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Product Listing: Atorvastatin Stable Isotopes

Atorvastatin Stable Isotopes are a class of isotopes that exhibit stable atomic nuclei and are used in various research and analytical applications. Atorvastatin, also known as Lipitor, is a medication used to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. The use of stable isotopes in the synthesis and analysis of atorvastatin can provide valuable insights into the drug's pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. These isotopes can also be used as internal standards in mass spectrometry and other analytical techniques to ensure accuracy and precision in drug analysis.

Atorvastatin Stable Isotopes are used in pharmacokinetic studies to determine the metabolism, distribution, and excretion of atorvastatin in the body. These isotopes are also useful for studying drug-drug interactions and for monitoring the efficacy of atorvastatin in patients. Atorvastatin Stable Isotopes can provide valuable insights into the pharmacological properties of atorvastatin and help to optimize its clinical use.

(6-{2-[3-(4-Phenylcarbamoyl)-5-(4-fluoro-phenyl)-2-isopropyl- 4-phenyl-d5-pyrrol-1-yl]-ethyl}-2,2-di... CS-T-94380 Stable Isotopes
[13C6]-Atorvastatin sodium salt CS-EK-02903 Stable Isotopes
[13C6]-o-Hydroxyatorvastatin CS-EK-01949 Stable Isotopes
[13C6]-p-Hydroxyatorvastatin CS-EK-00334 Stable Isotopes
2-Benzyloxy Atorvastatin-d5 Acetonide tert-Butyl Ester CS-T-49020 Stable Isotopes
2-Fluoro Atorvastatin Sodium Salt-d5 CS-T-97506 Stable Isotopes
2-hydroxy Atorvastatin D5 CS-EO-02936 Stable Isotopes
2-Hydroxy Atorvastatin D5 Calcium Salt CS-O-00659 Stable Isotopes
2-Hydroxy Atorvastatin D5 Disodium Salt CS-O-02781 Stable Isotopes
2-Hydroxy Atorvastatin Lactone D5 CS-T-55832 Stable Isotopes
2-Hydroxy Atorvastatin tert-Butyl Ester-d5 CS-T-97452 Stable Isotopes
2-Hydroxy Atorvastatin-D5 Acetonide tert-Butyl Ester CS-T-54902 Stable Isotopes
3-Fluoro Atorvastatin Sodium Salt-d5 CS-T-97505 Stable Isotopes
4-Benzyloxy Atorvastatin-d5 Acetonide tert-Butyl Ester CS-T-49022 Stable Isotopes
4-hydroxy Atorvastatin D5 CS-EO-02935 Stable Isotopes
4-Hydroxy Atorvastatin D5 Calcium Salt CS-O-14019 Stable Isotopes
4-Hydroxy Atorvastatin D5 Disodium Salt CS-O-02780 Stable Isotopes
4-Hydroxy Atorvastatin Lactone D5 CS-T-55833 Stable Isotopes
4-Hydroxy Atorvastatin-d5 Acetonide tert-Butyl Ester CS-T-54918 Stable Isotopes
5-Dehydroxy (3S)-Atorvastatin-d5 CS-T-101614 Stable Isotopes
Atorvastatin D5 CS-EO-02934 Stable Isotopes
Atorvastatin D5 4-(phenyl-d5) Lactone CS-O-14387 Stable Isotopes
Atorvastatin D5 calcium CS-O-01265 Stable Isotopes
Atorvastatin D5 sodium CS-CV-00005 Stable Isotopes
Atorvastatin-d5 (N-(phenyl-d5) Lactone CS-TA-20572 Stable Isotopes
Atorvastatin-d5 Sodium Salt CS-TA-20565 Stable Isotopes
Atorvastatin-d5 tert-Butyl Ester CS-T-97776 Stable Isotopes
tert-Butyl-4-hydroxy Atorvastatin-d5 CS-T-100712 Stable Isotopes

