Reference standards play a crucial role in ensuring the quality, potency, and effectiveness of antihistamine medications. These standards, established by regulatory bodies such as pharmacopoeias, provide a benchmark against which the identity, purity, and strength of antihistamine drug substances and products can be assessed. By using reference standards, manufacturers can accurately determine the active ingredient content, impurities, and degradation products in their antihistamine formulations. This helps to ensure consistent product quality and safety for patients, as well as facilitate regulatory compliance. Additionally, reference standards enable comparison and interchangeability of antihistamine products across different manufacturers, ensuring that patients receive reliable and effective treatment options for allergies and related conditions.

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Acrivastine CS-O-00802 API Standards
Acrivastine D7 CS-CX-00054 Stable Isotopes
Alcaftadine 3-Carboxylic Acid CS-T-01543 Metabolites
Alcaftadine Impurity 4 CS-P-08084 Impurities
Alcaftadine Impurity 5 CS-P-08085 Impurities
alpha-Hydroxy Olopatadine (Z-i... CS-T-56276 Impurities
Alpha-Hydroxy olopatadine hydr... CS-T-56275 Impurities
Astemizole CS-O-11602 API Standards
Azelastine 13C,d3 CS-T-48465 Stable Isotopes
Azelastine D4 CS-O-14396 Stable Isotopes

Azelastine D4 Hydrochloride CS-O-03081 Stable Isotopes
Azelastine EP Impurity A CS-M-43257 Impurities
Azelastine EP Impurity B CS-O-13790 Impurities
Azelastine EP Impurity C CS-T-12256 Impurities
Azelastine EP Impurity D CS-T-12336 Impurities
Azelastine EP Impurity E CS-O-15175 Impurities
Azelastine Hydrochloride CS-O-10236 API Standards
Azelastine Related Compound F CS-T-48466 Intermediates
Azithromycin Impurity R CS-T-54172 Impurities
Benzhydryl bromide CS-O-11372 Intermediates
Bilastine CS-O-06184 API Standards
Bilastine Boc Impurity CS-O-14023 Impurities
Bilastine Chloro Impurity CS-O-14021 Impurities
Bilastine D6 CS-O-15080 Stable Isotopes
Bilastine Impurity 1 CS-P-00732 Impurities
Bilastine Keto Impurity CS-O-14026 Impurities
Bilastine N-oxide Impurity CS-O-14025 Impurities
Bilastine Propanamide Impurity CS-O-14022 Impurities
Brompheniramine CS-O-06170 API Standards
Brompheniramine maleate CS-O-01002 API Standards
Buclizine CS-P-00366 API Standards
Buclizine D8 Dihydrochloride CS-O-06448 Stable Isotopes
Buclizine Dihydrochloride CS-O-03935 API Standards
Carbinoxamine Impurity B CS-P-07555 Impurities
Cetirizine 3-Chloro Impurity CS-O-07594 Impurities
Cetirizine Amide CS-T-10979 Impurities
Cetirizine Amide Dihydrochlori... CS-T-10980 Impurities
Cetirizine D4 CS-O-01307 Stable Isotopes
Cetirizine D8 CS-O-03058 Stable Isotopes
Cetirizine EP impurity A CS-O-31588 Impurities
Cetirizine EP impurity B CS-T-14604 Impurities
Cetirizine EP Impurity B Ethyl... CS-O-07600 Impurities
Cetirizine EP Impurity C CS-O-07601 Impurities
Cetirizine EP Impurity D Dihyd... CS-O-07602 Impurities
Cetirizine EP Impurity E CS-CB-00053 Impurities
Cetirizine EP Impurity E Di Hy... CS-O-07603 Impurities
Cetirizine EP Impurity F CS-O-07604 Impurities
Cetirizine Ethyl Ester CS-T-10981 Intermediates
