Reference standards play a crucial role in the field of anti-diabetic medications by providing a benchmark for quality control and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of testing methods. These standards, which are typically well-characterized substances with known purity and potency, serve as a reference point for assessing the identity, strength, and purity of anti-diabetic drugs. They are used during the development, manufacturing, and testing processes to compare the properties of the drug substance or product being evaluated. By using reference standards, scientists and regulatory authorities can establish consistency and uniformity in the production of anti-diabetic medications, leading to safer and more effective treatments for individuals living with diabetes.

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Acarbose CS-O-07082 API Standards
Acarbose EP Impurity A CS-T-46865 Impurities
Acarbose EP Impurity B CS-O-12049 Impurities
Acarbose EP Impurity C CS-O-12050 Impurities
Acarbose EP Impurity D CS-O-12051 Impurities
Acarbose EP Impurity G CS-O-12055 Impurities
Acarbose EP Impurity H CS-O-12056 Impurities
Allyl Ester of Atorvastatin Cy... CS-T-48409 Impurities
Allyl Ester of Atorvastatin Cy... CS-T-48410 Impurities
Alogliptin CS-O-11192 API Standards

Alogliptin 13C D3 CS-O-06388 Stable Isotopes
Alogliptin D3 CS-T-47577 Stable Isotopes
Alogliptin formamide CS-O-13726 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity A CS-O-13703 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity B CS-O-32172 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity C CS-O-13705 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity D CS-O-13704 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity E CS-O-13706 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity F CS-O-13707 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity G CS-O-13708 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity H CS-O-13709 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity I CS-O-13710 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity J CS-O-13711 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity J Hydrochl... CS-O-16106 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity K CS-O-13712 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity L CS-O-13713 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity M CS-O-13714 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity N CS-O-13715 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity O CS-O-13716 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity P CS-O-13717 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity Q CS-T-28281 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity R CS-O-13718 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity S CS-O-13719 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity T CS-O-13720 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity W CS-O-13724 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity X CS-O-13727 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity Y CS-O-13728 Impurities
Alogliptin impurity Z CS-O-13729 Impurities
Alogliptin Related Compound 15 CS-P-07162 Impurities
Alogliptin Related Compound 24 CS-P-07165 Impurities
Alogliptin Related Compound 29 CS-P-07168 Impurities
