Reference standards play a crucial role in ensuring the quality, safety, and efficacy of anti-thrombotic medications. These standards, which are established by regulatory authorities and organizations such as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), provide a benchmark against which the quality and performance of these drugs can be evaluated. Reference standards help in the identification, characterization, and quantification of the active ingredients in anti-thrombotic medications, ensuring that they meet the required specifications and are consistently manufactured. They also aid in the assessment of impurities, contaminants, and degradation products, helping to establish acceptable limits and ensure the purity of these drugs. By using reference standards, manufacturers can ensure the consistency and reliability of anti-thrombotic medications, promoting patient safety and enhancing the effectiveness of these life-saving treatments.

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Apixaban CS-O-00932 API Standards
Apixaban 13C D3 CS-O-06410 Stable Isotopes
Apixaban 13C D7 CS-O-15737 Stable Isotopes
Apixaban Acid Impurity CS-O-31952 Impurities
Apixaban aminophenyl Impurity CS-O-32148 Intermediates
Apixaban Ester Impurity CS-O-15287 Impurities
Apixaban Impurity 17 CS-P-07037 Impurities
Apixaban impurity A CS-AQ-00214 Impurities
Apixaban impurity B CS-AQ-00215 Impurities
Apixaban impurity D CS-AQ-00217 Impurities

Apixaban intermediate 1 CS-O-31950 Intermediates
Apixaban Methyl ester Impurity CS-O-15286 Impurities
Apixaban Related Compound 1 CS-P-00639 Impurities
Apixaban Related Compound F CS-O-32147 Impurities
Apixaban Related Compound H CS-P-07038 Impurities
AR-C124910XX-N-Glucuronide CS-EO-00011 Glucuronides
Argatroban CS-T-04129 API Standards
Argatroban Impurity 4 CS-P-07180 Impurities
Argatroban Impurity 6 CS-P-07181 Impurities
Argatroban Impurity B CS-P-07179 Impurities
Argatroban monohydrate CS-CX-00129 Intermediates
Argatroban Related Impurity 2 CS-P-07182 Impurities
Benzyl ((3aS,4R,6S,6aR)-6-hydr... CS-O-10688 Impurities
Bromo Prasugrel CS-O-14928 Impurities
Cangrelor (Crude) CS-O-14256 API Standards
Cangrelor 13CD3 CS-O-16399 Stable Isotopes
Cangrelor 13CD7 CS-O-15168 Stable Isotopes
Cangrelor Impurity 1 CS-P-00802 Impurities
Cangrelor Impurity 2 CS-P-00803 Impurities
Cangrelor Impurity 4 CS-P-00805 Impurities
Cangrelor Impurity 5 CS-P-00806 Impurities
Cangrelor Impurity 7 CS-P-00808 Impurities
Cangrelor Impurity 8 CS-P-00809 Impurities
Cangrelor Impurity 9 CS-P-00810 Impurities
Cangrelor Metabolite CS-P-00804 Metabolites
Cangrelor Tetrasodium CS-P-07373 Impurities
Clopidogrel bisulfate CS-ED-01031 API Standards
Dabigatran CS-O-03403 API Standards
Dabigatran β-Acyl Glucuro... CS-O-03505 Stable Isotopes
Dabigatran 13C6 CS-O-06521 Stable Isotopes
Dabigatran Acid Cyano Analog CS-T-51376 Impurities
Dabigatran Acyl Glucuronide CS-O-15228 Glucuronides
Dabigatran Acyl-O2-D-Glucuroni... CS-O-32580 Glucuronides
Dabigatran Acyl-O3-D-Glucuroni... CS-O-32581 Glucuronides
Dabigatran Acyl-O4-D-Glucuroni... CS-O-32582 Glucuronides
Dabigatran Acyl-ß-D- glucuroni... CS-O-07735 Glucuronides
Dabigatran Acyl-ß-D-glucuronid... CS-O-10012 Stable Isotopes
Dabigatran D3 CS-T-51566 Stable Isotopes
Dabigatran D4 Etexilate CS-O-06523 Stable Isotopes
Dabigatran D4 HCl CS-O-06524 Stable Isotopes
Dabigatran D7 CS-O-15583 Stable Isotopes
Dabigatran Despropionyl Despyr... CS-I-00015 Impurities
Dabigatran Despropionyl Impuri... CS-O-07727 Impurities
Dabigatran Despyridinyl Impuri... CS-I-00016 Impurities
Dabigatran Etexilate CS-O-30897 API Standards
Dabigatran Etexilate Impurity ... CS-P-07723 Impurities
Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate CS-O-00257 API Standards
