The use of reference standards in the marine industry is crucial for ensuring safety, compliance, and efficiency. Reference standards, such as those established by organizations like the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and classification societies, provide a set of guidelines and technical specifications for the design, construction, and operation of marine vessels and equipment. These standards cover a wide range of aspects, including structural integrity, environmental protection, navigation systems, safety equipment, and crew training. By adhering to these reference standards, shipbuilders, operators, and regulatory bodies can ensure that marine vessels and equipment meet the necessary requirements for safe and sustainable operations. Additionally, reference standards also facilitate international collaboration and harmonization, allowing for seamless interoperability between different maritime entities, improving overall industry efficiency, and promoting global maritime safety.

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a-1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexachlorocycloh... CS-T-55551 Building Blocks
a-Endosulfan CS-T-54046 Pesticide Standards
Aflatoxin B1 CS-T-47470 API Standards
Aflatoxin B2 CS-T-47471 Metabolites
AHD-13C3 CS-O-20017 Stable Isotopes
Aldrin CS-T-47503 Pesticide Standards
AMOZ CS-W-00144 Fine Chemicals
AOZ CS-W-00146 Fine Chemicals
AOZ D4 CS-O-31040 Stable Isotopes
Cadmium AAS Standard Solution ... CS-O-15547 Fine Chemicals

Chloramphenicol CS-O-11618 API Standards
Chlordane CS-T-50533 API Standards
Ciprofloxacin CS-O-04064 API Standards
Cis-Chlordane CS-O-10808 Pesticide Standards
Collagen ex. Marine Fish CS-EP-00162 Intermediates
Collagen ex. Marine Fish Clear... CS-SR-00275 Biochemicals
Crystal Violet CS-O-06292 Fine Chemicals
Crystal violet D6 CS-O-15170 Stable Isotopes
Danofloxacin CS-O-15549 API Standards
Dieldrin CS-T-52757 Pesticide Standards
Diethylstilbestrol CS-O-00241 Fine Chemicals
Difloxacin D3 CS-O-16394 Stable Isotopes
Dimetridazole CS-O-30700 API Standards
Doramectin CS-O-00239 API Standards
Emamectin CS-O-14952 API Standards
Endosulfan CS-T-54045 Pesticide Standards
Endosulfan sulfate CS-T-54044 Pesticide Standards
Endrin CS-T-54048 Pesticide Standards
Enrofloxacin CS-O-01422 API Standards
Enrofloxacin D5 CS-T-54053 Stable Isotopes
Eprinomectin CS-T-54132 Pesticide Standards
Estradiol hemihydrate CS-O-01471 API Standards
Flumequine CS-T-54722 API Standards
Furaltadone D5 CS-W-00319 Stable Isotopes
Furazolidone CS-T-24962 API Standards
Furazolidone D4 CS-W-00159 Stable Isotopes
Heptachlor CS-T-55517 Pesticide Standards
Hexachlorobenzene CS-O-11078 Fine Chemicals
HMMNI CS-W-00164 API Standards
Homarine CS-T-55667 API Standards
Homarine-d3 CS-T-103220 Stable Isotopes
Hydroxy Dimetridazole D3 CS-T-55795 Stable Isotopes
Hydroxy Ipronidazole CS-W-00168 Metabolites
Hydroxy Ipronidazole D3 CS-W-00169 Stable Isotopes
Hydroxy Metronidazole CS-O-10348 Metabolites