Alogliptin Related Compound 5 CS-P-07171 Impurities
Alogliptin-1-oxo-1-de(piperidi... CS-T-65117 Impurities
Anagliptin CS-O-13604 API Standards
Anagliptin impurity F CS-AQ-00226 Impurities
Anagliptin impurity G CS-AQ-00227 Impurities
Anagliptin-d7 CS-O-11889 Stable Isotopes
Anhydro Lovastatin Lactone CS-O-05512 Impurities
Asparaginyl-Glycyl-Glycyl-Prol... CS-O-13855 Metabolites
Atorvastatin CS-O-07282 API Standards
Atorvastatin 2-Fluoro Analog CS-P-03224 Impurities
Atorvastatin 2-Fluoro t-Butyl ... CS-O-15198 Impurities
Atorvastatin 3-Deoxyhept-2E-En... CS-P-07051 Impurities
Atorvastatin 3-Deoxy-Hept-2-En... CS-O-07271 Impurities
Atorvastatin 3-Deoxyhept-2Z-En... CS-P-07058 Impurities
Atorvastatin 3-Fluoro Analog CS-P-03225 Impurities
Atorvastatin 3-Oxo Sodium Salt CS-P-03226 Metabolites
Atorvastatin 5-O-Methyl Sodium CS-O-07275 Impurities
Atorvastatin Acetonide CS-O-07276 Impurities
Atorvastatin Acetonide Methyl ... CS-O-15340 Impurities
Atorvastatin Acid Methyl Ester CS-O-07280 Impurities
Atorvastatin Acid t-Butyl Este... CS-O-07281 Impurities
Atorvastatin Acyl-β-D-glucuron... CS-T-48404 Glucuronides
Atorvastatin Allyl Ester CS-T-48400 Impurities
Atorvastatin Amlodipine Dimer CS-P-03227 Impurities
Atorvastatin Calcium Salt CS-O-05661 API Standards
Atorvastatin Calcium Trihydrat... CS-O-07283 API Standards
Atorvastatin Cyclic (Fluorophe... CS-O-15160 Impurities
Atorvastatin D5 4-(phenyl-d5) ... CS-O-14387 Stable Isotopes
Atorvastatin D5 calcium CS-O-01265 Stable Isotopes
Atorvastatin D5 sodium CS-CV-00005 Stable Isotopes
Atorvastatin Dehydro Acid Sodi... CS-O-07272 Impurities
Atorvastatin Dehydro Lactone CS-P-07050 Impurities
Atorvastatin Diketoene Impurit... CS-P-07061 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity A CS-O-07285 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity C CS-O-07287 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity D CS-O-07288 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity E CS-O-07289 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity F Cal... CS-O-07290 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity G (3-... CS-O-07291 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity I CS-O-07293 Impurities
Atorvastatin Epoxy Pyrrolooxaz... CS-P-07053 Impurities
Atorvastatin Epoxy Pyrrolooxaz... CS-O-14960 Impurities
Atorvastatin Epoxy Pyrrolooxaz... CS-O-15072 Impurities
Atorvastatin Epoxy Tetrahydrof... CS-O-07295 Impurities
Atorvastatin Ethyl Ester CS-O-07278 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 1 CS-O-14671 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 16 CS-P-07060 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 19 CS-P-07062 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 20 CS-P-06984 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 21 CS-P-07063 Impurities
Atorvastatin impurity A (Y0001... CS-EG-00128 EP Standards
Atorvastatin impurity B (Y0001... CS-EG-00129 EP Standards
Atorvastatin impurity C (Y0001... CS-EG-00130 EP Standards
Atorvastatin impurity D (Y0001... CS-EG-00131 EP Standards
Atorvastatin Impurity F CS-O-14630 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity F Sodium... CS-P-07049 Impurities
Atorvastatin Isopropyl Ester CS-O-07279 Impurities
Atorvastatin Lactam Calcium Sa... CS-O-16248 Impurities
Atorvastatin Lactam Phenanthre... CS-O-15565 Impurities
