The use of reference standards in anti-migraines plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficacy and safety of these medications. Reference standards are established by regulatory bodies and serve as benchmark substances for testing the quality, strength, and consistency of anti-migraine drugs. These standards provide a standardized framework for manufacturers to adhere to, enabling them to produce medications that meet the required specifications and demonstrate the desired therapeutic effect. Additionally, reference standards facilitate accurate and reliable comparison of different anti-migraine drugs, allowing healthcare professionals to make informed decisions based on evidence-based practices. Overall, reference standards play a vital role in maintaining the quality and effectiveness of anti-migraine medications, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and safety.

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Acetaminophen Impurity K Hydro... CS-P-07017 Impurities
Acetaminophen-O-β-D-glucuronid... CS-DF-00049 Glucuronides
Almotriptan CS-O-05636 API Standards
Almotriptan D6 Maleate CS-O-03184 Stable Isotopes
Almotriptan Dimer Impurity CS-T-47574 Impurities
Almotriptan Impurity 1 CS-P-07023 Impurities
Almotriptan Isopropyl Impurity CS-P-00563 Impurities
Almotriptan Maleate CS-O-00817 API Standards
Almotriptan Metabolite M2 CS-T-01728 Metabolites
Almotriptan N,N-Didesmethyl Im... CS-P-07025 Impurities

Atenolol CS-O-11603 API Standards
Atenolol D7 CS-O-02815 Stable Isotopes
Atenolol EP Impurity B CS-T-16039 Impurities
Atenolol EP Impurity C CS-O-07257 Impurities
Atenolol EP Impurity D CS-O-07258 Impurities
Atenolol EP impurity E CS-T-56258 Impurities
Atenolol EP Impurity F CS-O-07260 Impurities
Atenolol EP Impurity G CS-O-07261 Impurities
Atenolol EP Impurity I CS-O-16145 Impurities
Atenolol for system suitabilit... CS-EG-00125 EP Standards
Atenolol Glucuronide CS-P-00656 Glucuronides
Atenolol Impurity H CS-O-07262 Impurities
Avitriptan D8 CS-O-13101 Stable Isotopes
Avitriptan Fumarate CS-O-13100 Impurities
Bromo ketorolac CS-O-01017 Impurities
Caffeidine CS-T-10021 API Standards
Caffeine CS-O-00486 API Standards
Caffeine D3 CS-O-02851 Stable Isotopes
Caffeine EP Impurity E Hydroch... CS-P-07440 Impurities
Caffeine-13C3 CS-T-69830 Stable Isotopes
Cis-10,11-Dihydroxy Nortriptyl... CS-T-53242 Impurities
Cis-10-Hydroxy Nortriptyline CS-O-03402 Chiral
Cis-10-hydroxy Nortriptyline-D... CS-O-03321 Stable Isotopes
Citalopram Related compound E CS-O-10339 Metabolites
D 517 Hydrochloride CS-T-51565 Impurities
Deacetyl Diltiazem N-Oxide CS-T-51635 Impurities
Deacetyl-O-demethyl Diltiazem ... CS-T-14493 Intermediates
Delta-4-Tibolone CS-O-06132 Metabolites
Delta-4-Tibolone-D5 CS-O-03581 Stable Isotopes
Desacetyl Diltiazem CS-O-05867 Metabolites
Desacetyl Diltiazem D4 CS-T-52081 Stable Isotopes
Desacetyl Diltiazem D6 HCl CS-O-06545 Stable Isotopes
Desacetyl Diltiazem Hydrochlor... CS-T-15874 Metabolites
Desacetyl N, O-didesmethyl Dil... CS-O-32532 Metabolites
