Reference standards play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of antiretroviral drugs used in the treatment of HIV. These standards serve as a benchmark against which the potency, purity, and stability of these drugs are measured. By using reference standards, pharmaceutical manufacturers can accurately determine the active pharmaceutical ingredient content in their products, ensuring consistency and reliability. Additionally, reference standards aid in the development and validation of analytical methods, allowing for accurate and precise testing of antiretroviral drugs. This ultimately helps to guarantee the safety and efficacy of these medications, providing patients with reliable treatment options for managing HIV.

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Abacavir CS-O-03567 API Standards
Abacavir 5'-Beta-D-Glucuronide CS-T-46855 Glucuronides
Abacavir D4 CS-O-06371 Stable Isotopes
Abacavir EP Impurity F CS-P-07144 Impurities
Abacavir for peak identificati... CS-EG-00003 EP Standards
Abacavir for system suitabilit... CS-EG-00004 EP Standards
Abacavir Impurity 4 CS-P-00492 Impurities
Abacavir Impurity B CS-P-07145 Impurities
Abacavir Lopinavir Methylene C... CS-O-33258 Impurities
Abacavir Sulfate CS-O-10837 API Standards

Acetamide CS-T-00117 Fine Chemicals
Aciclovir EP Impurity Q CS-O-16811 Impurities
Aciclovir for peak identificat... CS-EG-00032 EP Standards
Aciclovir for system suitabili... CS-EG-00034 EP Standards
Aciclovir Impurity F CS-J-00008 Impurities
Aciclovir Impurity I CS-J-00010 Impurities
Aciclovir Impurity J CS-J-00011 Impurities
Aciclovir Impurity N CS-O-32555 Impurities
Acyclovir CS-O-11585 API Standards
Acyclovir Alaninate CS-O-10408 Impurities
Acyclovir D4 CS-O-02866 Stable Isotopes
Acyclovir EP Impurity R CS-P-03017 Impurities
Acyclovir Impurity A CS-O-08373 Impurities
Acyclovir Impurity C CS-T-27354 Impurities
Acyclovir Impurity D CS-O-14853 Impurities
Acyclovir Impurity E CS-P-00521 Impurities
Acyclovir Impurity F CS-T-47067 Impurities
Acyclovir Impurity G CS-O-31083 Impurities
Acyclovir Impurity H CS-P-00522 Impurities
Acyclovir Impurity I CS-O-31054 Impurities
Acyclovir Impurity L CS-T-16775 Impurities
Acyclovir Impurity M CS-P-00523 Impurities
Acyclovir Impurity O CS-P-03019 Impurities
Acyclovir Impurity P CS-T-27319 Impurities
Acyclovir L-Alaninate CS-T-47491 Impurities
Acyclovir L-Isoleucinate CS-O-10968 Impurities
Acyclovir L-Leucinate CS-T-01308 Impurities
Acyclovir N-Ethyl-L-valinate H... CS-T-01306 Impurities
Acyclovir N-Methylene Dimer CS-T-64953 Impurities
Acyclovir sodium CS-M-58357 API Standards
Adefovir CS-O-11586 API Standards
Adefovir Diphosphate CS-O-15306 Impurities
Adefovir Dipivoxil CS-O-30467 API Standards
Adefovir Dipivoxil Impurity 1 CS-P-07156 Impurities
Adefovir Dipivoxyl Impurity B CS-P-00529 Impurities
Adefovir Dipivoxyl Impurity C CS-T-58935 Impurities
Adefovir Dipivoxyl Impurity I CS-O-14854 Impurities
Adefovir monophosphate CS-O-15305 Impurities
