Reference standards play a crucial role in ensuring the efficacy, safety, and quality of antibiotics. These standards serve as benchmarks against which the quality of antibiotics can be measured, providing a consistent and reliable reference point for manufacturers, regulatory authorities, and healthcare professionals. Reference standards help in the identification, quantification, and characterization of antibiotics, enabling accurate testing and analysis of their potency, purity, impurities, and stability. They also aid in the development and validation of analytical methods, facilitating the comparison and harmonization of results across different laboratories. By using reference standards, the pharmaceutical industry can adhere to standardized quality control practices, ultimately benefiting patients by ensuring the availability of safe and effective antibiotics.

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Aceclidine Hydrochloride CS-T-46872 API Standards
Acetic Acid 13C2 CS-T-46985 Stable Isotope Reagent
Acetic Acid-2 13C-2,2,2-d3 CS-T-47045 Stable Isotopes
Acetil Acid CS-P-03005 API Standards
Acetyl spiramycin CS-O-05995 Metabolites
Acetyltobramycin CS-ED-00221 API Standards
Acylated Cefepime CS-O-06119 Metabolites
Albaconazole CS-T-01518 Impurities
alpha-Solanine CS-E-01171 API Standards
Amikacin CS-T-47511 API Standards

Amikacin D5 Hydrochloride CS-CX-00561 Stable Isotopes
Amikacin EP Impurity B CS-T-52922 Impurities
Amikacin impurity C CS-P-00601 Impurities
Amikacin impurity E CS-P-03098 Impurities
Amikacin impurity F CS-P-00602 Impurities
Amikacin impurity G CS-P-00603 Impurities
Amikacin impurity H CS-P-00604 Impurities
Amikacin Sulfate Salt CS-T-65051 API Standards
Amorolfine for system suitabil... CS-EG-00090 EP Standards
Amorolfine for system suitabil... CS-ER-02376 Secondary Standards
Amorolfine Hydrochloride CS-O-11597 API Standards
Amoxicillin CS-O-03789 API Standards
Amoxicillin (L0K359) CS-EB-00124 USP Standards
Amoxicillin Related Compound A CS-O-07187 Fine Chemicals
Amoxicillin Related Compound A... CS-ER-00117 Secondary Standards
Amoxicillin Sodium IP (Sterile... CS-O-00940 API Standards
Amoxicillin Trihydrate CS-O-11598 API Standards
Amoxicillin trihydrate (A08000... CS-EG-00882 EP Standards
Amoxicillin trihydrate (Second... CS-ER-02941 Secondary Standards
Amoxicillin trihydrate for per... CS-EG-00091 EP Standards
Amoxicillin trihydrate for per... CS-ER-02377 Secondary Standards
Amoxicillin(Secondary Standard... CS-ER-00116 Secondary Standards
Amphotericin B CS-O-00830 API Standards
Amphotericin B (1032007) CS-EB-02585 USP Standards
Amphotericin B for microbiolog... CS-ER-02378 Secondary Standards
Amphotericin B for peak identi... CS-EG-00093 EP Standards
Ampicillin CS-O-14440 API Standards
Ampicillin (1033000) CS-EB-02328 USP Standards
Ampicillin (A1000000) CS-EG-00528 EP Standards
Ampicillin D5 (Mixture of Dias... CS-O-13878 Stable Isotopes
Ampicillin EP Impurity B CS-O-11298 Impurities
Ampicillin EP Impurity D CS-O-11299 Impurities
