Innovation at Clearsynth

implementing new processes or changing the way we develop our business to ensure growth of our organisation and positively impatcing researcher's worldwide. This includes research, new product/service development, new process development and continuous improvement and new business models.

Our strategy of innovation is to search for new business and strategic techniques and methods to develop and optimize well-known methodologies, enabling the implementation of new and better solutions.

We focuse on creating new ideas, analyzing problems, diagnosing them and identifying their causes.

After evaluation we implement and observe modern, improved strategies and develop a methodology of key research objectives. We use innovation to the increase of effectiveness, increase of product quality and reduction of production costs.

The Innovation process

  • Basic research - concerns theoretical considerations, which aim is to create new ideas,
  • Applied research - refers to finding practical solutions for the created projects,
  • Development work - leads to the creation of a prototype,
  • Implementation - consists in starting production activity in order to check the production technology,