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Reference standards play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry as they serve as the benchmark for quality, safety, and efficacy of drugs. These standards, established by regulatory bodies such as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), provide a set of defined specifications and procedures that must be followed during the development, manufacturing, and testing of pharmaceutical products. By using reference standards, manufacturers can ensure consistent quality and interchangeability of drugs, as well as facilitate accurate and reliable testing methods. These standards also aid in the identification, characterization, and quantification of active ingredients, impurities, and degradation products, enabling regulatory authorities to assess the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical products. Overall, reference standards are essential tools that promote uniformity, reliability, and compliance within the pharmaceutical industry.

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(+/-)-Ibuprofen-d3, Sodium Sal... CS-C-00888 Stable Isotopes
1,2-Dichlorobenzene D4 CS-T-52560 Stable Isotopes
1-Propan-1,1,2,2,3,3,3-d7-ol CS-T-60787 Stable Isotopes
ACRYLIC-2,3,3-D3 ACID CS-O-33472 Stable Isotopes
Ammoninum D4 Deuteroxide CS-T-48161 Stable Isotopes
Cinnarizine D8 Dihydrochloride CS-O-02994 Stable Isotopes
Dimethyl Sulfide deutero boran... CS-O-39370 Stable Isotopes
Ethanol-D6 CS-CE-00835 Stable Isotopes
Iodoethane D3 CS-O-10123 Stable Isotopes
Isopropanol-D8 CS-CE-00827 Stable Isotopes

Methyboronic acid D3 CS-O-15691 Stable Isotopes
Nicotinuric Acid D4 CS-O-06812 Stable Isotopes
Octanoic Acid-D15 CS-T-59857 Stable Isotopes
Pefloxacin D3 CS-O-15053 Stable Isotopes
Phenol D6 CS-T-60356 Stable Isotopes
Pyrrolidine D8 CS-BX-00368 Stable Isotopes
rac O-Desmethyl Naproxen D3 CS-T-52257 Stable Isotopes
Mivacurium CS-ED-00526 API Standards
2-[(2E)-2-(hydroxyimino)ethyl]... CS-AJ-00049 Impurities
2-Formyl-1-methylpyridin-1-ium... CS-AJ-00048 Impurities
4-oxidoquinoxalin-1-ium 1-oxid... CS-AJ-00050 Impurities
6-Chloro-4-phenyl-1H-quinolin-... CS-AJ-00041 Impurities
Chloroform-D stabilized CS-O-42123-10G Impurities
Deuterium Oxide - 10g Pack CS-T-16663-10G Impurities
Formic-D acid CS-CE-00854 Impurities
Sodium Formate D CS-T-61348 Impurities
Dibenzyl Azodicarboxylate CS-T-89081 Intermediates
Methyl Formate-d CS-T-82403 Intermediates
"N,N-Dimethylformamide-D1" CS-CE-00848 Stable Isotope Reagent
1,1'-Diphenyl D10 CS-T-53811 Stable Isotope Reagent
1,2-Dibromoethane D4 CS-T-17232 Stable Isotope Reagent
1,3-Dibromopropane D6 CS-T-52535 Stable Isotope Reagent
4-Nitrophenol-2,3,5,6 D4 CS-O-14751 Stable Isotope Reagent
Acetaldehyde D4 CS-T-46912 Stable Isotope Reagent
Acetic Acid D4 CS-O-10922 Stable Isotope Reagent
Acetic acid-d CS-BX-00897 Stable Isotope Reagent
Acetic Anhydride D6 CS-O-10852 Stable Isotope Reagent
Acetyl-d3 Chloride CS-T-47007 Stable Isotope Reagent
Aniline D5 CS-T-48261 Stable Isotope Reagent
Benzene D6 10g Pack CS-BX-01138 NMR Solvents
Bromobenzene D5 CS-O-10893 Stable Isotope Reagent
Bromocyclopentane D9 CS-C-00153 Stable Isotope Reagent
Bromoethane D5 CS-T-49720 Stable Isotope Reagent
Chlorobenzene D5 CS-T-50563 Stable Isotope Reagent
Chloroform D + 0.03% TMS CS-O-40752 Solvents
Chloroform-D stabilized -10g P... CS-O-42122 NMR Solvents
Chloroform-D stabilized-100g P... CS-O-42123-100G Impurities
Chloroform-D with 0.03 v/v% TM... CS-O-42121-10G Stable Isotope Reagents
Chloroform-D with 0.03 v/v% TM... CS-O-42121-100G NMR Solvents
Chloroform-D with 0.03 v/v% TM... CS-O-42120 NMR Solvents
Cyclohexanone D10 CS-BX-00305 Stable Isotope Reagent
Dimethyl D6 Carbonate CS-T-52951 Stable Isotope Reagent
Dimethyl Sulfate D6 CS-T-53361 Stable Isotope Reagent
Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 - 10g Pa... CS-BX-01139 NMR Solvents
Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 - 10g Pa... CS-T-53699-10G NMR Solvents
Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 - 50g Pa... CS-BX-01140 NMR Solvents
Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 - 50g Pa... CS-T-53699-50G NMR Solvents
Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 with 0.0... CS-O-40753 NMR Solvents
Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 with 0.0... CS-T-40753-10G NMR Solvents
Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 with 0.0... CS-BX-01141 NMR Solvents
Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 with 0.0... CS-T-40753-50G NMR Solvents
Dimethylamine D6 Hydrochloride CS-O-03137 Stable Isotope Reagent
DMF D7 CS-O-11247 Stable Isotope Reagent
Ethanol-OD CS-T-54279 Stable Isotope Reagent
Formaldehyde D2 ( 20% (w/w) in... CS-T-55013 Stable Isotope Reagent
Formic Acid-d2 CS-T-55022 Stable Isotope Reagent
Iodoethane D5 CS-T-56727 Stable Isotope Reagent
Iodomethane-d3 CS-O-10421 Stable Isotope Reagent
Methanol-OD CS-O-10920 Stable Isotope Reagent
Methyl-D3 Amine Hydrochloride CS-O-01232 Stable Isotope Reagent
Methyl-D3-amine CS-O-34928 Stable Isotope Reagent
Methylene Chloride-d2 CS-T-33750 Stable Isotope Reagent
Morpholine D8 CS-T-58971 Stable Isotope Reagent
n-Heptane-D16 CS-CE-00838 Stable Isotope Reagent
Paraformaldehyde-d2 CS-O-14657 Stable Isotope Reagent
Phthalic anhydride D4 CS-O-03327 Stable Isotope Reagent
Sodium Borohydride D4 CS-T-61340 Stable Isotope Reagent
Tert-butanol-d10 CS-O-11464 Stable Isotope Reagent
tert-Butyl-d9 chloride CS-T-50857 Stable Isotope Reagent
Tetrahydrofuran D8 CS-T-61817 Stable Isotope Reagent
Trideuteriomethyl methanesulfo... CS-ZG-88291 Stable Isotope Reagent
Trimethyl-D9-Acetic Acid CS-O-20025 Stable Isotope Reagent
Used D2SO4 CS-O-36625 Stable Isotope Reagent