Ampicillin EP Impurity E CS-O-07203 Impurities
Ampicillin EP Impurity F CS-O-07204 Impurities
Ampicillin EP Impurity G CS-O-07205 Impurities
Ampicillin EP Impurity I CS-I-00008 Impurities
Ampicillin EP Impurity J CS-I-00007 Impurities
Ampicillin EP Impurity K CS-O-07209 Impurities
Ampicillin EP Impurity L CS-O-07210 Impurities
Ampicillin Sodium CS-O-00900 API Standards
Ampicillin Trihydrate CS-O-00831 API Standards
Ampicillin Trihydrate (A110000... CS-EG-00883 EP Standards
Amprenavir CS-O-11599 API Standards
Anisomycin CS-AD-00759 API Standards
Ansamitocin P 3′ CS-T-66536 Intermediates
Anti-cefpirome CS-O-03706 Impurities
Antimycin complex CS-CM-00015 Impurities
Apalcillin CS-AD-00829 Intermediates
Apramycin CS-AN-00004 API Standards
Apramycin Sulfate CS-T-48306 API Standards
Arbekacin CS-O-14874 Impurities
Aspoxicillin CS-O-15713 Intermediates
Astromicin CS-AD-00813 Intermediates
Asukamycin CS-CM-00020 Impurities
Atazanavir CS-T-48390 API Standards
Atazanavir sulfate CS-O-30486 API Standards
Atazanavir Sulfate (F020D0) CS-EB-00194 USP Standards
Atazanavir Sulfate(Secondary S... CS-ER-00186 Secondary Standards
Avilamycin CS-AD-00678 API Standards
Azithromycin CS-O-00853 API Standards
Azithromycin (1046056) CS-EB-02332 USP Standards
Azithromycin (Y0000306) CS-EG-00530 EP Standards
Azithromycin 13CD3 CS-O-06431 Stable Isotopes
Azithromycin D3 CS-T-48523 Stable Isotopes
Azithromycin dihydrate CS-O-00854 API Standards
Azithromycin EP Impurity A CS-O-07319 Impurities
Azithromycin EP Impurity B CS-O-07320 Impurities
Azithromycin EP Impurity C CS-P-03314 Impurities
Azithromycin EP Impurity E CS-O-07321 Impurities
Azithromycin EP Impurity F CS-O-07322 Impurities
Azithromycin EP Impurity G CS-O-07323 Impurities
Azithromycin EP Impurity H CS-O-07324 Impurities
Azithromycin EP impurity I CS-O-11361 Impurities
Azithromycin EP Impurity J CS-O-07325 Impurities
Azithromycin EP Impurity L CS-O-07326 Impurities
Azithromycin EP Impurity M CS-O-07327 Impurities
Azithromycin EP Impurity N CS-O-07328 Impurities
Azithromycin EP Impurity O CS-P-07142 Impurities
Azithromycin EP impurity P CS-T-48524 Impurities
Azithromycin for peak identifi... CS-EG-00145 EP Standards
Azithromycin for peak identifi... CS-ER-02431 Secondary Standards
Azithromycin For System Suitab... CS-EG-00146 EP Standards
Azithromycin for system suitab... CS-ER-02432 Secondary Standards
Azithromycin Identity (F0G111) CS-EB-00222 USP Standards
Azithromycin Identity(Secondar... CS-ER-00214 Secondary Standards
Azithromycin Impurity A CS-EG-00144 EP Standards
Azithromycin monohydrate CS-O-00855 API Standards
Azlocillin CS-O-00200 Intermediates
Azlocillin Sodium CS-AN-00008 API Standards
Azomycin CS-T-04713 Intermediates
Aztreonam CS-O-00470 API Standards
Bacampicillin Hydrochloride CS-T-48542 API Standards
Bacitracin CS-O-00988 API Standards
Bacitracin Zinc (R048C0) CS-EB-00233 USP Standards
Bacitracin-Zinc CS-O-00943 Fine Chemicals
Bafilomycin B1 CS-CM-00027 Metabolites
Bafilomycin C1 CS-CM-00028 Metabolites
Bafilomycin D CS-CM-00029 Metabolites