Atorvastatin Lactone CS-O-07292 Metabolites
Atorvastatin Lactone 3-O-Methy... CS-O-15199 Impurities
Atorvastatin Lactone Diepoxide CS-O-14628 Impurities
Atorvastatin Oxirane Impurity CS-P-07064 Impurities
Atorvastatin Pyrrolidone Impur... CS-P-03231 Impurities
Atorvastatin Related compound ... CS-O-20027 Impurities
Bestatin CS-O-13521 Impurities
Bestatin D10 CS-O-13522 Stable Isotopes
Bromobutene Linagliptin impuri... CS-O-15765 Impurities
Buformin Hcl CS-O-01040 API Standards
Canagliflozin CS-O-10825 API Standards
Canagliflozin D4 CS-O-10809 Stable Isotopes
Canagliflozin Dimer CS-O-10752 Impurities
Canagliflozin Dimer-1 CS-O-10753 Impurities
Canagliflozin Enantiomer impur... CS-O-12082 Impurities
Canagliflozin Hemihydrate CS-O-15698 Intermediates
Canagliflozin Impurity 10 CS-P-07418 Impurities
Canagliflozin impurity 11 CS-O-32480 Impurities
Canagliflozin impurity 12 CS-O-32481 Impurities
Canagliflozin Impurity B CS-T-54832 Impurities
Canagliflozin impurity C CS-AQ-00192 Impurities
Canagliflozin impurity D CS-AQ-00193 Impurities
Canagliflozin impurity E CS-AQ-00194 Impurities
Canagliflozin impurity F CS-AQ-00195 Impurities
Canagliflozin Open Ring Impuri... CS-O-10754 Impurities
Canagliflozin Peroxide Impurit... CS-O-33785 Impurities
Canagliflozin R-Furanose CS-O-10769 Impurities
Canagliflozin α Isomer CS-O-10757 Impurities
Canagliflozin-2-Glucuronide CS-O-11225 Glucuronides
Canagliflozin-3-Glucuronide CS-O-11226 Glucuronides
Canagliflozin-D6 CS-O-11330 Stable Isotopes
Canagliflozin-S-Furanose CS-O-10751 Impurities
CerivastatiN D3 CS-T-50490 Stable Isotopes
Cerivastatin D5 sodium salt CS-O-13112 Stable Isotopes
Cerivastatin lactone CS-T-50491 Intermediates
Chlorpropamide CS-O-01233 API Standards
Chlorpropamide D4 CS-O-13166 Stable Isotopes
Chlorpropamide EP Impurity A CS-T-11183 Impurities
Chlorpropamide EP Impurity B CS-O-20058 Impurities
Chlorpropamide EP Impurity C CS-O-13113 Impurities
Cilastatin CS-O-10873 API Standards
Cilastatin Ammonium Salt USP CS-O-11322 Impurities
Cilastatin EP Impurity E CS-DN-00003 Impurities
Cilastatin for system suitabil... CS-EG-00347 EP Standards
Cilastatin for system suitabil... CS-EG-00348 EP Standards
Cilastatin sodium CS-O-01182 API Standards
Combretastatin A4 Phosphate Di... CS-T-13293 Intermediates
Cystatin CS-DK-00514 API Standards
Dapagliflozin CS-O-11248 API Standards
Dapagliflozin (RS) Furanose CS-O-12093 Impurities
Dapagliflozin 13C6 CS-O-13914 Stable Isotopes
Dapagliflozin 2-O-Beta-D-Glucu... CS-O-15314 Glucuronides
Dapagliflozin 3-O-glucuronide CS-O-13013 Glucuronides
Dapagliflozin alfa isomer CS-O-14868 Chiral
Dapagliflozin C2 Epimer CS-T-93242 Impurities
Dapagliflozin D4 CS-O-12057 Stable Isotopes
Dapagliflozin D5 CS-T-51602 Stable Isotopes
Dapagliflozin D7 CS-O-13014 Stable Isotopes
Dapagliflozin des-ethoxy impur... CS-O-33695 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Enantiomer Impur... CS-O-14896 Items
