Reference standards play a crucial role in ensuring the quality, safety, and efficacy of anticonvulsants or anti-epileptic drugs. These standards, established by regulatory authorities such as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) or the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.), serve as a benchmark against which the identity, strength, purity, and quality of these medications are measured. They provide a reference point for manufacturers, allowing them to compare their products to a known standard to ensure consistency and accuracy. Reference standards also enable healthcare professionals and researchers to validate analytical methods, perform quality control testing, and assess the bioequivalence of different formulations. Ultimately, the use of reference standards in anticonvulsants helps to ensure that patients receive safe and effective medications to manage their epilepsy and improve their quality of life.

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Acetazolamide Disulphide Impur... CS-T-64065 Impurities
Agmatine D8 Dihydrochloride CS-O-12013 Stable Isotopes
Agmatine D8 Sulfate CS-T-47480 Stable Isotopes
Agmatine Sulfate CS-T-01457 Impurities
Beclamide CS-T-48556 API Standards
Brivaracetam CS-T-49592 API Standards
Brivaracetam (alfaR, 4R)-Isome... CS-P-00772 Chiral
Brivaracetam (alfaR, 4S)-Isome... CS-P-00773 Chiral
Brivaracetam (Racemate) CS-P-00774 Chiral
Brivaracetam Carboxylic acid CS-O-33755 Metabolites

Carbamazepine EP Impurity A CS-O-07531 Impurities
Carbamazepine impurity A CS-EG-00258 EP Standards
Dehydro Eslicarbazepine Acetat... CS-O-16388 Impurities
Dibenzazepinodione CS-T-17170 Impurities
Divalproex sodium CS-O-00274 API Standards
Eslicarbazepine CS-O-30581 Metabolites
Eslicarbazepine acetate CS-T-21983 API Standards
Eslicarbazepine D4 CS-O-14381 Stable Isotopes
Eslicarbazepine D8 acetate (ra... CS-CX-00624 Stable Isotopes
Eslicarbazepine Double bond Im... CS-O-05499 Impurities
Ethosuximide-d5 CS-P-07889 Stable Isotopes
Ethotoin CS-T-54299 API Standards
Felbamate CS-O-30925 API Standards
Felbamate D4 CS-O-03068 Stable Isotopes
Felbamate Dimer CS-O-10064 Impurities
Felbamate Ethyl Impurity CS-P-08007 Impurities
Felbamate Methyl Impurity CS-P-08006 Impurities
Fosphenytoin Sodium CS-T-24814 Intermediates
Iminostilbene CS-O-07534 API Standards
Iminostilbene N-Carbonyl Chlor... CS-O-07536 Impurities
Isopropyl DL-Mandelate CS-O-14987 Impurities
L-2-Aminobutanamide hydrochlor... CS-O-31678 Fine Chemicals
Licarbazepine D4 CS-O-14126 Stable Isotopes
Methyl-pregabalin CS-CX-00544 Metabolites
Methylpregabalin-13C-D3 CS-CX-00543 Stable Isotopes
N-(5-Chloro-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2... CS-O-13136 Stable Isotopes