Benzathine benzylpenicillin(Se... CS-ER-02454 Secondary Standards
Benzathine penicillin G CS-O-02093 API Standards
Benzothiazol-2-yl (Z)-2-methox... CS-O-10782 Impurities
Benzyl penicillin CS-O-30536 API Standards
Benzyl penicillin benzathine I... CS-O-30431 Impurities
Benzylpenicillin CS-O-01042 Impurities
Benzylpenicillin potassium (B0... CS-EG-00172 EP Standards
Benzylpenicillin potassium(Sec... CS-ER-02458 Secondary Standards
Benzylpenicillin sodium (B0900... CS-EG-00173 USP Standards
Benzylpenicilline D7 N-ethylpi... CS-W-00176 Stable Isotopes
Berninamycin A CS-CM-00031 Metabolites
Berninamycin D CS-CM-00032 Metabolites
Besifloxacin CS-L-00080 API Standards
Besifloxacin Hydrochloride CS-T-06366 API Standards
Besifloxacin Impurity A CS-P-00707 Impurities
Besifloxacin Impurity C CS-P-00708 Impurities
Besifloxacin Impurity E CS-P-00709 Impurities
Besifloxacin Impurity F CS-P-00710 Impurities
Besifloxacin Impurity G CS-P-00711 Impurities
Bicozamycin CS-AD-00788 API Standards
Bicyclomycin benzoate CS-CM-00033 Metabolites
Bile salts CS-O-14444 Fine Chemicals
Biotinamidocaproate Tobramycin... CS-T-49118 Impurities
Biotinyl Tobramycin Amide CS-T-49154 Impurities
Bizelesin CS-T-49454 Intermediates
Blasticidin S CS-CM-00036 Metabolites
BOC-(S)-3-Amino-4-(2,4,5-Trifl... CS-O-13182 Intermediates
Borrelidin CS-CM-00038 Metabolites
Brefeldin A CS-T-49585 Intermediates
Calicheamicin γ1 CS-P-00799 API Standards
Capreomycin CS-P-00811 API Standards
Capreomycin sulfate CS-O-01240 API Standards
Carbamoyl Kanamycin B CS-ED-00222 Impurities
Carbenicillin Disodium CS-T-10250 API Standards
Carbenicillin Indanyl Sodium(S... CS-ER-00399 Secondary Standards
Carbenicillin Monosodium Monoh... CS-O-16146 API Standards
Carbenicillin sodium(Secondary... CS-ER-02546 Secondary Standards
Carbomycin CS-T-50289 API Standards
Carumonam CS-O-14927 API Standards
Cefacetrile CS-T-10704 API Standards
Cefacetrile Sodium CS-T-93529 API Standards
Cefaclor CS-O-06266 API Standards
Cefaclor D5 CS-O-06470 Stable Isotopes
Cefaclor EP Iimpurity E CS-P-03616 Impurities
Cefaclor EP Impurity C CS-I-00011 Impurities
Cefaclor EP Impurity F CS-O-07206 Impurities
Cefaclor EP Impurity G CS-O-16836 Impurities
Cefaclor EP Impurity H CS-O-16837 Impurities
Cefaclor EP Impurity-B CS-T-47676 Impurities
Cefaclor monohydrate CS-O-00542 API Standards
Cefadroxil CS-O-06205 API Standards
Cefadroxil Dimer CS-T-93271 Impurities
Cefadroxil EP Impurity C (Mixt... CS-O-13361 Impurities
Cefadroxil EP Impurity D CS-O-13362 Impurities
Cefadroxil EP Impurity F CS-O-13364 Impurities
Cefadroxil EP Impurity H CS-T-01351 Impurities
Cefadroxil ethyl homolog CS-O-33249 Impurities
Cefadroxil Impurity 1 (Methyl ... CS-P-07405 Impurities
Cefadroxil impurity A CS-O-03630 Impurities
Cefadroxil Monohydrate CS-O-03997 API Standards
Cefadroxil Related Compound I CS-P-07403 Impurities
Cefadroxil Sulfoxide CS-P-07404 Metabolites
Cefadroxil(784 New) CS-ET-00027 BP Standards
Cefalexin Impurity CS-P-00825 Impurities
Cefalonium Hydrate CS-T-10710 Intermediates