Other Reference Standards of Atorvastatin

Atorvastatin CS-O-07282 API Standards
Atorvastatin Calcium Salt CS-O-05661 API Standards
Atorvastatin Calcium Trihydrate CS-O-07283 API Standards
2-Hydroxy Atorvastatin bis sodium salt CS-O-06085 Metabolites
2-Hydroxy Atorvastatin Calcium Salt CS-O-14020 Metabolites
2-Hydroxy Atorvastatin Dihydrate Monosodium Salt CS-O-07309 Metabolites
2-Hydroxy Atorvastatin Lactone CS-O-14406 Metabolites
3-Oxo Atorvastatin tert-Butyl Ester CS-P-07052 Metabolites
4-Hydroxy Atorvastatin Lactone CS-O-07274 Metabolites
4-Hydroxy-Atorvastatin calcium salt CS-O-14647 Metabolites
Atorvastatin 3-Oxo Sodium Salt CS-P-03226 Metabolites
Atorvastatin Lactone CS-O-07292 Metabolites
rac-3-Oxo Atorvastatin Sodium Salt CS-O-07265 Metabolites
"Atorvastatin (3R,5S)-Isomer Sodium Salt" CS-O-07268 Impurities
(3R,5S)-Atorvastatin Acetonide tert-Butyl Ester CS-TA-20608 Impurities
(3R,5S)-Atorvastatin Calcium salt CS-EO-02022 Impurities
(3S,5R)-atorvastatin CS-EO-01333 Impurities
(3S,5S)-Atorvastatin Calcium Salt CS-T-48403 Impurities
(3S,5S)-Atorvastatin Calcium Salt Trihydrate CS-O-36421 Impurities
2- Fluoro Atorvastatin CS-O-14424 Impurities
2,2-dibromo-1-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-phenylethanone CS-O-40348 Impurities
2,2-dichloro-1-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-phenylethanone CS-O-37179 Impurities
2-Hydroxy Atorvastatin CS-MM-60170 Impurities
2-Hydroxy Atorvastatin tert-Butyl Ester CS-T-78426 Impurities
3- Fluoro Atorvastatin CS-O-14425 Impurities
3-Des Hydroxy Atorvastatin CS-O-37963 Impurities
3-O-methyl Atorvastatin CS-O-14631 Impurities
3-OXO ATORVASTATIN CS-ED-41471 Impurities
3-Oxo Atorvastatin Calcium Salt CS-O-15197 Impurities
3-Oxo Atorvastatin Methyl Ester CS-O-07273 Impurities
4-Hydroxy Atorvastatin Disodium Salt CS-O-07266 Impurities
4-Hydroxy Atorvastatin Hemicalcium Salt CS-T-79380 Impurities
4-Hydroxy Atorvastatin Monosodium Salt CS-O-06084 Impurities
5-Dehydroxy (3S)-Atorvastatin CS-T-73405 Impurities
5-Oxo Atorvastatin CS-O-07267 Impurities
Allyl Ester of Atorvastatin Cyclic (Fluorophenyl) Impurity CS-T-48409 Impurities
Allyl Ester of Atorvastatin Cyclic (Isopropyl) Impurity CS-T-48410 Impurities
Atorvastatin 2-Fluoro Analog CS-P-03224 Impurities
Atorvastatin 2-Fluoro t-Butyl Ester CS-O-15198 Impurities
Atorvastatin 2-Hydroxy Sodium CS-EO-00300 Impurities
Atorvastatin 3-Deoxyhept-2E-Enoic Acid CS-P-07051 Impurities
Atorvastatin 3-Deoxy-Hept-2-Enoic Acid Ethyl Ester CS-O-07271 Impurities
Atorvastatin 3-Deoxyhept-2Z-Enoic Acid Sodium Salt CS-P-07058 Impurities
Atorvastatin 3-Fluoro Analog CS-P-03225 Impurities
Atorvastatin 5-O-Methyl Sodium CS-O-07275 Impurities
Atorvastatin Acetonide CS-O-07276 Impurities
Atorvastatin Acetonide Methyl Ester CS-O-15340 Impurities
Atorvastatin Acid Methyl Ester CS-O-07280 Impurities
Atorvastatin Acid t-Butyl Ester CS-O-07281 Impurities
Atorvastatin Allyl Ester CS-T-48400 Impurities
Atorvastatin Amide CS-EO-01906 Impurities
Atorvastatin Amlodipine Dimer CS-P-03227 Impurities
Atorvastatin Cyclic (Fluorophenyl) Impurity CS-P-07054 Impurities
Atorvastatin Cyclic (Fluorophenyl) Impurity CS-O-14629 Impurities
Atorvastatin Cyclic (Fluorophenyl) Sodium CS-O-15160 Impurities
Atorvastatin Dehydro Acid Sodium Salt CS-O-07272 Impurities
Atorvastatin Dehydro Lactone CS-P-07050 Impurities
Atorvastatin Dehydro Sodium Salt (E/Z mixture) CS-P-03228 Impurities
Atorvastatin Di-acetonide tert-Butyl Ester CS-T-102321 Impurities
Atorvastatin diacid impurity CS-T-68872 Impurities
Atorvastatin Diamino impurity CS-O-47422 Impurities
Atorvastatin Diepoxide Calcium Salt CS-EO-01907 Impurities
Atorvastatin Diepoxide Impurity CS-EO-00023 Impurities
Atorvastatin Diepoxide Lactone CS-EO-01796 Impurities
Atorvastatin Diketoene Impurity CS-P-07061 Impurities
Atorvastatin diol Methyl ester impurity CS-O-38514 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity A CS-O-07285 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity A (Sodium Salt) CS-O-36465 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity A (Sodium salt) CS-EO-01980 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity B CS-EO-01596 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity C CS-O-07287 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity D CS-O-07288 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity E CS-O-07289 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity F (Ca Salt) CS-RS-00073 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity F Calcium salt CS-O-07290 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity G (3-O-methyl Atorvastatin calcium salt) CS-O-07291 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity G Sodium Salt CS-O-41208 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity I CS-O-07293 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity P CS-EO-02282 Impurities
Atorvastatin EP Impurity Q sodium salt CS-O-44473 Impurities
Atorvastatin epoxy pyrrolooxazin 7-hydroxy analog CS-O-34592 Impurities
Atorvastatin Epoxy Pyrrolooxazin Analog CS-P-07053 Impurities
Atorvastatin Epoxy Pyrrolooxazin Analog (sodium salt) CS-O-14960 Impurities
Atorvastatin Epoxy Pyrrolooxazin tricyclic Calcium Salt CS-O-15072 Impurities
Atorvastatin Epoxy Tetrahydrofuran Analog CS-O-07295 Impurities
Atorvastatin Ethyl Ester CS-O-07278 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 1 CS-O-14671 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 15 CS-P-07059 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 16 CS-P-07060 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 17 CS-EO-01526 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 19 CS-P-07062 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 20 CS-P-06984 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 21 CS-P-07063 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity 25 CS-EO-01735 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity D CS-O-14632 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity F CS-O-14630 Impurities
Atorvastatin Impurity F Sodium Salt (Amide Impurity) CS-P-07049 Impurities
Atorvastatin Isopropyl Ester CS-O-07279 Impurities
Atorvastatin Lactam Calcium Salt Impurity CS-O-16248 Impurities
Atorvastatin Lactam Impurity calcium salt CS-O-39694 Impurities