N,N’-[6-(2,3-Dichlorophenyl)-1... CS-T-88404 Impurities
N-1,3,4-Thiadiazol-2-ylacetami... CS-O-13134 Stable Isotopes
N-Acetyl CBZ CS-O-16685 Impurities
N-Acetyl Iminostilbene CS-P-01045 Impurities
N-Acetyl Retigabine CS-T-01147 Impurities
N-Acetyl SLB CS-O-16684 Impurities
N-Acetyl SLB-1 CS-O-16683 Impurities
N-Acetyl Zonisamide CS-T-01238 Impurities
N-Aminocarbonyl Felbamate CS-O-10065 Impurities
N-Methyl zonisamide CS-O-05940 Metabolites
Normesuximide-d5 CS-T-59741 Stable Isotopes
Oxcarbazepine D7 CS-Y-00154 Stable Isotopes
para-Hydroxy Felbamate CS-P-08005 Metabolites
PD 312237 CS-T-60182 Impurities
Perampanel CS-T-39051 API Standards
Perampanel 13C6 CS-O-13295 Stable Isotopes
Perampanel-d5 CS-T-84867 Stable Isotopes
Phenytoin CS-O-02145 API Standards
Phenytoin D10 CS-O-02749 Stable Isotopes
Phenytoin Impurity A CS-O-31144 Impurities
Phenytoin Related Compound A CS-T-53819 Impurities
Phenytoin Sodium CS-O-02068 API Standards
Phenytoin Sodium EP Impurity B CS-O-31145 Impurities
Pregabalin CS-O-08019 API Standards
Pregabalin (Y0001805) CS-EG-02363 EP Standards
Pregabalin Carbamoyl Impurity CS-T-10225 Impurities
Pregabalin conjugate PD0224377 CS-O-03620 Impurities
Pregabalin conjugate PD0310806 CS-O-20055 Impurities
Pregabalin Conjugate PD0310886... CS-O-20054 Impurities
Pregabalin conjugate PD0312237... CS-O-20053 Impurities
Pregabalin Cyano Impurity CS-T-51389 Impurities
Pregabalin D4 CS-O-06883 Stable Isotopes
Pregabalin Diacid Impurity CS-T-29665 Impurities
Pregabalin EP Impurity D CS-T-93316 Impurities
Pregabalin Impurity 1 CS-O-14714 Impurities
Pregabalin Impurity 2 CS-O-14715 Impurities
Pregabalin Impurity 3 CS-O-14716 Impurities
Pregabalin Impurity 4 CS-O-14717 Impurities
Pregabalin Impurity 5 CS-O-14718 Impurities
Pregabalin Impurity 6 CS-O-14719 Impurities
Pregabalin Impurity 7 CS-O-14720 Impurities
Pregabalin Impurity 8 CS-O-14721 Impurities
Pregabalin Impurity 9 CS-T-52703 Impurities
Pregabalin Impurity B CS-O-13756 Impurities
Pregabalin Lactam CS-M-45900 Impurities
Pregabalin lactose conjugate m... CS-O-31180 Impurities
Primidone CS-O-11719 API Standards
Primidone D5 CS-O-02718 Stable Isotopes
Primidone Related Compound C CS-K-00109 Impurities
Progabide CS-T-40528 API Standards
Pyridoxine D3 Hydrochloride CS-O-10115 Stable Isotopes
Pyridoxine D5 CS-T-60957 Stable Isotopes
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride CS-O-31003 API Standards
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride D5 CS-O-03313 Stable Isotopes
Pyridoxine Impurity 1 CS-O-15883 Impurities
Pyridoxine Impurity 2 CS-O-15884 Impurities
Pyridoxine Impurity 3 CS-O-15885 Impurities
Pyridoxine Impurity 4 CS-O-15886 Impurities
Pyridoxine Impurity 5 CS-O-15887 Impurities
Pyridoxine Impurity 6 CS-O-15888 Impurities