Desmethyl Nortriptyline CS-O-15373 Impurities
Desmethyl Promethazine CS-O-10366 Metabolites
Dibenzazepine CS-T-17169 API Standards
Dibenzosuberone CS-O-14660 Impurities
Diclofenac CS-O-00235 API Standards
Diclofenac 13C6 Sodium Salt CS-T-52696 Stable Isotopes
Diclofenac 2,5-Quinone Imine CS-P-07604 Impurities
Diclofenac Acyl-β-D-glucu... CS-T-52698 Glucuronides
Diclofenac Acyl-Beta-D-glucuro... CS-O-07795 Glucuronides
Diclofenac Carboxylic Acid CS-T-17657 Impurities
Diclofenac D4 CS-O-06542 Stable Isotopes
Diclofenac D6 CS-O-15041 Stable Isotopes
Diclofenac diethylamine CS-O-00280 API Standards
Diclofenac Dimer Impurity CS-P-07603 Impurities
Diclofenac dodecyl ester CS-DX-00009 Impurities
Diclofenac EP Impurity B CS-T-52646 Impurities
Diclofenac EP Impurity D CS-T-17836 Impurities
Diclofenac EP Impurity E CS-T-29316 Impurities
Diclofenac Epolamine CS-T-52697 API Standards
Diclofenac for system suitabil... CS-EG-00476 EP Standards
Diclofenac Impurity C CS-O-31069 Impurities
Diclofenac Impurity D CS-P-00399 Impurities
diclofenac impurity F CS-DL-00526 Impurities
Diclofenac potassium CS-O-00281 API Standards
Diclofenac Related Compound 3 CS-P-07605 Impurities
Diclofenac sodium (S0765000) CS-EG-00475 EP Standards
Diclofenac tetradecyl ester CS-DX-00010 Impurities
Didemethyl Rizatriptan Hydroch... CS-T-17924 Impurities
Didesmethyl Almotriptan CS-T-17943 Impurities
Didesmethyl Almotriptan D4 CS-T-52732 Stable Isotopes
Didesmethyl Zolmitriptan CS-O-08465 Impurities
Diltiazem CS-O-10274 API Standards
Diltiazem D4 CS-O-13615 Stable Isotopes
Diltiazem d4 HCl CS-T-93268 Stable Isotopes
Diltiazem D6 CS-O-06546 Stable Isotopes
Diltiazem D6 HCl CS-Y-00106 Stable Isotopes
Diltiazem dihydrolysed impurit... CS-O-33043 Impurities
Diltiazem DTZ-I Impurity CS-EO-00007 Impurities
Diltiazem EP Impurity A CS-O-14275 Impurities
Diltiazem EP Impurity C CS-O-14276 Impurities
Diltiazem EP Impurity C Hydroc... CS-P-07607 Impurities
Diltiazem Hydrochloride CS-O-14544 API Standards
Diltiazem Impurity 1 CS-O-32534 Impurities
Diltiazem Impurity 2 CS-O-32553 Impurities
Diltiazem Impurity G (N-Desmet... CS-P-04159 Impurities
Diltiazem monohydrolysed impur... CS-O-33042 Impurities
Diltiazem related compound H CS-O-15657 Impurities
Diltiazem Sulfoxide CS-O-32533 Metabolites
Diltiazem Sulphone CS-O-33039 Impurities
Diltiazem sulphone-N-oxide CS-O-33041 Metabolites
Diltiazem sulphoxide-N-oxide CS-O-33040 Metabolites
Diltiazem-d3 Hydrochloride CS-T-90224 Stable Isotopes
Dimenhydrinate EP Impurity D D... CS-P-07758 Impurities
Dimenhydrinate for peak identi... CS-EG-00500 EP Standards
Dimenhydrinate Impurity D CS-T-92560 Impurities
Dimethylheptene Methylamine HC... CS-O-13581 Stable Isotopes
Dotarizine CS-T-21343 API Standards
Duloxetine D7 HCl CS-T-54003 Stable Isotopes
Duloxetine EP Impurity E CS-P-07627 Impurities
Duloxetine EP Impurity H CS-T-21454 Impurities
Duloxetine Impurity (alpha-Hyd... CS-P-07620 Impurities
Duloxetine Impurity 3 CS-P-07623 Impurities
Duloxetine Impurity 7 CS-P-07625 Impurities
Duloxetine Phenyl Carbamate CS-T-21459 Impurities