Dapagliflozin Impurity 1 CS-O-12095 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 12 CS-P-03988 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 13 CS-P-03989 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 14 CS-P-03990 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 16 CS-P-07739 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 17 CS-P-08150 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 2 CS-O-12091 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 21 CS-P-08101 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 23 CS-O-16762 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 24 CS-P-08143 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 3 CS-O-12092 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 30 CS-P-08145 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 35 CS-P-08147 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 37 CS-P-08148 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 38 CS-P-08149 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 6 CS-O-31934 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity 8 CS-O-12097 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Impurity B CS-EO-00008 Impurities
Dapagliflozin methoxy furanose... CS-O-14899 Impurities
Dapagliflozin methoxy pyranose... CS-O-14898 Impurities
Dapagliflozin Open Ring CS-O-12094 Impurities
Dapagliflozin propanediol mono... CS-O-16660 API Standards
Dapagliflozin Sugar Dimer CS-O-14900 Impurities
Dapagliflozin-(R)-Furanose CS-O-14676 Impurities
Dapagliflozin-(S)-Furanose CS-O-12098 Chiral
Deoxy Blebbistatin CS-T-15284 Impurities
Des Chloro Dapagliflozin CS-O-14897 Impurities
Des(2-methylbutyrate) lovastat... CS-P-00393 Metabolites
Des(2-methylbutyryl) Lovastati... CS-T-53216 Impurities
Des(5-methylpyrazinecarbonyl) ... CS-T-16429 Impurities
Des[(5-ethyl-2-pyridinyl)ethyl... CS-T-73664 Impurities
Deschloro Empagliflozin CS-O-12084 Metabolites
Desfluoro Canagliflozin CS-O-10756 Impurities
Desmethyl Alogliptin CS-O-13725 Impurities
Desmethyl Cerivastatin-O-β... CS-T-52209 Glucuronides
Desmethylsulfonyl-Omarigliptin CS-T-88853 Impurities
Didehydro Pioglitazone CS-T-23129 Impurities
Difluoro Atorvastatin CS-T-89412 Impurities
Difluoro Atorvastatin Acetonid... CS-T-91951 Impurities
Dihydroxy Diketo Atorvastatin ... CS-P-07075 Impurities
DUABS CS-T-13944 Impurities
Empagliflozin CS-O-11249 API Standards
Empagliflozin 13C6 CS-O-15165 Stable Isotopes
Empagliflozin 4-O-Glucuronide CS-O-12061 Glucuronides
Empagliflozin alpha Isomer CS-O-14884 Impurities
Empagliflozin D4 CS-O-12060 Stable Isotopes
Empagliflozin D8 CS-O-14856 Stable Isotopes
Empagliflozin Destetrahydrofur... CS-O-12074 Impurities
Empagliflozin Dimer Impurity CS-O-12070 Impurities
Empagliflozin Enantiomer Impur... CS-O-14885 Impurities
Empagliflozin Impurity 2 CS-O-14887 Impurities
Empagliflozin Impurity 4 CS-O-14886 Impurities
Empagliflozin Impurity 46 CS-O-33641 Impurities
Empagliflozin impurity A CS-AQ-00155 Impurities
Empagliflozin impurity B CS-AQ-00156 Impurities
Empagliflozin impurity C CS-AQ-00157 Impurities
Empagliflozin impurity D CS-AQ-00158 Impurities
Empagliflozin Intermediate 1 CS-O-14892 Intermediates
Empagliflozin intermediate 3 CS-O-14893 Intermediates
Empagliflozin M464 CS-O-14861 Impurities
Empagliflozin M468 CS-O-14863 Impurities
Empagliflozin M482 CS-O-14862 Metabolites
Empagliflozin MonoAcetyl Impur... CS-O-12072 Impurities
Empagliflozin Open Ring Impuri... CS-O-12058 Impurities
Empagliflozin R-Furanose CS-O-14889 Impurities
Empagliflozin S-Furanose CS-O-14888 Impurities
Empagliflozin Sugar Dimer CS-O-12069 Impurities
Empagliflozin-2-Glucuronide CS-O-15444 Glucuronides
Empagliflozin-2H-pyran-5-tetra... CS-O-33531 Impurities
Empagliflozin-2H-pyran-6-tetra... CS-O-33532 Impurities