Cetirizine for peak identifica... CS-EG-00307 EP Standards
Cetirizine Glycerol Ester CS-T-10966 Impurities
Cetirizine Glycerol Ester Impu... CS-P-07459 Impurities
Cetirizine hydrochloride CS-O-01088 API Standards
Cetirizine impurity A (C098065... CS-EG-00306 EP Standards
Cetirizine impurity B di Hydro... CS-O-15936 Impurities
Cetirizine Impurity BHA CS-DN-00043 Impurities
Cetirizine Impurity BHT CS-DN-00001 Impurities
Cetirizine Impurity C Dihydroc... CS-O-16047 Impurities
Cetirizine Impurity D CS-DH-00032 Impurities
Cetirizine Impurity E Sodium S... CS-P-07456 Impurities
Cetirizine Impurity G CS-O-30391 Impurities
Cetirizine Impurity G CS-O-07605 Impurities
Cetirizine Lactose Ester CS-P-03772 Impurities
Cetirizine Methyl Ester CS-O-06030 Metabolites
Cetirizine N-Oxide CS-O-05852 Metabolites
Cetirizine Polyethylene Glycol... CS-T-50496 Impurities
Cetirizine S-Isomer di HCl CS-O-07609 Impurities
Cetirizine Sorbitol Ester Impu... CS-P-07464 Impurities
Cetirizine USP Related Compoun... CS-O-07610 Impurities
Chlorpheniramine D4 CS-BV-00013 Stable Isotopes
Chlorpheniramine D6 CS-T-51081 Stable Isotopes
Chlorpheniramine D6 Maleate CS-O-06482 Stable Isotopes
Chlorpheniramine EP Impurity D CS-O-15275 Impurities
Chlorpheniramine maleate CS-O-01160 API Standards
Chlorpheniramine Nitrile CS-T-72321 Impurities
Chlorpheniramine N-Oxide CS-P-07525 Metabolites
cyproheptadine CS-O-30548 API Standards
Cyproheptadine hydrochloride CS-O-15509 API Standards
Cyproheptadine Impurity 1 CS-P-00916 Impurities
Cyproheptadine Impurity 2 CS-P-01258 Impurities
Cyproheptadine Related Compoun... CS-K-00033 Impurities
Decloxizine DiHydrochloride CS-T-14667 API Standards
Dehydro Desloratadine CS-T-50913 Impurities
Dehydroxydehydro Terfenadine CS-T-73329 Impurities
Desalkyl Ebastine CS-T-15724 Intermediates
Deschloro Cetirizine Dihydroch... CS-T-73775 Impurities
Deschloro Loratadine CS-T-88876 Impurities
Desloratadine CS-O-00556 API Standards
Desloratadine (2,2,6,6,10)-D5 CS-O-16050 Stable Isotopes
Desloratadine 8-Bromo-11-Hydro... CS-O-07775 Impurities
Desloratadine 8-Bromo-11-Oxo I... CS-O-07776 Impurities
Desloratadine D4 CS-O-10056 Stable Isotopes
Desloratadine D5 CS-O-02713 Stable Isotopes
Desloratadine Dehydro 11-Oxo I... CS-EO-00141 Impurities
Desloratadine EP Impurity A CS-O-07778 Impurities
Desloratadine EP Impurity B CS-O-07779 Impurities
Desloratadine for system suita... CS-EG-00438 EP Standards
Desloratadine N-Acetyl Impurit... CS-O-07781 Impurities
Desloratadine N-Carboxylic Aci... CS-T-52179 Impurities
Desloratadine N-Formyl Impurit... CS-O-07782 Impurities
Desloratadine N-Hydroxy Impuri... CS-O-07783 Impurities
Desloratadine N-Oxide CS-T-52177 Impurities
Desmethoxy loratadine CS-O-05868 Metabolites
Desmethyl Chlorpheniramine Mal... CS-T-52212 Metabolites
Dexbrompheniramine maleate CS-O-01355 Fine Chemicals
Dexchlorpheniramine maleate CS-O-01285 API Standards
Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate EP... CS-P-06936 Impurities
Dextro Cetirizine Hydrochlorid... CS-O-05743 Chiral
Dibenz[b,e]oxepin-2-aceticacid... CS-O-31385 Impurities
Didesmethyl Chlorpheniramine CS-O-33808 Metabolites
Didesmethyl Chlorpheniramine M... CS-T-52742 Impurities
Diphenhydramine Citrate CS-T-20855 Intermediates