Amprenavir CS-O-11599 API Standards
Amprenavir D4 CS-O-03173 Stable Isotopes
Arbidol HCl CS-T-48329 API Standards
Arbidol Impurity I CS-P-07045 Impurities
Arbidol Sulfone CS-P-07044 Metabolites
Arbidol Sulfoxide CS-P-07043 Metabolites
Atazanavir CS-T-48390 API Standards
Atazanavir Benzylidenehydrazin... CS-O-16123 Impurities
Atazanavir benzylidenehydrazin... CS-O-16124 Impurities
Atazanavir D18 CS-T-48392 Stable Isotopes
Atazanavir D6 CS-O-02748 Stable Isotopes
Atazanavir Impurity 6 (4R,5S-D... CS-P-06965 Impurities
Atazanavir S,R,R,S-diastereome... CS-P-03216 Impurities
Atazanavir sulfate CS-O-30486 API Standards
Atazanvir-d5 CS-O-11808 Stable Isotopes
Atripla CS-T-48419 API Standards
Bictegravir D4 CS-O-32457 Stable Isotopes
BIRG 616 BS CS-T-49168 Intermediates
BIS THF HNS Derivative 3 CS-P-07697 Impurities
BIS THF HNS Derivative-III CS-O-14297 Intermediates
Bis Valacyclovir CS-O-06148 Impurities
Bis(ethoxycarbonyl) Efavirenz ... CS-T-93299 Impurities
Boc Velpatasvir intermediate R... CS-O-15978 Impurities
Boc Velpatasvir Keto Impurity CS-O-15968 Impurities
Boc Velpatasvir R CS-O-15977 Chiral
Boc Velpatasvir R Isomer (Imid... CS-O-15971 Chiral
Boc Velpatasvir R, R Isomer (B... CS-O-15975 Chiral
Boc Velpatasvir R, R Isomer (I... CS-O-15972 Impurities
Boc Velpatasvir R-Isomer CS-O-15974 Chiral
Boceprevir CS-O-30873 API Standards
Boceprevir D9 CS-O-01469 Stable Isotopes
Boceprevir Metabolite M4-d9 Me... CS-T-49564 Stable Isotopes
Boceprevir SCH 534128 (active ... CS-O-10138 Metabolites
Boceprevir SCH 534129 (Inactiv... CS-O-10140 Metabolites
Cabotegravir CS-CX-00200 API Standards
Cabotegravir 13CD5 CS-CX-00001 Stable Isotopes
Capravirine CS-L-00050 API Standards
Capravirine acid CS-O-13110 Metabolites
Capravirine D6 CS-O-13111 Stable Isotopes
Capravirine Sulfone CS-O-13109 Metabolites
Capravirine Sulfoxide CS-O-13108 Impurities
Cefdinir Sulfoxide CS-T-10739 Impurities
Cenicriviroc Sulfone CS-T-10873 Impurities
Chloro Abacavir CS-P-00491 Impurities
Chloro Abacavir hydrochloride CS-T-02221 Intermediates
Chloro Efavirenz CS-T-11475 Impurities
Chloro Sofosbuvir Desphosphate CS-O-15621 Impurities
Cidofovir CS-L-00139 API Standards
Cis 5-Fluoro-1-[2-(hydroxymeth... CS-T-54838 Impurities
Cis-4-acetamidocyclopent-2-ene... CS-O-10739 Intermediates
Cis-Cyclic Emtricitabine CS-O-15253 Chiral
Cis-cyclo-Emtricitabine CS-O-15263 Impurities
Clorabacavir racemic CS-P-00493 Impurities
Cyclopropyldiaminopurine Abaca... CS-P-00494 Impurities
D-(+)-Darunavir CS-P-07698 Chiral
Daclatasvir CS-L-00141 API Standards
Daclatasvir 13C2D6 CS-O-11957 Stable Isotopes
Daclatasvir D6 CS-O-11958 Stable Isotopes
Daclatasvir Diethyl Ester D10 CS-T-62862 Stable Isotopes