Dabigatran Etexilate Methylene... CS-O-14230 Impurities
Dabigatran Etexilate Methylene... CS-O-14231 Impurities
Dabigatran Etexilate Methylene... CS-O-14232 Impurities
Dabigatran Etexilate N-Oxide CS-O-11171 Metabolites
Dabigatran Etexilate O-Desethy... CS-O-07730 Impurities
Dabigatran Ethyl Ester Cyano A... CS-O-07731 Impurities
Dabigatran Ethyl Ester Impurit... CS-I-00017 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 1 CS-O-14229 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 10 Hydroch... CS-P-07728 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 11 CS-P-07729 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 12 CS-P-07730 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 14 CS-P-07731 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 15 CS-P-07732 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 19 CS-P-07733 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 2 CS-O-14955 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 21 CS-P-07734 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 22 CS-P-07735 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 23 CS-P-07736 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 24 CS-P-07737 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 3 CS-O-14956 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 38 CS-T-92132 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 6 CS-O-14957 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 7 CS-O-14958 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 8 CS-P-07726 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 9 CS-O-14959 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity 9 Hydrochl... CS-P-07727 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity C CS-O-14210 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity D CS-O-14211 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity E CS-O-14212 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity F CS-O-14213 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity G CS-O-14214 Impurities
Dabigatran Impurity K CS-O-13133 Impurities
Dabigatran Isopropyl Ester Imp... CS-I-00018 Impurities
Dabigatran Methyl Ester CS-I-00019 Impurities
Dabigatran-d4 CS-P-07738 Stable Isotopes
Defluoro Prasugrel Hydrochlori... CS-T-14782 Impurities
Des-(N-2-pyridyl-β-alanin... CS-T-16449 Impurities
Desacetyl hydroxy prasugrel im... CS-O-33047 Impurities
Deshydroxyethoxy-2,3-O-(dimeth... CS-T-89614 Impurities
Di-Acetyl Prasugrel HCl Impuri... CS-O-33389 Impurities
Edoxaban CS-L-00150 API Standards
Edoxaban (RSS)-Diastereomer CS-O-15728 Impurities
Edoxaban D6 CS-O-11960 Stable Isotopes
Edoxaban hydrochloride CS-EK-01901 API Standards
Edoxaban Impurity 16 CS-P-07797 Impurities
Edoxaban Impurity 17 CS-P-07798 Impurities
Edoxaban Impurity 43 CS-P-02468 Impurities
Edoxaban Impurity 44 CS-P-02469 Impurities
Edoxaban Impurity C CS-O-15727 Impurities
Edoxaban Impurity H CS-P-07795 Impurities
Edoxaban M1 CS-O-14823 Metabolites
Edoxaban M2 CS-O-14824 Metabolites
Edoxaban M4 CS-O-14825 Metabolites
Edoxaban M5 CS-O-14826 Metabolites
Edoxaban M6 CS-O-14827 Metabolites
Edoxaban M7 CS-O-14828 Metabolites
Edoxaban M8 CS-O-14829 Metabolites
Edoxaban Tosylate Monohydrate CS-O-11959 API Standards
Enoxaparin sodium CS-O-01421 API Standards
Ent-Edoxaban CS-P-07796 Impurities
ethyl 3-(1-methyl-2-(((4-(N-((... CS-O-33184 Impurities
Ethyl chloro[(4-methoxyphenyl)... CS-O-31948 Fine Chemicals
Fondaparinux sodium CS-O-13236 Intermediates
Fondaparinux Sodium Impurity CS-T-75703 Impurities
Fondaparinux sodium impurity 1 CS-P-01004 Impurities
isobutyl 3-(2-(((4-(N-((hexylo... CS-O-33299 Impurities
m-Fluoro Prasugrel Hydrochlori... CS-T-24334 Impurities
N-[(5-Chloro-2-thienyl)carbony... CS-T-51056 Intermediates