Cefalonium Impurity B (Cefalot... CS-P-07475 Impurities
Cefalotin for impurity B ident... CS-ER-02564 Secondary Standards
Cefalotin sodium(Secondary Sta... CS-ER-02563 Secondary Standards
Cefamandole EP Impurity D CS-T-58660 Impurities
Cefamandole EP Impurity E CS-P-00829 Impurities
Cefamandole Impurity 1 CS-P-00830 Impurities
Cefamandole Impurity 2 CS-P-00831 Impurities
Cefamandole Impurity 3 CS-P-00832 Impurities
Cefamandole Impurity A CS-P-00826 Impurities
Cefamandole Impurity C Sodium ... CS-P-00827 Impurities
Cefamandole Nafate CS-I-00027 Impurities
Cefapirin sodium(Secondary Sta... CS-ER-02565 Secondary Standards
Cefathiamidine CS-T-50417 API Standards
Cefathiamidine Lactone Hydroch... CS-P-07383 Impurities
Cefatrizine CS-T-10716 API Standards
Cefatrizine 1,2-propanediol CS-T-71145 Impurities
Cefazedone CS-T-50418 API Standards
Cefazedone Related Impurity 1 CS-P-00833 Impurities
Cefazedone Related Impurity 10 CS-P-00842 Impurities
Cefazedone Related Impurity 2 CS-P-00834 Impurities
Cefazedone Related Impurity 3 CS-P-00835 Impurities
Cefazedone Related Impurity 4 CS-P-00836 Impurities
Cefazedone Related Impurity 5 CS-P-00837 Impurities
Cefazedone Related Impurity 6 CS-P-00838 Impurities
Cefazedone Related Impurity 7 CS-P-00839 Impurities
Cefazedone Related Impurity 8 CS-P-00840 Impurities
Cefazedone Related Impurity 9 CS-P-00841 Impurities
Cefazolin (C0682800) CS-EG-00282 EP Standards
Cefazolin Acid CS-O-01111 API Standards
Cefazolin EP Impurity A CS-T-03085 Impurities
Cefazolin EP Impurity B CS-O-13456 Impurities
Cefazolin EP Impurity C CS-O-13457 Impurities
Cefazolin EP Impurity D sodium... CS-O-13458 Impurities
Cefazolin EP Impurity E CS-T-35187 Impurities
Cefazolin EP Impurity F CS-O-13459 Impurities
Cefazolin EP Impurity G CS-O-13460 Impurities
Cefazolin EP Impurity H CS-O-13461 Impurities
Cefazolin EP Impurity I CS-O-13462 Impurities
Cefazolin EP Impurity J CS-O-13463 Impurities
Cefazolin EP Impurity K CS-O-13464 Impurities
Cefazolin EP Impurity L CS-O-13465 Impurities
Cefazolin sodium CS-O-04000 API Standards
Cefazolin(Secondary Standards ... CS-ER-02568 Secondary Standards
Cefazolin(Secondary Standards ... CS-ER-00427 Secondary Standards
Cefbuperazone CS-P-00843 API Standards
Cefbuperazone Impurity 1 CS-P-00844 Impurities
Cefbuperazone Impurity 2 CS-P-00845 Impurities
Cefcapene Pivoxil Hydrochlorid... CS-O-01063 API Standards
Cefdinir CS-O-06263 API Standards
Cefdinir (1097614) CS-EB-02807 USP Standards
Cefdinir 15N2,13C CS-O-10154 Stable Isotopes
Cefdinir Decarboxy Open Ring L... CS-O-10171 Impurities
Cefdinir Glyoxalic Analog CS-O-10165 Chiral
Cefdinir Impurity 1 CS-P-07374 Impurities
Cefdinir Impurity A CS-P-07376 Impurities
Cefdinir Isoxazole Analogue CS-T-56105 Impurities
Cefdinir Lactone CS-T-50421 Impurities
Cefdinir Related Compound A (1... CS-EB-02809 USP Standards
Cefdinir Related Compound A (M... CS-O-15723 Impurities
Cefdinir Related Compund A CS-T-94463 Impurities
Cefdinir Thiazine Analog CS-P-07375 Impurities
Cefditoren CS-P-07560 API Standards
Cefditoren 13C D3 CS-O-02870 Stable Isotopes