Diphenhydramine D5 Hydrochlori... CS-O-06550 Stable Isotopes
Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride CS-O-10860 API Standards
Diphenhydramine Impurity A CS-M-53270 Impurities
Diphenhydramine Impurity B CS-CY-00018 Impurities
Diphenhydramine impurity C CS-O-30389 Impurities
Diphenhydramine Impurity K CS-O-30428 Impurities
Diphenhydramine N-Oxide CS-O-11820 Metabolites
Diphenhydramine-N-oxide hydroc... CS-DH-00007 Metabolites
Diphenylpyraline Hydrochloride CS-O-04187 Intermediates
Ebastine CS-O-10904 API Standards
Ebastine D6 CS-O-11106 Stable Isotopes
Ebastine EP Impurity A CS-T-48645 Impurities
Ebastine EP Impurity D CS-T-09280 Impurities
Ebastine EP Impurity F CS-T-54007 Impurities
Ebastine EP Impurity G CS-P-01316 Impurities
Ebastine Impurity E fumaric ac... CS-P-01314 Impurities
Ebastine-d5 CS-O-10173 Stable Isotopes
Ebastine-D5 Fumarate CS-P-00967 Stable Isotopes
Emedastine Difumarate CS-P-00414 API Standards
Emedastine EP Impurity C CS-P-07867 Impurities
Epinastine CS-O-15503 API Standards
Epinastine EP Impurity A (Dehy... CS-P-07873 Impurities
Epinastine Hydrochloride CS-O-30902 API Standards
Epinastine Impurity 1 Hydrochl... CS-P-07870 Impurities
Epinastine Related Compound A CS-P-07872 Impurities
Erythrolosamine CS-T-54161 API Standards
Erythromycin CS-O-11641 API Standards
Erythromycin 13C D3 CS-O-06591 Stable Isotopes
Erythromycin A 6,9-Imino Ether CS-T-54171 Impurities
Erythromycin A Enol Ether CS-T-54164 Impurities
Erythromycin A(Y0001912) CS-EG-00576 EP Standards
Erythromycin B CS-T-21948 Intermediates
Erythromycin B (E1310000) CS-EG-00564 EP Standards
Erythromycin C CS-T-54165 Impurities
Erythromycin C (E1320000) CS-EG-00565 EP Standards
Erythromycin D3 CS-O-14220 Stable Isotopes
Erythromycin D6 CS-T-54162 Stable Isotopes
Erythromycin E CS-T-21952 API Standards
Erythromycin EP Impurity A CS-O-16844 Impurities
Erythromycin EP Impurity K CS-O-16518 Impurities
Erythromycin Estolate CS-T-54168 API Standards
Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate D... CS-O-13302 Stable Isotopes
Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate CS-O-00215 Impurities
Erythromycin for impurity M id... CS-EG-00580 EP Standards
Erythromycin for system suitab... CS-EG-00579 EP Standards
Erythromycin Glucoheptonate CS-T-54167 API Standards
Erythromycin Impurity D CS-O-10091 Impurities
Erythromycin Impurity E CS-P-07834 Impurities
Erythromycin Impurity L CS-P-08065 Impurities
Erythromycin Lactobionate CS-T-54175 API Standards
Erythromycin propionate CS-AH-00118 Impurities
Erythromycin stearate CS-O-01436 API Standards
Erythromycin thiocyanate CS-O-00232 API Standards
Erythromycin-N-Oxide CS-CM-00085 Impurities
Fexofenadine D6 CS-O-02714 Stable Isotopes
Fexofenadine EP Impurity A CS-O-03405 Impurities
Fexofenadine Hydrochloride CS-O-00610 API Standards
Fexofenadine Hydrochloride EP ... CS-O-10070 Impurities
Fexofenadine Hydrochloride EP ... CS-T-54705 Impurities
Fexofenadine Hydrochloride EP ... CS-O-14191 Impurities
Fexofenadine Hydrochloride EP ... CS-T-53856 Impurities
Fexofenadine hydrochloride USP... CS-EN-00073 Impurities
Fexofenadine-d10 Hydrochloride CS-T-54704 Stable Isotopes