Empagliflozin-3-Glucuronide CS-O-15445 Glucuronides
Empagliflozin-6-Glucuronide CS-O-15446 Glucuronides
ent-Nateglinide CS-T-59162 Impurities
ent-Nateglinide Acyl-β-D-... CS-T-59164 Glucuronides
Epi Lovastatin Hydroxy Acid So... CS-T-54083 Impurities
Epi Lovastatin Hydroxy Acid-d3... CS-T-92452 Stable Isotopes
Ertugliflozin CS-O-11327 API Standards
Ertugliflozin 2-O-β glucuronid... CS-O-33810 Glucuronides
Ertugliflozin aldehyde Impurit... CS-O-33765 Impurities
Ertugliflozin D4 CS-O-32493 Stable Isotopes
Ertugliflozin D5 CS-O-32494 Stable Isotopes
Ertugliflozin Des Hydroxy Impu... CS-O-33766 Impurities
Ertugliflozin Dimer Impurity CS-O-33767 Impurities
Ertugliflozin Isomer Impurity CS-O-33768 Impurities
Ertugliflozin L- pyroglutamic ... CS-O-33685 Impurities
Ertugliflozin M1 CS-O-16871 Metabolites
Ertugliflozin M5 CS-O-16876 Metabolites
Ertugliflozin-3-O-b-glucuronid... CS-O-16875 Glucuronides
Ertugliflozin-Acid Impurity CS-O-33764 Impurities
Ertugliflozin-Anomer Impurity CS-O-33763 Impurities
Ethyl 4-[2-(5-Chloro-2-methoxy... CS-T-54413 Impurities
Evogliptin Tartrate CS-P-01335 API Standards
Exenatide CS-O-01461 API Standards
Exenatide acetate CS-O-30908 API Standards
Exenatide Acetate D5 CS-O-03498 Stable Isotopes
Gemigliptin impurity G CS-AQ-00014 Impurities
Gemigliptin Tartarate CS-O-16240 API Standards
Glibenclamide EP Impurity B CS-O-03628 Impurities
Gliclazide CS-O-01580 API Standards
Gliclazide D4 CS-O-03063 Stable Isotopes
Gliclazide EP Impurity A CS-T-44602 Impurities
Gliclazide EP Impurity B CS-O-11050 Impurities
Gliclazide EP Impurity C CS-T-62174 Impurities
Gliclazide EP Impurity F CS-O-11092 Impurities
Gliclazide EP Impurity G CS-O-20057 Impurities
Gliclazide Impurity D CS-P-08043 Impurities
Glimepiride CS-O-30930 API Standards
Glimepiride D8 CS-O-15779 Stable Isotopes
Glimepiride EP Impurity A CS-T-55277 Impurities
Glimepiride EP Impurity C CS-T-22708 Impurities
Glimepiride EP Impurity G CS-O-14314 Impurities
Glimepiride Ethyl Ester Impuri... CS-O-14316 Impurities
Glimepiride Sulfonamide CS-O-32344 API Standards
Glimepiride-d4 (phenylethyl-a,... CS-O-02884 Stable Isotopes
Glimepiride-d5 CS-BR-00009 Stable Isotopes
Glipizide CS-O-11661 API Standards
Glipizide d11 CS-O-03366 Stable Isotopes
Glipizide Isopropyl Carbonate CS-EO-00118 Impurities
Glipizide Methyl Carbamate CS-T-34416 Impurities
Gliquidone CS-O-01599 API Standards
Gliquidone D6 CS-CX-00559 Stable Isotopes
Glutaminyl-Methionyl-Glutamyl-... CS-O-13851 Impurities
Glyburide CS-O-01584 API Standards
Glyburide D11 CS-O-06649 Stable Isotopes
Glyburide D3 CS-O-02617 Stable Isotopes
Hydroxy empagliflozin CS-O-33304 Impurities
Hydroxy Ertugliflozin CS-O-32491 Metabolites
Hydroxy Pioglitazone (M-IV) CS-T-28393 Metabolites
Hydroxy Pioglitazone D4 ((phen... CS-O-11363 Stable Isotopes
Hydroxy Tolbutamide D9 CS-T-56509 Stable Isotopes
Ipragliflozin CS-BJ-00046 API Standards
Ipragliflozin L-proline CS-O-13214 Intermediates
Keto Lovastatin CS-T-92575 Impurities
Keto Pioglitazone CS-O-08001 Metabolites
Keto Pioglitazone D4 (phenyl-d... CS-T-57014 Stable Isotopes
Keto-Ertugliflozin CS-O-32488 Metabolites
L-4-Hydroxyproline methyl este... CS-M-57647 Intermediates
Leucinostatin A CS-CM-00126 Metabolites
Leucyl-Phenylalanyl-Isoleucyl-... CS-O-13853 Metabolites
Linagliptin CS-O-30970 API Standards