N-[[2-[[[4-(Aminoiminomethyl)p... CS-O-31269 Intermediates
N-[3-Amino-4-(methylamino)benz... CS-T-47911 Impurities
N-[3-Amino-4-(methylamino)benz... CS-T-47895 Intermediates
N1-(5-chloropyridin-2-yl)-N2-(... CS-O-15726 Impurities
N1-(5-Chloropyridin-2-yl)-N2-(... CS-O-15729 Impurities
N-Desmethyl Edoxaban Hydrochlo... CS-T-88606 Impurities
N-Ethoxycarbonyl Dabigatran Et... CS-T-92375 Impurities
N-Methoxycarbonyl Dabigatran E... CS-T-80540 Intermediates
N-Nitro-1,2,3,4-tetradehydro A... CS-T-37315 Impurities
O-Desmethyl Apixaban CS-T-15230 Impurities
O-Desmethyl Apixaban Sulfate CS-T-88771 Impurities
p-Fluoro Prasugrel Hydrochlori... CS-T-24336 Impurities
Prasugrel CS-O-32324 API Standards
Prasugrel active Metabolite TF... CS-O-15580 Metabolites
Prasugrel Bromo Opened Ring Im... CS-O-14428 Impurities
Prasugrel cyclopropyl open rin... CS-O-14427 Impurities
Prasugrel cyclopropyl open rin... CS-O-14426 Impurities
Prasugrel D4 CS-O-02724 Stable Isotopes
Prasugrel Endo iminium impurit... CS-O-14930 Impurities
Prasugrel Hydrochloride CS-O-02088 API Standards
Prasugrel Hydroxy Thiolactone CS-T-60709 Impurities
Prasugrel Impurity 4 CS-T-50754 Impurities
Prasugrel inactive metabolite ... CS-O-15767 Metabolites
Prasugrel Metabolite (cis R-10... CS-P-06967 Metabolites
Prasugrel Metabolite M2 D4 CS-O-03004 Stable Isotopes
Prasugrel Metabolite M3 (MP De... CS-O-13686 Metabolites
Prasugrel Metabolite M3 (NEM D... CS-O-11181 Metabolites
Prasugrel metabolite M3 D4 CS-O-06879 Stable Isotopes
Prasugrel Metabolite M3 Hydroc... CS-O-08011 Metabolites
Prasugrel Metabolite M3-D3 (MP... CS-O-11008 Stable Isotopes
Prasugrel metabolite M6 (R-100... CS-O-08013 Metabolites
Prasugrel Metabolite R-119251 CS-T-60931 Metabolites
Prasugrel metabolite R-138727 CS-O-15266 Metabolites
Prasugrel metabolite R-138727 ... CS-O-15267 Stable Isotopes
Prasugrel-d3 CS-O-10452 Stable Isotopes
R-106583 CS-T-41410 Impurities
Ramatroban CS-T-61053 Impurities
R-epichlorohydrin CS-O-31249 Fine Chemicals
Rivaroxaban CS-O-11738 API Standards
Rivaroxaban 13C6 CS-T-61170 Stable Isotopes
Rivaroxaban D4 CS-O-10103 Stable Isotopes
Rivaroxaban Dimer CS-O-13161 Impurities
Rivaroxaban Diol CS-O-06127 Metabolites
Rivaroxaban EP Impurity B CS-P-02086 Impurities
Rivaroxaban EP Impurity D CS-T-67095 Impurities
Rivaroxaban EP Impurity G CS-O-31251 Impurities
Rivaroxaban EP Impurity H CS-O-16749 Impurities
Rivaroxaban EP Impurity I CS-T-85606 Impurities
Rivaroxaban EP Impurity J CS-T-85344 Impurities
Rivaroxaban Hydroxyoxazalone M... CS-T-41896 Intermediates
Rivaroxaban Impurity 1 CS-P-02083 Impurities
Rivaroxaban Impurity 17 CS-M-31095 Impurities
Rivaroxaban Impurity 2 CS-P-08136 Impurities
Rivaroxaban Impurity 3 CS-P-08137 Impurities
Rivaroxaban Impurity 75 CS-O-32623 Impurities
Rivaroxaban Impurity 8 CS-P-02090 Impurities
Rivaroxaban Impurity G CS-DG-00011 Impurities
Rivaroxaban Morpholinone Open ... CS-T-71515 Impurities
Rivaroxaban Open-Ring Acid Imp... CS-EO-00073 Impurities
Rivaroxaban RVXRC-11 hydrochlo... CS-O-33054 Impurities
Ticagrelor CS-O-30794 API Standards
Ticagrelor 5-Epimer CS-O-33207 Impurities
Ticagrelor D7 CS-O-07009 Stable Isotopes
Ticagrelor Impurity 10 CS-O-14125 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity 2 CS-O-13895 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity 3 CS-O-13896 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity 4 CS-O-13897 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity 5 CS-O-13898 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity 6 CS-O-13899 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity 7 CS-O-13900 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity A CS-O-06349 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity B CS-O-06350 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity C CS-O-06351 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity E CS-O-06353 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity F CS-O-06354 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity I CS-O-06357 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity J CS-O-06358 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity K CS-O-06359 Impurities