Daclatasvir Dihydrochloride CS-O-13072 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity 4 CS-P-00921 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity 5 (SRSS-I... CS-P-06972 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-A CS-O-13644 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-B CS-O-13645 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-C CS-O-13646 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-D CS-O-13668 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-E CS-O-13647 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-G CS-O-13669 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-H CS-O-13664 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-P CS-M-08637 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-Q CS-O-13667 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-R CS-T-16748 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-T CS-M-57652 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-X CS-O-13670 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-Y CS-O-13665 Impurities
Daclatasvir Impurity-Z CS-O-13666 Impurities
Danoprevir CS-T-51585 API Standards
Dapivirine CS-T-14403 API Standards
Dapivirine D11 CS-T-51604 Stable Isotopes
Dapivirine-d4 CS-Y-00045 Stable Isotopes
Darunavir CS-O-00249 API Standards
Darunavir 13C6 CS-CX-00276 Stable Isotopes
Darunavir Amine dimer impurity CS-O-15899 Impurities
Darunavir Carbamic Acid Methyl... CS-T-82431 Impurities
Darunavir D9 CS-O-02984 Stable Isotopes
Darunavir Diamino impurity CS-O-12076 Impurities
Darunavir Difuranyl impurity CS-O-12079 Impurities
Darunavir Ethanolate CS-O-00287 Fine Chemicals
Darunavir furan dimer impurity CS-O-12035 Impurities
Darunavir Impurity 10 CS-P-04011 Impurities
Darunavir Impurity 7 (S,S-Isom... CS-P-07701 Impurities
Darunavir Impurity A Enantiome... CS-P-07699 Impurities
Darunavir Isomer 1 CS-O-12078 Impurities
Darunavir Isomer 2 CS-O-12081 Impurities
Darunavir Nitro complex impuri... CS-O-12077 Impurities
Darunavir S,S,R-Isomer CS-O-14296 Intermediates
Darunavir Urea impurity CS-O-12037 Impurities
Darunavir СВZ amino impurity CS-O-12038 Impurities
Darunavir СВZ furan impurity CS-O-12039 Impurities
Darunavir СВZ urea impurity CS-O-12075 Impurities
Darunavir-Beta-D-Glucuronide CS-T-51612 Glucuronides
Dasabuvir 13CD3 CS-O-13404 Stable Isotopes
Dasabuvir D3 CS-O-13403 Stable Isotopes
Dasabuvir-13C 15N2 D3 CS-O-15115 Stable Isotopes
Defluoro Dolutegravir CS-T-74004 Impurities
Delavirdine CS-T-15043 API Standards
Delavirdine D8 CS-O-13186 Stable Isotopes
Delavirdine M10 CS-O-13187 Metabolites
Delavirdine M12 CS-O-13188 Metabolites
Delavirdine M15b CS-O-13196 Metabolites
Delavirdine M15d CS-O-13197 Metabolites
Delavirdine M2 CS-O-13190 Metabolites
Delavirdine M3 CS-O-13191 Metabolites
Delavirdine M4a CS-O-13192 Metabolites
Delavirdine M4b CS-O-13193 Impurities
Delavirdine M4d CS-O-13194 Impurities
Delavirdine M6 CS-O-13198 Metabolites
Delavirdine M8 CS-O-13199 Metabolites
Delavirdine Mesylate CS-T-15044 API Standards
Des (N-(Methoxycarbonyl)) Velp... CS-O-15967 Impurities
Des (N-(Methoxycarbonyl)-L-val... CS-O-15966 Impurities
Des(6-amino-5-bromo)-5-amino-6... CS-T-15626 Impurities
Des(benzylpyridyl) Atazanavir CS-T-15552 Metabolites
Des(isopropylthiazolyl) Ritona... CS-T-52172 Intermediates
