratropium EP Impurity D CS-T-48415 Impurities
Ipratropium EP Impurity E CS-O-16107 Impurities
Ipratropium Impurity B (I03610... CS-EG-00592 EP Standards
Ipratropium-D3 bromide CS-O-15788 Stable Isotopes
Ketoprofen D3 CS-O-03363 Stable Isotopes
Ketoprofen D4 CS-C-00032 Stable Isotopes
Ketoprofen EP Impurity B CS-T-16271 Impurities
Ketoprofen EP Impurity J CS-P-05001 Impurities
Ketoprofen EP Impurity K (Mixt... CS-EO-00150 Impurities
Ketoprofen Ethyl Ester CS-T-57019 Impurities
Ketoprofen Impurity E CS-T-57018 Impurities
Ketoprofen lysine CS-O-30956 API Standards
Ketoprofen Related Compound C CS-T-50346 Impurities
Leukotriene D4 CS-BX-00229 Stable Isotopes
Leukotriene E4 CS-T-57217 API Standards
Levalbuterol Related Compound ... CS-O-10397 Impurities
Levalbuterol sulphate CS-O-01731 API Standards
Levosalbutamol CS-O-10263 Chiral
Mabuterol CS-T-57355 API Standards
Mapenterol D11 Hydrochloride CS-W-00025 Stable Isotopes
Mapenterol Hydrochloride CS-W-00007 API Standards
Metanephrine 13CD3 CS-O-15460 Stable Isotopes
Metaterol Hydrochloride CS-T-57522 API Standards
Methoxy Adrenaline Hydrochlori... CS-T-80562 Impurities
Methoxy Montelukast CS-T-79803 Intermediates
Methyl 2-(4-Ethylphenyl)propan... CS-T-82700 Impurities
Methyl arachidonate CS-O-30658 API Standards
Methyl Prednisolone sulfate CS-O-14860 Impurities
Methyl-2-(3-(3-(7-chloroquinol... CS-O-32352 Intermediates
Methylprednisolone CS-O-06007 API Standards
Methylprednisolone Aceponate CS-O-01830 API Standards
Methylprednisolone EP Impurity... CS-EO-00130 Impurities
Methylprednisolone Glucuronide CS-O-14859 Glucuronides
Methylprednisolone hydrogen su... CS-O-01851 API Standards
Methylprednisolone Sodium Succ... CS-O-31166 Intermediates
Mometasone furoate CS-O-01859 API Standards
Mometasone Furoate 13CD6 CS-B-00089 Stable Isotopes
Mometasone furoate D3 CS-O-03051 Stable Isotopes
Mometasone Furoate EP Impurity... CS-T-58895 Impurities
Mometasone Furoate EP Impurity... CS-T-50698 Impurities
Mometasone Furoate EP Impurity... CS-T-50699 Impurities
Mometasone Furoate EP Impurity... CS-T-50700 Impurities
Mometasone Furoate EP Impurity... CS-T-52901 Impurities
Mometasone Furoate EP Impurity... CS-T-60034 Impurities
Mometasone furoate EP impurity... CS-O-11926 Impurities
Mometasone Furoate EP Impurity... CS-T-56274 Impurities
Mometasone furoate EP impurity... CS-O-11925 Impurities
Montelukast Acid CS-O-01846 API Standards
Montelukast (3R)-Hydroxy Benzo... CS-O-07942 Chiral
Montelukast (3S)-Hydroxy benzo... CS-O-10644 Intermediates
Montelukast (3S)-hydroxy propa... CS-T-51001 Impurities
Montelukast 1,2-Diol CS-T-58948 Intermediates
Montelukast 3-oxo benzoate CS-T-12520 Intermediates
Montelukast 3-Oxo Propanol Imp... CS-O-31224 Impurities
Montelukast acyl-Beta-D-glucur... CS-O-14559 Glucuronides
Montelukast Bis-sulfide CS-T-58944 Impurities
Montelukast Cyclizate Ether im... CS-T-58953 Impurities
Montelukast D6 CS-O-06791 Stable Isotopes
Montelukast D6 sodium CS-O-03176 Stable Isotopes
Montelukast Dicyclohexylamine ... CS-T-58945 Fine Chemicals
Montelukast Diol CS-O-32351 Impurities
Montelukast EP impurity A CS-O-07943 Impurities
Montelukast EP Impurity B CS-O-10009 Impurities
Montelukast EP Impurity C (Mix... CS-O-10008 Impurities
Montelukast EP impurity D CS-O-11858 Impurities
Montelukast EP impurity E CS-O-11859 Impurities
Montelukast EP impurity F CS-O-11860 Impurities
Montelukast EP impurity G CS-O-11861 Impurities
Montelukast EP impurity H CS-O-11862 Impurities
Montelukast EP impurity I CS-O-11863 Impurities
Montelukast sodium CS-O-01855 API Standards
Montelukast sodium racemate CS-EO-00151 Impurities
Montelukast Sulfone CS-T-58950 Impurities
N-(2-p-Methoxyphenyl-1-methyl)... CS-P-07949 Impurities
N-(5-Formyl-2-hydroxyphenyl)fo... CS-T-76868 Impurities
Naproxen CS-O-30671 API Standards
Naproxen 13CD3 CS-O-10120 Stable Isotopes
Naproxen 2-Propyl Ester CS-T-83596 Impurities
Naproxen EP Impurity H CS-O-11996 Impurities
Naproxen EP Impurity J CS-T-32436 Impurities
Naproxen Impurity F CS-DH-00018 Impurities
Naproxen Impurity K CS-O-10941 Impurities
Naproxen Sodium CS-O-11178 API Standards