Fexofenadine-D6 Methyl Ester CS-T-54706 Stable Isotopes
Hexamethylenediamine 13C2-15N2... CS-CX-00667 Stable Isotopes
Hydrobromide (3-(dimethylamino... CS-O-31383 Intermediates
Iso Desloratadine Hydrochlorid... CS-T-56802 Impurities
Isoxepac CS-O-31382 Fine Chemicals
Levocetirizine CS-O-05742 API Standards
Levocetirizine D4 CS-O-02878 Stable Isotopes
Levocetirizine D4 Dihydrochlor... CS-O-14652 Stable Isotopes
Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride CS-O-01775 API Standards
Levocetirizine Impurity 1 CS-P-05076 Impurities
Levocetirizine Impurity G CS-CK-00002 Impurities
Loratadine CS-O-01778 API Standards
Loratadine EP Impurity A CS-CB-00047 Impurities
Loratadine EP Impurity B CS-T-50635 Impurities
Loratadine EP Impurity F CS-O-14709 Impurities
Loratadine EP Impurity G CS-O-07784 Impurities
Loratadine N-Oxide CS-O-05927 Metabolites
Loratadine-d4 CS-O-31235 Stable Isotopes
Loratadine-d5 (ethyl-d5) CS-T-57296 Stable Isotopes
meta-Fexofenadine CS-T-54703 Impurities
methyl 2-(3-(4-chlorobutanoyl)... CS-O-15949 Impurities
methyl 2-(4-(4-hydroxybutanoyl... CS-O-15948 Impurities
Methyl 4-(Cyanomethyl)benzoate CS-T-33472 Impurities
Methyl 5-methylnicotinate CS-O-31616 Impurities
N,N-Didesmethylolopatadine CS-O-14362 Metabolites
N-Allylphenothiazine CS-T-01717 Impurities
N-Benzyl-2-[2-[(2-hydroxyethyl... CS-T-05676 Impurities
N-Benzyl-N-[2-(benzylamino)-2-... CS-T-48813 Impurities
N-Demethyl Erythromycin A CS-T-51847 Metabolites
N-Demethyl Erythromycin A D3 CS-O-33553 Stable Isotopes
N-Demethylerythromycin A (D035... CS-EG-00428 EP Standards
N-Demethyl-N-Propanoyl Erythro... CS-P-07835 Impurities
N-desmethyl Azelastine D4 CS-O-06428 Stable Isotopes
N-Desmethyl Olopatadine CS-T-16390 Metabolites
N-Ethoxycarbonyl Norastemizole CS-T-22310 Impurities
N-Methyl Iso Desloratadine CS-T-58300 Impurities
N-Methylpiperazine D8 CS-O-16257 Stable Isotope Reagent
N-Nitroso Desloratadine CS-T-59617 Impurities
N-Nitrosopiperazine D8 CS-T-59645 Stable Isotopes
N-Nitrosopiperidine D10 CS-T-59646 Stable Isotopes
Norastemizole Hydrobromide CS-T-37450 Impurities
Olopatadine CS-O-02025 API Standards
Olopatadine Carbaldehyde Hydro... CS-T-59936 Impurities
Olopatadine D6 CS-O-10112 Stable Isotopes
Olopatadine hydrochloride CS-O-31184 API Standards
Olopatadine Methanol CS-T-38024 Impurities
Olopatadine Methyl Ester CS-T-38023 Impurities
Olopatadine pamoate CS-O-02047 API Standards
Olopatadine USP Related Compou... CS-T-59939 Impurities
Olopatadine-d3 N-Oxide CS-T-59940 Stable Isotopes
Phenindamine Hydrochloride CS-T-39230 API Standards
Phenindamine Hydrogen Tartrate CS-B-00225 Metabolites
Phenindamine Nitrate CS-P-01968 Impurities
Pheniramine CS-O-11352 API Standards
Pheniramine maleate CS-O-11711 API Standards
Pheniramine N-Oxide Dihydrochl... CS-O-11138 Metabolites
Piperazine D8 CS-O-30499 Stable Isotope Reagent
Prothipendyl Hydrochloride CS-T-60871 Impurities
Prothipendyl-d6 Hydrochloride CS-T-85544 Stable Isotopes
Pseudo Erythromycin A Enol Eth... CS-T-60670 Impurities
Pseudoerythromycin A Hemiketal CS-T-85218 Impurities
Roxithromycin EP impurity G CS-T-54169 Impurities
Rupatadine D6 Tartrate CS-O-06947 Stable Isotopes
Rupatadine Fumarate CS-O-30752 API Standards