Pyridoxine Impurity 7 CS-O-15889 Impurities
Pyridoxine Impurity 8 CS-O-15890 Impurities
Pyridoxine Impurity A CS-BX-00524 Impurities
Pyridoxine Impurity A Hydrochl... CS-O-31148 Impurities
Pyridoxine Phosphate CS-O-06071 Metabolites
Pyridoxine-D2 Hydrochloride CS-O-10255 Stable Isotopes
R-(-)-N-Desmethyl Mephenytoin CS-T-52247 Impurities
rac 2-Isopropyl Pentanoic Acid CS-T-30021 Impurities
Rac 4,5-Dehydro Pregabalin CS-T-14978 Impurities
rac 5,6-Dehydro Pregabalin CS-T-14980 Impurities
rac Mephenytoin D3 CS-T-57497 Stable Isotopes
rac Mephenytoin D5 CS-T-57498 Stable Isotopes
Rac N- Desmethyl Mephenytoin- ... CS-T-52246 Stable Isotopes
rac-Pregabalin CS-O-02083 Chiral
rac-Pregabalin 13C3 CS-T-57141 Stable Isotopes
rac-Pregabalin N-Acrylamide CS-T-84110 Impurities
rac-Vigabatrin Hydrochloride CS-T-46393 API Standards
rac-Vigabatrin-13CD2 CS-O-11461 Stable Isotopes
Retigabine CS-O-02282 API Standards
Retigabine D4 Dihydrochloride CS-O-30485 Stable Isotopes
Retigabine D6 Dihydrochloride CS-O-30488 Stable Isotopes
Retigabine Dihydrochloride CS-T-41644 API Standards
R-Stiripentol-d9 CS-O-11068 Stable Isotopes
Rufinamide CS-O-02240 API Standards
Rufinamide 15N D2 CS-O-02951 Stable Isotopes
Rufinamide D2 metabolite CS-CX-00585 Stable Isotopes
Rufinamide Impurity 1 CS-T-15936 Impurities
Rufinamide Impurity 2 CS-O-13544 Impurities
Rufinamide Impurity 3 CS-O-13545 Impurities
Rufinamide Impurity 4 CS-O-13546 Impurities
Rufinamide Metabolite CGP 4729... CS-O-13632 Metabolites
S-Stiripentol-d9 CS-O-11069 Stable Isotopes
Stiripentol CS-O-11747 API Standards
Stiripentol D9 CS-O-10149 Stable Isotopes
Stiripentol Glucuronide CS-T-85013 Glucuronides
Sulfamate CS-O-33623 API Standards
Valeric Acid Sodium Salt CS-T-46224 Impurities
Vigabatrin CS-O-11267 API Standards
Vigabatrin EP Impurity C CS-O-15895 Impurities
Vigabatrin EP Impurity F CS-O-15896 Impurities
Vigabatrin Impurity 1 CS-EO-00077 Impurities
Zonisamide CS-O-11773 API Standards
Zonisamide 13C2 15N CS-T-62853 Stable Isotopes
Zonisamide D4 CS-O-02921 Stable Isotopes
Zonisamide N,N-Dimethylformimi... CS-T-62700 Impurities
"(2,6-difluorophenyl)methyl]tr... CS-CX-00586 Stable Isotopes
"(S)-α-Ethyl-2-oxo-1-Pyrr... CS-O-10663 Impurities
"1,2-Benzisoxazole-3-Acetic Ac... CS-O-30840 Intermediates
"10-bromo-10,11-dihydro-5H-dib... CS-O-16798 Impurities
"2,3-Dichloro Benzoyl Chloride... CS-O-31464 Intermediates
"2,4-Dicyano-3-isobutyl-glutar... CS-T-90440 Impurities
"2-Acetamido-5-mercapto-1,3,4-... CS-O-13135 Stable Isotopes
"2-Amino-1,3-Diazepane-4-carbo... CS-P-00937 Impurities
"5-(Acetylimino)-4,5-dihydro-4... CS-O-15627 Stable Isotopes
"5-(Acetylimino)-4,5-dihydro-4... CS-T-47295 Intermediates
"Bis(5-acetylamino-4-methyl-1,... CS-O-15628 Impurities
