Worldwide Locations

Present in 3 Global locations

We understand the importance of having a global presence in helping researcher's beyond boundaries.

Having established our presence in 3 strategic locations worldwide, we have ensured we are ready to deliver to our customer expectations across the globe seamlessly.

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Mumbai (India) | Headquarters & Corporate Office

More than 100 employees working at the corporate office ensuring smooth functioning of major back-end and online operations

Hyderabad (India) | R&D Lab

The CGMP compliant R&D facility based at Hyderabad has been operational since 2015 and has been in the forefront of Clearsynth efforts for a successful entry into the advanced regulated markets

Toronto (Canada) | Sales Office & Stock Point

This location serves as our North American sales office and stock distribution point

S√£o Paulo (Brazil) | Sales Office

This location serves as our South American sales & customer service office