Eletriptan CS-T-21548 API Standards
Eletriptan D5 CS-T-54025 Stable Isotopes
Eletriptan D5 Hydrochloride CS-O-06577 Stable Isotopes
Eletriptan Dimer Impurity 2 CS-T-58343 Impurities
Eletriptan Ethyl Indole Prolin... CS-T-54521 Impurities
Eletriptan Hydrobromide CS-O-01418 API Standards
Eletriptan N-oxide CS-O-06095 Metabolites
ent-Eletriptan CS-T-21551 Impurities
ent-Eletriptan D3 CS-T-54026 Stable Isotopes
ent-Frovatriptan CS-T-24829 API Standards
Escitalopram USP Related Compo... CS-O-32121 Impurities
Flunarizine CS-O-30919 API Standards
Flunarizine D8 Dihydrochloride CS-O-03026 Stable Isotopes
Flunarizine Dihydrochloride CS-T-23761 API Standards
Flunarizine EP Impurity A CS-M-25854 Impurities
Flunarizine EP Impurity B CS-O-13994 Impurities
Flunarizine EP Impurity B Dihy... CS-P-07920 Impurities
Flunarizine EP Impurity C CS-O-13995 Impurities
Flunarizine EP Impurity C DiHy... CS-P-07921 Impurities
Flunarizine EP Impurity D CS-O-13996 Impurities
Fremanezumab CS-O-16736 API Standards
Frovatriptan 13CD3 CS-CX-00010 Stable Isotopes
Frovatriptan D3 hydrochloride CS-O-06637 Stable Isotopes
Frovatriptan Impurity 5 CS-P-01009 Impurities
Frovatriptan Succinate hydrate CS-O-00624 API Standards
Hydroxyatenolol CS-T-79017 Impurities
Iso Promethazine Hydrochloride CS-T-56837 Impurities
Iso Promethazine-d3 Hydrochlor... CS-T-56838 Stable Isotopes
Iso Rizatriptan CS-T-56913 Impurities
Isobutyl Vinyl Ketone CS-O-15162 Intermediates
Isocaffeine CS-T-29687 Impurities
Isometheptene D3 Maleate CS-O-06685 Stable Isotopes
Isometheptene Maleate CS-T-29774 Fine Chemicals
Keto Diclofenac Sodium Salt CS-T-56996 Impurities
Ketorolac CS-O-01709 API Standards
Ketorolac tromethamine CS-O-01710 Impurities
Ketorolac 13C6 CS-O-03100 Stable Isotopes
Ketorolac D5 CS-T-56961 Stable Isotopes
Ketorolac EP Impurity A CS-T-15819 Impurities
Ketorolac EP Impurity B CS-T-30346 Impurities
Ketorolac EP Impurity C CS-T-30408 Impurities
Ketorolac EP Impurity D CS-O-14760 Impurities
Ketorolac EP Impurity F CS-O-14761 Impurities
Ketorolac EP Impurity G CS-O-14762 Impurities
Ketorolac EP Impurity H CS-O-14763 Impurities
Ketorolac EP Impurity I CS-T-15901 Impurities
Ketorolac EP Impurity J CS-O-14764 Impurities
L-Tryptophan D5 CS-O-14189 Stable Isotopes
Meperidine Hydrochloride CS-T-30595 API Standards
Methylergonovine CS-O-14953 API Standards
Methylergonovine Maleate CS-O-30977 API Standards
Methylergonovine-D3 CS-O-33181 Stable Isotopes
Metoprolol CS-O-04747 API Standards
Metoprolol Acid Ethyl Ester CS-T-35580 Intermediates
Metoprolol D5 CS-O-10442 Stable Isotopes
Metoprolol D7 CS-T-58834 Stable Isotopes
Metoprolol D7 hydrochloride CS-O-06771 Stable Isotopes
Metoprolol Dimer D10 CS-O-15145 Stable Isotopes
Metoprolol EP Impurity A CS-T-16334 Impurities
Metoprolol EP Impurity B CS-O-31130 Impurities
Metoprolol EP Impurity C CS-T-27813 Impurities
Metoprolol EP Impurity D CS-O-10795 Impurities
Metoprolol EP Impurity E CS-T-35582 Impurities
Metoprolol EP Impurity J CS-T-27724 Impurities
Metoprolol EP Impurity M CS-T-07065 Impurities
Metoprolol EP Impurity N CS-T-29878 Impurities