Hydroxy Metronidazole D2 CS-O-13596 Stable Isotopes
Ipronidazole CS-W-00166 API Standards
Ipronidazole D3 CS-W-00124 Stable Isotopes
Ivermectin CS-O-30948 API Standards
Leuco crystal violet D6 CS-W-00329 Stable Isotopes
Leucomalachite green D6 CS-W-00093 Stable Isotopes
Leucomalachite green-D5 CS-O-14405 Stable Isotopes
Lindane CS-T-57242 Pesticide Standards
Malachite Green D5 Picrate CS-W-00226 Stable Isotopes
Marbofloxacin CS-O-01839 API Standards
Medroxyprogesterone acetate CS-O-01829 API Standards
Medroxyprogesterone D3 CS-O-06750 Stable Isotopes
Melamine Cyanurate CS-T-57463 API Standards
Mercury- AAS Standard solution... CS-O-15546 Fine Chemicals
Metronidazole CS-T-35590 API Standards
Metronidazole D3 CS-DX-00004 Stable Isotopes
Metronidazole D4 CS-O-02663 Stable Isotopes
Nalidixic acid D5 CS-W-00211 Stable Isotopes
Nitrofurazone CS-O-30692 Fine Chemicals
Norfloxacin CS-O-11700 API Standards
Norfloxacin D8 CS-T-59724 Stable Isotopes
Norfloxacin-D5 CS-O-10118 Stable Isotopes
Ofloxacin CS-O-30704 API Standards
Ofloxacin D3 CS-W-00348 Stable Isotopes
Orbifloxacin CS-T-38072 API Standards
Oxolinic acid CS-O-02036 Intermediates
Oxolinic Acid D5 CS-W-00318 Stable Isotopes
Oxychlordane (100 mg/l in Cycl... CS-O-15741 Pesticide Standards
Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride CS-O-02009 API Standards
Pendimethalin CS-T-38831 Pesticide Standards
Progesterone CS-O-10868 API Standards
Reserpine CS-O-02263 API Standards
Ronidazole CS-O-30757 API Standards
Ronidazole D3 CS-W-00244 Stable Isotopes
Santamarine CS-BT-00559 Pesticide Standards
Sarafloxacin Hydrochloride CS-T-42117 API Standards
SCA-Hydrochloride 13C,15N2 CS-W-00149 Stable Isotopes
Semicarbazide CS-O-16187 API Standards
ß-Endosulfan CS-T-54047 Pesticide Standards
Sulfachloropyridazine 13C6 CS-W-00288 Stable Isotopes
Sulfadiazine 13C6 CS-O-02857 Stable Isotopes
Sulfadimethoxine CS-O-31025 API Standards
Sulfadimethoxine 13C6 CS-W-00304 Stable Isotopes
Sulfadimidine 13C6 CS-O-11866 Stable Isotopes
Sulfamerazine CS-T-42777 API Standards
Sulfamerazine 13C6 CS-O-02859 Stable Isotopes
Sulfamethizole CS-T-42779 API Standards
Sulfamethoxazole CS-O-11749 API Standards
Sulfamethoxazole 13C6 CS-O-00762 Stable Isotopes
Sulfamethoxypyridazine CS-T-42959 API Standards
Sulfamethoxypyridazine D3 CS-W-00230 Stable Isotopes
Sulfapyridine 13C6 CS-W-00297 Stable Isotopes
Sulfasalazine CS-T-42938 API Standards
Sulfathiazole CS-O-02348 API Standards
Sulfathiazole 13C6 CS-W-00269 Stable Isotopes
Tetracycline CS-O-16013 API Standards
Tetracycline Hydrochloride CS-O-02465 API Standards
Trans Chlordane CS-T-50535 Pesticide Standards
Ultramarine Blue CS-O-48264 Fine Chemicals
1-Aminohydantoin CS-O-14443 Impurities
1-Aminohydantoin hydrochloride CS-O-30528 Intermediates
2-NP-AHD 13C3 CS-W-00151 Stable Isotopes
2-NP-AMOZ CS-W-00152 Impurities
2-NP-AMOZ D5 CS-W-00153 Stable Isotopes
2-NP-AOZ CS-W-00154 Impurities
2-NP-AOZ D4 CS-W-00155 Stable Isotopes
2-NP-SCA 13C,15N2 CS-W-00157 Stable Isotopes
4-epi-Chlortetracycline Hydroc... CS-O-31080 Impurities