Des(isopropylthiazolyl)-N-meth... CS-T-16087 Impurities
Desacetyl Famciclovir CS-T-15701 Impurities
Desamido Capravirine CS-O-13107 Impurities
Desamino Emtricitabine CS-O-33519 Impurities
Desamino Imiquimod N-Oxide CS-T-15590 Impurities
Descyclopropyl Abacavir CS-T-15758 Intermediates
Desmethyl Tenofovir disoproxil CS-O-13297 Impurities
Desmethyl-N-propyl Imiquimod CS-T-52276 Impurities
Des-N-(methoxycarbonyl)-L-tert... CS-T-52182 Intermediates
Despropenenitrile Bromo Rilpiv... CS-T-16585 Impurities
Despropyl Tipranavir CS-O-13237 Metabolites
Di Boc Velpatasvir impurity 1 CS-O-15969 Impurities
Di Boc Velpatasvir Keto impuri... CS-O-15970 Impurities
Didanosine CS-O-01310 API Standards
Dideoxy Adenosine CS-T-52729 Impurities
Diethyl (tosyloxy)methylphosph... CS-O-32070 Fine Chemicals
Dimethyl 2-[2-(2-amino-6-chlor... CS-T-90040 Impurities
DN-Sulphonamide Un-desired 2 CS-O-16121 Impurities
Dolutegravir CS-O-00218 API Standards
Dolutegravir D3 CS-O-03645 Stable Isotopes
Dolutegravir D6 CS-O-14848 Stable Isotopes
Dolutegravir Diastereomer Impu... CS-O-33104 Impurities
Dolutegravir Enantiomer Impuri... CS-O-33105 Impurities
Dolutegravir Glucoside CS-DM-00015 Impurities
Dolutegravir Impurity 5 CS-P-00960 Impurities
Dolutegravir Impurity 6 CS-P-07612 Impurities
Dolutegravir Impurity F CS-EO-00102 Impurities
Dolutegravir mixture of 4S,12S... CS-O-33327 Chiral
Dolutegravir N-1(4R,12aS)-N-[(... CS-O-11140 Intermediates
D-Valganciclovir Hydrochloride CS-T-62681 Impurities
D-Valinol CS-O-15834 API Standards
Efavirenz CS-O-01463 API Standards
Efavirenz 13C6 CS-O-03333 Stable Isotopes
Efavirenz Amino Alcohol Ethyl ... CS-T-21509 Impurities
Efavirenz Aminoalcohol CS-P-07792 Impurities
Efavirenz Benzoylaminoalcohol ... CS-P-07790 Impurities
Efavirenz D5 CS-O-02671 Stable Isotopes
Efavirenz Impurity (6-chloro-4... CS-P-07789 Impurities
Efavirenz-N-Glucuronide CS-O-14560 Glucuronides
Effavirenz Cyclobutenylindole ... CS-EO-00103 Impurities
Elbasvir CS-O-15667 API Standards
Elbasvir D6 CS-O-15668 Stable Isotopes
Elvitegravir CS-O-11635 API Standards
Elvitegravir D5 CS-O-03037 Stable Isotopes
Elvitegravir M1 CS-O-15832 Metabolites
Emivirine CS-L-00031 API Standards
Emtricitabine CS-O-01419 API Standards
Emtricitabine 13C 15N2 CS-O-15256 Stable Isotopes
Emtricitabine 15ND2 CS-O-02844 Stable Isotopes
Emtricitabine 5-fluorouracil a... CS-O-16331 Impurities
Emtricitabine 6-Disulfide CS-O-15260 Impurities
Emtricitabine Carboxylic Acid CS-T-21604 Intermediates
Emtricitabine Carboxylic Acid-... CS-O-15262 Stable Isotopes
Emtricitabine D2 CS-O-03217 Stable Isotopes
Emtricitabine dioxolane CS-O-13538 Impurities
Emtricitabine Diphosphate CS-O-15254 Metabolites
Emtricitabine Disulfide CS-O-13536 Impurities
Emtricitabine FTU Impurity CS-O-13527 Impurities
Emtricitabine Impurity CS-T-47837 Impurities
Emtricitabine Impurity 11 CS-P-07888 Impurities
Emtricitabine Impurity 6 CS-P-07885 Impurities
Emtricitabine Impurity 8 CS-P-07886 Impurities