Metoprolol EP Impurity O CS-O-31179 Impurities
Metoprolol Fumarate (2:1) CS-O-30668 API Standards
Metoprolol hydrochloride CS-EL-00125 Intermediates
Metoprolol succinate CS-O-01853 API Standards
Metoprolol tartrate CS-O-30975 API Standards
N-​[5-​(Acetylamino)​-​2-​hydr... CS-T-64483 Impurities
N-(2-Methylsulfamoylethyl) Nar... CS-T-34872 Impurities
N-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-acetamide ... CS-EK-00633 Stable Isotopes
N-(Indole)nitroso Naratriptan CS-T-56667 Impurities
N,N,a-Trimethyl-10H-phenothiaz... CS-T-88129 Impurities
N,N-Didesmethyl Diltiazem Hydr... CS-T-17968 Impurities
N,N-Didesmethyl N-tert-Butoxyc... CS-T-52741 Impurities
N-Acetyl-L-Tryptophan CS-T-46885 Impurities
Nadolol CS-O-30699 API Standards
Nadolol D9 CS-O-30503 Stable Isotopes
Nadolol EP Impurity A CS-O-13050 Impurities
Nadolol EP Impurity B CS-O-13051 Impurities
Nadolol EP Impurity C CS-O-13052 Impurities
Nadolol EP Impurity D CS-O-13053 Impurities
Nadolol EP Impurity E CS-O-13054 Impurities
Nadolol EP Impurity F CS-O-13055 Impurities
Nadolol EP Impurity G CS-O-13056 Impurities
NADOLOL IMPURITY 4 HCL CS-O-33168 Impurities
NADOLOL IMPURITY 6 CS-O-33169 Impurities
NADOLOL IMPURITY 7 HCL CS-O-33170 Impurities
NADOLOL IMPURITY 8 CS-O-33171 Impurities
Naratriptan CS-O-01949 API Standards
Naratriptan D3 CS-O-02769 Stable Isotopes
Naratriptan Hydrochloride CS-O-00210 API Standards
Naratriptan Impurity C CS-P-01818 Impurities
Naratriptan Impurity D CS-P-01819 Impurities
Naratriptan Impurity E CS-P-01820 Impurities
Naratriptan Impurity F CS-P-01821 Impurities
Naratriptan N-Oxide CS-T-59153 Impurities
N-Chloro Acetyl-2,6-Dichloro D... CS-O-11371 Intermediates
N-Desisopropyl Metoprolol CS-T-16068 Intermediates
N-Desmethyl Almotriptan Malate CS-P-07024 Impurities
N-Desmethyl Almotriptan-D3 CS-O-13098 Stable Isotopes
N-Desmethyl Avitriptan CS-O-13102 Metabolites
N-Desmethyl Avitriptan D8 CS-O-13103 Stable Isotopes
N-desmethyl Diltiazem CS-O-05870 Metabolites
N-Desmethyl Diltiazem D4 hydro... CS-O-06547 Stable Isotopes
N-Desmethyl Diltiazem Hydrochl... CS-T-16220 Metabolites
N-Desmethyl Diltiazem-d3 Hydro... CS-T-52219 Stable Isotopes
N-Desmethyl Paroxol Hydrochlor... CS-T-15569 Impurities
N-Desmethyl Prochlorperazine D... CS-T-52251 Impurities
N-Desmethyl rizatriptan CS-O-06136 Metabolites
N-Desmethyl rizatriptan Hydroc... CS-O-06135 Metabolites
N-Desmethyl Rizatriptan-D3 CS-O-06936 Stable Isotopes
N-Desmethyl Verapamil D7 Hydro... CS-O-07057 Stable Isotopes
N-desmethyl Zolmitriptan D3 CS-Y-00135 Stable Isotopes
N-Desmethyl Zolmitriptan Hydro... CS-O-06142 Metabolites
N-Desmethyldiltiazem-d5 Maleat... CS-B-00229 Stable Isotopes
N-formylkynurenine CS-T-55036 Impurities
N-Hydroxymethyl Rizatriptan Fu... CS-T-56243 Impurities
N-Hydroxyprotriptyline CS-T-78961 Impurities
Nimodipine CS-O-01982 API Standards
Nimodipine D7 CS-O-10080 Stable Isotopes
Nimodipine EP Impurity A CS-O-11942 Impurities
Nimodipine EP Impurity B CS-O-11943 Impurities
Nimodipine EP Impurity C CS-T-52168 Impurities