Rupatadine Impurity B CS-O-32665 Impurities
Rupatidine CS-O-00282 API Standards
seco Erythromycin CS-T-54163 Impurities
Terfenadine CS-O-30790 API Standards
Terfenadine alcohol metabolite CS-BX-00219 Metabolites
Terfenadine D6 CS-O-13202 Stable Isotopes
Terfenadine-d3 CS-T-86760 Stable Isotopes
tert-Amyl Ebastine CS-O-15217 Impurities
tert-Butyl Cetirizine CS-T-09309 Impurities
Triacetic Acid Impurity 1 (Eth... CS-P-07816 Impurities
Tripelennamine Hydrochloride CS-T-45791 API Standards
Triprolidine CS-O-30800 API Standards
Triprolidine D4 CS-P-00207 Stable Isotopes
Triprolidine D8 CS-P-00208 Stable Isotopes
Triprolidine D8 Hydrochloride CS-O-14687 Stable Isotopes
Triprolidine hydrochloride CS-O-11765 API Standards
Triprolidine Hydrochloride Mon... CS-O-32284 API Standards
"2-[2-(4-bromophenyl)propan-2-... CS-O-32084 Impurities
"Azelastine 13C,d3 N-Oxide" CS-T-48467 Stable Isotopes
"N-(4-Methoxybenzyl)-N'-methyl... CS-T-32251 Impurities
(1-methyl-4-piperidinyl-3-[2-(... CS-O-10581 Intermediates
(3-Dimethylamino)propyltriphen... CS-O-31384 Building Blocks
(5-Methyl-3-pyridinyl)methyl R... CS-T-81385 Impurities
(E)-Olopatadine CS-T-59938 Impurities
(E)-Olopatadine Hydrochloride CS-P-02642 Chiral
(R)-Azelastine Hydrochloride CS-T-48463 API Standards
(R)-Azelastine N-Oxide CS-P-07184 Impurities
(R)-Cetirizine N-Oxide DiHydro... CS-P-07460 Impurities
(R)-Chlorpheniramine N-Oxide CS-O-03621 Metabolites
(R)-Chlorpheniramine-D6 maleat... CS-CX-00572 Stable Isotopes
(R)-De(carboxymethoxy) Cetiriz... CS-T-14603 Impurities
(S)-Azelastine Hydrochloride CS-T-48464 API Standards
(S)-Chlorpheniramine CS-DM-00028 Impurities
(S)-Chlorpheniramine-D6 maleat... CS-CX-00571 Stable Isotopes
1-(3-Hydroxypropyl)-4-methylpi... CS-O-16269 Impurities
1-(Pyridine-2-yl)-3-(pyrrolidi... CS-O-31767 Impurities
1’-Hydroxy Bilastine CS-O-14024 Impurities
1’-Hydroxy Bilastine Weinreb’s... CS-T-79472 Intermediates
10-(3-Bromopropyl)phenothiazin... CS-T-08847 Impurities
11-Hydroxy-N-methyl Dihydro Lo... CS-T-55961 Impurities
13-desethyl, 13-propyl-Erythro... CS-O-32950 Impurities
1-Dehydroxy-1-dehyro-fexofenad... CS-T-51813 Stable Isotopes
1-Nitrosopyrrolidine D4 CS-T-59649 Stable Isotope Reagent
2-(Methylsulfonyl) Phenothiazi... CS-T-34967 Impurities
2,2-Dipyridylamine CS-O-10894 Fine Chemicals
2-[(4-Carboxymethylphenoxy)met... CS-O-31185 Intermediates
2-[4-[(4-Chlorophenyl)phenylme... CS-T-72698 Stable Isotopes
2-[4-[2-(4-Chlorophenyl)phenyl... CS-T-50942 Impurities
2-Amino-ethan-1,1,2,2-D4-ol CS-O-20024 Stable Isotope Reagent
2-Chloro-10-[3-[[3-(dimethylam... CS-T-11780 Impurities
2-Formyl Loratadine CS-T-55044 Impurities
2-Hydroxymethyl Loratadine CS-O-07891 Metabolites
3-Hydroxy Desloratadine CS-O-05859 Metabolites
3-Hydroxy Desloratadine D4 Hyd... CS-O-02970 Stable Isotopes
3-Hydroxy Desloratadine-β-D-Gl... CS-T-55936 Glucuronides
3-Methoxy Desloratadine CS-T-57668 Impurities
3-Methoxy-N-methyldesloratadin... CS-T-57737 Stable Isotopes
4-(4-Chloro-1-oxobutyl)-2,2-Di... CS-O-10640 Intermediates
4,8-Dichloro-5,6-dihydro-11H-b... CS-T-52591 Impurities
4-[(3-Chlorophenyl)methyl]-2-(... CS-T-50853 Impurities
4-[(4-Chlorophenyl)methyl]-2-[... CS-T-51013 Impurities
4-Chloro Loratadine CS-T-50704 Impurities