Reference standards play a crucial role in the development and evaluation of contrast agents used in medical imaging. These standards serve as a benchmark to assess the quality, safety, and efficacy of contrast agents by providing a well-defined and consistent basis for comparison. Reference standards help establish the identity, purity, and concentration of the contrast agent, ensuring that it meets the required specifications and regulatory standards. They also aid in the calibration and standardization of imaging equipment, enabling accurate and reliable measurements of contrast agent concentrations in clinical settings. Additionally, reference standards facilitate research and development efforts, allowing for the validation and comparison of different contrast agents, leading to advancements in the field and the development of improved imaging techniques. Overall, the use of reference standards in contrast agents ensures their quality and reliability, facilitating their safe and effective use in medical imaging applications.

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Amidotrizoic acid for system s... CS-EG-00071 EP Standards
Deacetyl Iodixanol CS-O-10880 Impurities
Des(2,3-dihydroxypropyl) Iodix... CS-T-52102 Impurities
Desmethyl Iopamidol CS-T-16506 Impurities
Diatrizoic acid CS-O-01292 Fine Chemicals
Gadodiamide CS-O-01566 API Standards
Gadodiamide Related Compound A CS-O-13328 Impurities
Gadodiamide Related Compound B CS-O-13329 Impurities
Iodixanol CS-O-05618 API Standards
Iodixanol EP Impurity A CS-O-14203 Impurities

Iodixanol EP Impurity C CS-O-14204 Impurities
Iodixanol EP Impurity E CS-O-14205 Impurities
Iodixanol EP Impurity F CS-O-14206 Impurities
Iodixanol EP Impurity H CS-O-14207 Impurities
Iodixanol EP Impurity I CS-O-14208 Impurities
Iohexol CS-T-29547 API Standards
Iohexol EP Impurity A CS-O-13730 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity B CS-O-13731 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity D CS-O-13733 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity E CS-O-13734 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity F CS-O-13735 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity G CS-O-13736 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity H CS-O-13737 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity I CS-O-13738 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity J CS-O-13739 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity K CS-O-13740 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity L CS-O-13741 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity M CS-O-13742 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity N CS-O-13743 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity O CS-O-13744 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity P CS-O-13745 Impurities
Iohexol EP Impurity Q CS-O-13746 Impurities
Iohexol Related compound C CS-O-13732 Impurities
Iomeprol CS-T-56763 API Standards
Iopamidol CS-T-29562 API Standards
Iopamidol EP Impurity C CS-P-01510 Impurities
Iopamidol EP Impurity D CS-P-01511 Impurities
Iopamidol EP Impurity E CS-P-01512 Impurities
Iopamidol EP Impurity J CS-P-01509 Impurities
Iopamidol Impurity (Desdiiodo ... CS-P-01505 Impurities
Iopamidol Impurity I CS-P-01508 Impurities
Iopamidol Impurity K CS-P-01050 Impurities
Iopamidol USP Related Compound... CS-T-47636 Impurities
Iopentol CS-T-29808 Impurities
Iopromide CS-O-30952 API Standards
Iopromide EP Impurity A CS-T-47647 Impurities
Iopromide EP Impurity C CS-O-33474 Impurities
Iopromide EP Impurity D CS-O-33475 Impurities
Iopromide EP Impurity E CS-O-33476 Impurities
Iopromide Impurity F CS-P-01513 Impurities
Iopromide Impurity G CS-P-01514 Impurities
Iopromide Impurity H CS-P-01515 Impurities
Iopromide Related Compound B CS-O-05515 Impurities
Meglumine Diatrizoate CS-T-81150 API Standards
N-acetyl cyclized iodixanol CS-O-11043 Impurities
N-Desacetyl Amido Amidotrizoic... CS-T-15608 Impurities
N-Desmethoxyacetyl Iopromide CS-T-16107 Impurities
Tetra-O-acetyl Iopromide-d3 CS-T-61702 Stable Isotopes
(S)-(-)-2-Acetoxypropionyl chl... CS-O-32311 Intermediates