Cefditoren D3 CS-O-14397 Stable Isotopes
Cefditoren D3 Sodium CS-O-03130 Stable Isotopes
Cefditoren pivoxil CS-O-06209 API Standards
Cefditoren pivoxil CS-O-30875 API Standards
Cefditoren Sodium CS-O-06286 API Standards
Cefepime CS-O-15808 API Standards
Cefepime D8 Sulfate CS-O-03391 Stable Isotopes
Cefepime dihydrochloride CS-DK-00054 API Standards
Cefepime dihydrochloride monoh... CS-EG-00283 EP Standards
Cefepime dihydrochloride monoh... CS-EG-00285 EP Standards
Cefepime dihydrochloride monoh... CS-ER-02571 Secondary Standards
Cefepime dihydrochloride monoh... CS-ER-02569 Secondary Standards
Cefepime EP Impurity C CS-O-14132 Impurities
Cefepime Hydrochloride CS-O-01065 API Standards
Cefepime Hydrochloride EP Impu... CS-T-48289 Impurities
Cefepime Hydrochloride EP Impu... CS-O-14131 Impurities
Cefepime Hydrochloride EP Impu... CS-T-02876 Impurities
Cefepime Hydrochloride EP Impu... CS-T-59786 Impurities
Cefepime Hydrochloride EP Impu... CS-O-14133 Impurities
Cefepime Related Compound E CS-T-47673 Impurities
Cefetamet CS-T-69546 API Standards
Cefetamet Pivoxil CS-T-50425 API Standards
Cefetamet Pivoxil Hydrochlorid... CS-O-14591 API Standards
Cefixime CS-O-07573 API Standards
Cefixime 13C 15N2 CS-O-02881 Stable Isotopes
Cefixime Acid, Thiazine Isomer... CS-O-15248 Impurities
Cefixime EP Impurity A (Mixtur... CS-O-15245 Impurities
Cefixime EP Impurity B CS-O-15246 Impurities
Cefixime EP Impurity C CS-T-10761 Impurities
Cefixime EP Impurity D CS-T-10762 Impurities
Cefixime Impurity 1 CS-P-07592 Impurities
Cefixime Impurity F Sodium sal... CS-O-15247 Impurities
Cefixime Methyl Ester CS-T-10763 Impurities
Cefixime Sulfone Impurity CS-P-03666 Metabolites
Cefixime Sulfoxide CS-P-08167 Impurities
Cefixime tert-Butyl Ester CS-EO-00121 Impurities
Cefixime trihydrate CS-O-06214 API Standards
Cefmenoxime CS-T-71419 API Standards
Cefmenoxime Hydrochloride CS-T-50427 API Standards
Cefmetazole CS-T-70244 API Standards
Cefmetazole Sodium CS-I-00032 Impurities
cefminox sodium CS-O-01068 API Standards
Cefminox Sodium Impurity 1 CS-P-00848 Impurities
Cefminox Sodium Impurity 2 CS-P-00849 Impurities
Cefminox Sodium Impurity 3 CS-P-00850 Impurities
Cefminox Sodium Impurity 4 CS-P-00851 Impurities
Cefminox Sodium Impurity 5 CS-P-00852 Impurities
Cefminox Sodium Impurity 6 HCL CS-P-00853 Impurities
Cefodizime CS-T-50429 API Standards
Cefodizime Sodium CS-T-70656 API Standards
Cefonicid CS-P-00854 API Standards
Cefonicid Disodium Salt CS-T-50268 API Standards
Cefonicid Impurity 1 CS-P-00855 Impurities
Cefonicid Sodium CS-AD-00825 Intermediates
Cefoperazone CS-O-05595 API Standards
Cefoperazone dihydrate CS-BX-00474 Intermediates
Cefoperazone EP Impurity A CS-O-03483 Impurities
Cefoperazone EP Impurity F CS-EO-00120 Impurities
Cefoperazone Impurity B CS-P-07571 Impurities
Cefoperazone sodium CS-O-01069 API Standards
Ceforanide CS-T-10773 Intermediates
Cefoselis Sulfate CS-AD-00694 API Standards
Cefotaxime CS-O-06208 API Standards
Cefotaxime EP Impurity D Sodiu... CS-P-07367 Impurities