Ticagrelor Impurity L CS-O-06360 Impurities
Ticagrelor IP Impurity H CS-O-06352 Impurities
Ticagrelor Metabolite-M5 CS-O-10084 Metabolites
Ticagrelor Metabolite-M5 D7 CS-O-10086 Stable Isotopes
Ticagrelor Metabolite-M8 CS-O-05933 Metabolites
Ticagrelor metabolite-M8 D7 CS-O-03658 Stable Isotopes
Ticagrelor N-Glucuronide CS-P-08154 Glucuronides
Ticagrelor O-Glucuronide CS-P-08155 Glucuronides
Ticagrelor Related Compound 16 CS-O-16954 Impurities
Ticagrelor Related Compound 38 CS-EO-00070 Impurities
Ticagrelor Related Compound 88... CS-P-02463 Impurities
Ticagrelor Related Compound 90... CS-P-02241 Impurities
Ticagrelor Related Compound 97... CS-P-08153 Glucuronides
Ticagrelor Related Compound B CS-O-14123 Impurities
Ticagrelor TCG Sulfonate CS-O-33098 Impurities
TKBIP-3 CS-P-02221 Impurities
"2-{[(3aR,4S,6R,6aS)-6-amino-2... CS-O-31839 Intermediates
"6-Chloro-N-[(1R,2S)-2-(3,4-di... CS-T-89407 Impurities
"Argatroban (L,2R,4S)-Isomer" CS-P-07178 Impurities
"tert-Butyl [(1R,2S,5S)-2-amin... CS-O-13010 Fine Chemicals
(1R,2S)-rel-2-(3,4-Difluorophe... CS-O-31419 Intermediates
(1R,2S)-rel-2-(3,4-Difluorophe... CS-O-31262 Intermediates
(1S,2S,3R,5S)-3-(5-Amino-6-chl... CS-T-65978 Impurities
(2S,4S)-Argatroban CS-T-04131 Impurities
(3aR,4S,6R,6aS)-6-Aminotetrahy... CS-O-10690 Impurities
(R)-4-(4-(2-oxo-5-(((oxo-l4-su... CS-O-33598 Impurities
(S)-3-Amino-1,2-propanediol CS-O-31248 Intermediates
1-(4-iodophenyl)piperidin-2-on... CS-O-31949 Intermediates
1-Bromo-1-(2-fluorophenyl)-2-p... CS-T-49744 Impurities
1-Cyclopropyl-2-(2-fluoropheny... CS-T-90542 Impurities
1-epi-Edoxaban CS-T-92330 Impurities
2-​[[[4-​[[[(hexyloxy)​carbony... CS-O-33645 Impurities
2-(4-Cyanophenylamino)acetic a... CS-O-31268 Intermediates
2-(Bromomethyl) benzonitrile CS-O-32398 Intermediates
2,3-Difluoro Ticagrelor CS-O-14871 Metabolites
2-[[(3aR,4S,6R,6aS)-6-Aminotet... CS-O-10687 Intermediates
2-Bromo-1-cyclopropyl-2-(3-flu... CS-T-49676 Impurities
2-Bromo-1-cyclopropyl-2-(4-flu... CS-T-49677 Impurities
2-Bromo-1-cyclopropyl-2-phenyl... CS-T-49678 Impurities
2-Bromo-2-(2-fluorophenyl)-1-c... CS-O-32327 Intermediates
2-Desacetoxy Prasugrel CS-O-14929 Impurities
2-Oxo Prasugrel D4 Hydrochlori... CS-O-16005 Stable Isotopes
2-Oxo Prasugrel D4 Hydrochlori... CS-O-16642 Stable Isotopes
3-(4-Morpholinyl)-1-(4-nitroph... CS-O-32146 Intermediates
3-Chloro-5,6-dihydro-1-(4-nitr... CS-O-10617 Intermediates
3-Fluoro Ticagrelor CS-O-16966 Impurities
4,5,6,7-Tetrahydro-5-(tripheny... CS-T-87122 Impurities
4,5,6,7-Tetrahydrothieno[3,2-c... CS-T-86492 Impurities
4,5-Dehydro Apixaban CS-O-15285 Impurities
4,5-Dichlorothiophene-2-carbox... CS-O-11790 Intermediates
4,6-Dichloro-2-(propylthio)pyr... CS-O-31261 Fine Chemicals
4,6-Dichloro-5-nitro-2-propylt... CS-O-31840 Impurities
4-[((2R)-Hydroxy-3-phthalimido... CS-T-28141 Intermediates
4-[4-[(5R)-5-(Aminomethyl)-2-o... CS-T-92580 Impurities
4-[4-[(5S)-5-(Aminomethyl)-2-o... CS-O-31416 Intermediates
4-{4-[(5S)-5-aminomethyl)-2-ox... CS-O-31415 Fine Chemicals
4-Desmorpholino 4-[N-(5-chloro... CS-T-88297 Intermediates
4-Fluoro Ticagrelor CS-O-14872 Metabolites
4-Methyl-5-Chlorovaleryl chlor... CS-P-00640 Impurities
5-(alpha-Cyclopropylcarbonyl-2... CS-O-15622 Intermediates
5,6,7,7a-Tetrahydrothieno[3,2-... CS-O-10910 Impurities
5-Chlorothiophene-2-carboxylic... CS-O-31250 Metabolites
5-R-Rivaroxaban CS-O-11180 Chiral