"Bis(5-acetylamino-4-methyl-1,... CS-O-15629 Stable Isotopes
(+/-)-2-Propyl-4-pentenoic Aci... CS-T-60851 Impurities
(+/-)-4-Hydroxy Mephenytoin CS-T-56127 Impurities
(+/-)-4-Hydroxy Mephenytoin-d3 CS-T-56128 Stable Isotopes
(3S)-3-(2-Amino-2-oxoethyl)-5-... CS-ED-00352 Impurities
(3β)-Allopregnanolone Sulfate ... CS-T-47531 Intermediates
(R)-1-((2R,4R,5S,6R)-4-hydroxy... CS-O-33626 Intermediates
(R)-1-Methylmephenytoin CS-T-34275 Intermediates
(R)-4,5-Dehydro Pregabalin CS-O-14986 Impurities
(R)-4-isobutyl-1-(((2R,3S,4R,5... CS-O-33630 Intermediates
(R)-4-isobutyl-1-(((2R,3S,4R,5... CS-O-33629 Intermediates
(R)-4-isobutyl-1-(((2R,3S,4S,5... CS-O-33631 Intermediates
(R)-5,6-Dehydro Pregabalin CS-O-14985 Impurities
(R)-Mephenytoin CS-T-31813 API Standards
(R)-Pregabalin CS-O-05753 Chiral
(R)-Stiripentol CS-O-31033 Chiral
(R)-Vigabatrin CS-T-46390 Impurities
(S)-4-Hydroxy Mephenytoin CS-T-27668 Impurities
(S)-Mephenytoin CS-T-31814 API Standards
(S)-N-tert-Butoxycarbonyl Preg... CS-T-09279 Intermediates
(S)-Pregabalin Methyl Ester CS-T-40437 Impurities
(S)-Stiripentol CS-O-31034 Chiral
(S)-Vigabatrin CS-T-62698 API Standards
1,2-Benzisoxazole-3-methanesul... CS-O-30841 Intermediates
10,11-Dihydro-10-hydroxy carba... CS-Y-00153 Stable Isotopes
2,2-Di-n-propylacetamide CS-T-46274 Intermediates
2,2-Diphenylhydantoic Acid CS-T-53820 Intermediates
2,2-Dipropylvaleramide CS-T-21044 Impurities
2,2-Dipropylvaleronitrile CS-T-21046 Impurities
2,3:4,5-bis-O-(1-methylethylid... CS-DU-00074 Impurities
2,3-Dichloro benzolyl nitrile CS-O-31465 Intermediates
2,6-Didesfluoro Rufinamide CS-T-90731 Impurities
2-Amino-5-[(4-fluorobenzyl)ami... CS-T-23914 Intermediates
2-Amino-5-chlorobenzophenone CS-T-02215 Intermediates
2-Amino-5-chlorobenzophenone D... CS-T-47688 Stable Isotopes
2-Amino-N-[2-(2-chlorobenzoyl)... CS-T-02267 Impurities
2-Carboxy Ethyl 3 Cyano-5 Meth... CS-O-14923 Intermediates
2-Ethyl-2-phenylmalonamide CS-T-23088 Intermediates
2-Propylhexanoic Acid CS-T-40802 Fine Chemicals
3-carbamoyl-5-methylhexanoic a... CS-O-15100 Impurities
3-Carbamoymethyl-5-methylhexan... CS-O-32267 Intermediates
3-Hydroxy Phenytoin CS-T-28236 Metabolites
3-Isobutylglutaric Anhydride CS-T-29676 Impurities
4,9-Diisobutyl-1,6-diazecane-2... CS-T-91780 Intermediates
4-Deoxy Pyridoxine Hydrochlori... CS-T-15504 Impurities
4-Pyridoxic Acid D2 CS-O-15881 Stable Isotopes
4-Pyridoxic Acid D3 CS-O-15882 Stable Isotopes
5-Acetyl-5,11-dihydro-10H-dibe... CS-T-47292 Impurities
5-Ethenyl-2-pyrrolidinone CS-T-22242 Fine Chemicals
6-(2-bromo-3-chlorophenyl)-1,2... CS-O-33640 Impurities
6-(3-bromo-2-chlorophenyl)-1,2... CS-O-33639 Impurities
6-Desfluoro Rufinamide CS-T-16093 Impurities
9-Methylacridine CS-O-07532 Metabolites