Reference standards play a crucial role in the field of Prostaglandins as they serve as benchmark materials for quality control and analytical testing purposes. Prostaglandins, a group of hormone-like substances, are known for their diverse biological activities and therapeutic potential. Reference standards provide a standardized and reliable basis for comparing and validating the identity, purity, and potency of Prostaglandin compounds. These standards serve as a reference point for the development and evaluation of analytical methods, ensuring accurate and consistent analysis of Prostaglandins in various pharmaceutical formulations, biological samples, and research studies. By using reference standards, researchers and manufacturers can confidently assess the quality and effectiveness of Prostaglandin-based products, contributing to the overall safety and efficacy of these important bioactive molecules.

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Alprostadil CS-O-05672 API Standards
Beraprost CS-O-16971 API Standards
Beraprost D3 CS-O-13580 Stable Isotopes
Bimatoprost CS-O-11612 API Standards
Bimatoprost Acid CS-T-06501 Impurities
Bimatoprost Acid Methyl Ester CS-T-06502 Impurities
Bimatoprost Cyclohexyl Amide CS-O-16086 Impurities
Bimatoprost D5 CS-O-14506 Stable Isotopes
Bimatoprost Methyl Amide CS-T-39779 Impurities
Carboprost CS-T-50261 API Standards

Carboprost trometamol (Y000047... CS-EG-00265 EP Standards
Carboprost tromethamine CS-O-01214 API Standards
Epoprostenol sodium CS-O-01431 API Standards
Iloprost CS-T-56599 API Standards
Iloprost D4 CS-T-56600 Stable Isotopes
Lubiprostone CS-O-01782 API Standards
Lubiprostone D7 CS-O-06737 Stable Isotopes
Lubiprostone D9 CS-T-57313 Stable Isotopes
Lubiprostone M14 Metabolite CS-P-02288 Metabolites
Lubiprostone related compound ... CS-P-01609 Impurities
N-Norbimatoprost CS-T-83335 Intermediates
O-Tetrahydropyranyl Lubiprosto... CS-T-61885 Impurities
Prostaglandin E1 ethyl ester CS-O-16737 Impurities
Prostaglandin E1-d4 CS-T-85910 Stable Isotopes
Prostaglandin F2a D4 CS-T-86001 Stable Isotopes
Tafluprost CS-O-11166 API Standards
Tafluprost D7 CS-O-15490 Stable Isotopes
Tafluprost ethyl amide CS-O-33482 Impurities
Travoprost CS-O-11164 API Standards
Travoprost 15-epi Diastereomer CS-O-16371 Impurities
Travoprost D7 CS-O-14653 Stable Isotopes
Travoprost Epoxide derivative CS-O-14932 Impurities
Travoprost Related Compound 1 CS-P-06695 Impurities
Travoprost Related Compound 2 CS-P-06696 Impurities
Treprostinil CS-O-11165 API Standards
Treprostinil 13C2 D1 Sodium Sa... CS-O-03345 Stable Isotopes
Treprostinil Acyl-ß-D-Glucuron... CS-T-86635 Glucuronides
Treprostinil D4 CS-O-13422 Stable Isotopes
Treprostinil D9 CS-O-13423 Stable Isotopes
Treprostinil Dimer 2 CS-O-13428 Impurities
Treprostinil Dimer 3 CS-O-14251 Impurities
Treprostinil Impurity 2 CS-P-02349 Impurities
Treprostinil Impurity 3 CS-P-02336 Impurities
Treprostinil Impurity 5 CS-O-33381 Impurities
(-) Corey Lactone CS-T-13328 Chiral
(15R)-Bimatoprost CS-T-06500 Impurities
(15R)-Bimatoprost Acid CS-T-06503 Chiral
(15R)-Bimatoprost Acid D4 CS-O-14507 Stable Isotopes
(2S)-N-Methoxy-N,2-dimethylhex... CS-T-57535 Stable Isotopes
(3aR,4R,5R,6aS)-4-((S,E)-3-Hyd... CS-T-78284 Impurities
14-Methyl Prostaglandin E1 CS-T-63078 Impurities
15-(R)-5,6-Trans Bimatoprost CS-O-33331 Impurities
15-epi-Prostaglandin E1 CS-T-63080 Impurities
15-epi-Travoprost Epoxide CS-P-02728 Impurities
15-Hydroxy Lubiprostone CS-O-06133 Metabolites
15-hydroxy Lubiprostone D4 CS-O-14304 Stable Isotopes
15-Hydroxy Lubiprostone D7 CS-O-11167 Stable Isotopes
15-Keto Bimatoprost CS-T-30285 Impurities
15-Keto Bimatoprost D5 CS-O-14505 Stable Isotopes
15-Keto Prostaglandin E1 CS-T-57022 Impurities
15-Keto Travoprost CS-T-30423 Impurities
2-Nor Bimatoprost CS-O-33330 Impurities
3-Carbonyl Treprostinil CS-O-13426 Metabolites
4-trans-PGE2 CS-O-16764 Impurities
5,6-Trans Bimatoprost CS-O-07369 Chiral
5,6-TRANS TAFLUPROST CS-O-33270 Impurities
5,6-trans-Travoprost CS-O-08358 Chiral
5-Trans Bimatoprost CS-P-02933 Chiral
6,15-Diketo-13,14-dihydro-PGF1... CS-O-15297 Impurities
6-Ketoprostaglandin F1a CS-T-57020 Intermediates
6-trans-PGE2 CS-O-16763 Impurities
8-iso Prostaglandin E1 CS-O-16739 Impurities