N-Methyl 4-Hydroxy Duloxetine CS-T-82142 Impurities
N-methyl zolmitriptan CS-O-33563 Impurities
N-Methyl-4-((pyrrolidin-1-ylsu... CS-O-13095 Impurities
N-Methyl-N-(3-chloropropyl)hom... CS-T-82756 Impurities
Nortriptyline D3 Hydrochloride CS-O-06825 Stable Isotopes
Nortriptyline D3 Hydrochloride CS-T-59775 Stable Isotopes
Nortriptyline Hydrochloride CS-O-01980 API Standards
Nortriptyline hydrochloride EP... CS-EN-00010 Impurities
Nortriptyline N-Ethyl Carbamat... CS-T-59773 Impurities
Norverapamil CS-O-10215 Metabolites
Norverapamil Hydrochloride CS-O-05893 Metabolites
O,α-Dimethyl-L-tyrosine Hydroc... CS-T-20662 Impurities
O-Desacetyl N-Desmethyl Diltia... CS-O-16816 Stable Isotopes
O-Desmethyl Avitriptan CS-O-13104 Metabolites
O-Desmethyl Avitriptan D8 CS-O-13105 Stable Isotopes
O-Desmethyl Metoprolol CS-T-16337 Impurities
Paroxetine-D6 CS-O-33034 Stable Isotopes
Phenothiazine CS-T-39298 Impurities
p-O-Desmethyl Verapamil CS-T-52297 Impurities
Prochlorperazine CS-O-05102 API Standards
Prochlorperazine D8 Dihydrochl... CS-O-06885 Stable Isotopes
Prochlorperazine D8 Dimaleate CS-O-00758 Stable Isotopes
Prochlorperazine dimaleate sal... CS-O-31004 Intermediates
Prochlorperazine Dimesylate CS-T-60773 Impurities
Prochlorperazine Sulfoxide CS-T-40535 Metabolites
Prochlorperazine Sulfoxide D3 CS-T-60668 Stable Isotopes
Prochlorperazine-d8 CS-P-00476 Stable Isotopes
Promethazine CS-O-02062 API Standards
Promethazine D6 hydrochloride CS-O-06888 Stable Isotopes
Promethazine EP Impurity C CS-O-10039 Impurities
Promethazine Hydrochloride CS-O-11723 API Standards
Promethazine N-oxide CS-O-14746 Metabolites
Promethazine Sulfone CS-T-60785 Impurities
Promethazine Sulfoxide CS-O-10037 Metabolites
Promethazine theoclate CS-O-02119 Intermediates
Promethazine-β-D-Glucuron... CS-T-60784 Glucuronides
Protriptyline CS-P-00336 API Standards
Protriptyline D3 Hydrochloride CS-T-60875 Stable Isotopes
Protriptyline Hydrochloride CS-T-60874 Impurities
Quinupramine CS-T-41397 Impurities
R Atenolol CS-O-07263 Impurities
rac Duloxetine 3-Thiophene Iso... CS-T-92262 Impurities
rac Duloxetine 3-Thiophene Iso... CS-T-92084 Impurities
rac Duloxetine 3-Thiophene Iso... CS-T-92087 Stable Isotopes
rac Duloxetine D3 Oxalate CS-T-92657 Stable Isotopes
rac Ketorolac Acyl-β-D-glucuro... CS-T-92588 Glucuronides
rac Ketorolac D4 CS-T-57026 Stable Isotopes
Rac Sertraline oxime impurity CS-T-17671 Intermediates
rac-3-Hydroxy tibolone CS-O-14410 Metabolites
R-Frovatriptan CS-P-00480 Chiral
Rizatriptan CS-O-02266 API Standards
Rizatriptan 1,2-(4-dimethylami... CS-T-61182 Impurities
Rizatriptan 2,2-Dimer CS-T-61181 Impurities
Rizatriptan benzoate CS-O-02233 API Standards
Rizatriptan D6 Benzoate CS-O-02848 Stable Isotopes
Rizatriptan Impurity 1 CS-P-06985 Impurities
Rizatriptan N10-Oxide-d6 CS-T-61180 Stable Isotopes
Rizatriptan-d3 CS-O-10453 Stable Isotopes
Rizatriptan-N-oxide CS-O-06000 Metabolites
Rofecoxib CS-O-02291 API Standards
S- Atenolol CS-O-07264 Chiral
S-(+)-N,N-Dimethyl-3-(1-naphth... CS-T-33713 Intermediates
Sertraline EP Impurity A CS-O-08143 Impurities