Emtricitabine Impurity 9 CS-P-07887 Impurities
Emtricitabine Isopropyl Carbam... CS-O-15258 Intermediates
Emtricitabine O-β-D-Glucu... CS-O-15261 Glucuronides
Emtricitabine S-Oxide CS-T-21603 Metabolites
Emtricitabine Tenofovir Disopr... CS-P-04363 Impurities
Emtricitabine Tenofovir Monoso... CS-P-04364 Impurities
Emtricitabine-β-D-Glucuro... CS-T-54039 Glucuronides
ent-8-Hydroxy Efavirenz CS-T-27263 Impurities
ent-abacavir CS-N-00181 Impurities
Entecavir CS-T-21655 API Standards
Entecavir 13C2 15N CS-O-06585 Stable Isotopes
Entecavir EP Impurity F CS-T-05539 Impurities
Entecavir Glucuronide CS-O-11921 Glucuronides
Entecavir Hydrochloride 13C3 1... CS-O-16068 Stable Isotopes
Entecavir Impurity 2 CS-P-07838 Impurities
Entecavir Impurity 5 CS-P-07839 Impurities
Entecavir Impurity 6 (ent-Ente... CS-P-07840 Impurities
Entecavir impurity B CS-O-15226 Impurities
Entecavir Monohydrate CS-O-00229 API Standards
ent-Efavirenz CS-T-21507 Impurities
ent-Emtricitabine CS-O-31103 Impurities
ent-Entecavir CS-T-21658 Intermediates
ent-Idoxuridine CS-T-56590 Impurities
ent-Oseltamivir Phosphate CS-T-38121 Impurities
epi-Velpatasvir CS-T-88143 Impurities
Ethoxy Velpatasvir CS-O-15965 Metabolites
Ethyl (3R,4S,5S)-4,5-Epoxy-3-(... CS-T-22794 Intermediates
Ethyl 2-(triphenylphosphoranyl... CS-M-56777 Impurities
Ethyl sofosbuvir CS-O-11152 Impurities
Ethyl Tenofovir Impurity CS-EO-00101 Impurities
Etravirine CS-O-01457 API Standards
Etravirine 13C 15N2 CS-O-15697 Stable Isotopes
Etravirine 13C3 CS-T-54638 Stable Isotopes
Etravirine D4 CS-O-06604 Stable Isotopes
Etravirine D8 CS-T-54639 Stable Isotopes
Etravirine M1 CS-O-13221 Metabolites
Etravirine M3 CS-O-13222 Metabolites
Etravirine M4 CS-T-19112 Intermediates
Etravirine M5 CS-O-13223 Metabolites
Etravirine M6 CS-O-13224 Metabolites
Etravirine M7 CS-O-13225 Metabolites
Faldaprevir CS-P-00982 API Standards
Faldaprevir-D3 CS-P-00983 Stable Isotopes
Faldaprevir-D6 CS-P-00984 Stable Isotopes
Famciclovir CS-O-01512 API Standards
Famciclovir D6 CS-O-13226 Stable Isotopes
Famciclovir Impurity 12 CS-P-07893 Impurities
Famciclovir impurity 5 CS-P-07891 Impurities
Famciclovir impurity 7 CS-P-07892 Impurities
Fomivirsen Sodium CS-O-13121 API Standards
Fosamprenavir CS-P-01005 API Standards
Fosamprenavir Calcium Salt CS-O-00626 API Standards
Fosamprenavir-D4 Calcium Salt CS-O-13068 Stable Isotopes
FosamprenavirD9 CS-P-01006 Stable Isotopes
Foscarnet Sodium CS-BB-00013 API Standards
Foscarnet sodium EP Impurity B CS-O-16082 Impurities
Foscarnet Sodium EP Impurity C CS-O-16083 Impurities
Ganciclovir CS-O-11655 API Standards
Ganciclovir D5 CS-O-02942 Stable Isotopes
Ganciclovir Diether Impurity CS-T-55215 Impurities
Ganciclovir divalinate CS-O-16462 API Standards
Ganciclovir Mono-O-acetate CS-T-25109 Intermediates
Ganciclovir Mono-O-propionate CS-T-55216 Impurities
Ganciclovir Related Compound A CS-O-11077 Impurities
Ganciclovir Triphosphate CS-T-55217 API Standards
Gancyclovir Impurity A CS-O-14083 Impurities